Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Issue with the New Killer on Bones

The most recent episode of Bones (and the last before another break - I'll have a post with a thought on that tomorrow) introduced a new serial killer, Christopher Pelant, a hacker on house arrest. Both internally and externally, the show has set him up as a scary, impressive Big Bad, but I just wasn't feeling it, and I finally figured out why: I'm just not buying some of the stuff he does. Drawing a fractal on a piece of bone accurately enough to create an entire computer worm? COME ON. That just feels like sci-fi. And I have no problem with sci-fi, but in it we know that rules are different from the outset. Bones has always claimed to take place in our world and work by real-world rules. If I don't believe that what the killer is doing is possible, he's just not scary to me and a lot of the tension the show wants to create doesn't exist.

(And, okay, if the team does believe that Pelant is capable of this stuff, why does it take them so long to consider that he might have found a way around his ankle monitor? Don't these people watch White Collar? Seriously.)

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  1. I honestly thought the ankle monitor thing would have been the easiest thing to pull off! I agree that some of his 'tricks' were far-fetched. But I do like the actor that plays him; equal parts charming, creepy, menacing and cynical. He also kinda looks like an older, meaner Lucas from Pretty Little Liars, which amused me.

    - Ellie.