Friday, May 25, 2012

What I Watched: Awake Finale, Men at Work Premiere, & More

Live-ish: Awake, "Turtles All the Way Down (EP113)" - I'm so, so sad that this show is over, but I think the finale was fitting, and I'm glad that it provided a form of emotional resolution but didn't give pat answers to the central mystery. Though, frankly, I'm still not sure what to make of it. But maybe that's the point.

Men at Work, "Pilot (EP101)," "Heterotextual Male (EP102)" - I watched this to review for TheTelevixen, so I'll link once that piece is up. Spoiler: This show is awful.

Live+7: White Heat, "The Dark Side of the Moon (EP103)" - I'm finding the 1970s stuff less interesting than the 1960s stuff was, and some of the interpersonal plot lines are a little hard to follow through the time jumps, but I'm still liking this enough to want to see it through.

Catching Up: Lost Girl, "Fae Day (EP109)" - I loved this episode because of all it revealed about fae culture, and because of all the good Dyson time. I liked both that Dyson started to admit his feelings and that we discovered he's keeping secrets from Bo, too. Everything will have to blow up eventually! Whee!

The Killing, "Stonewalled (EP108)" - Linden's still only on her fourth outfit for the series, not that I'm counting. And I love that we're learning more about Holder. Their dynamic is really interesting, not least because it's a break from the usual will they/won't they or even one serious/one goofy, because they're both serious, just in different ways.

Magic City, "Atonement (EP104)," "Suicide Blonde (EP105)" - This is still a lot of fun and I'm still annoyed that no one I know is watching it, so I'll have a post trying to convince you to try it up at noon.

Fairly Legal, "Shine a Light (EP204)" - My main problem with this show - and the reason why I'm so behind - is still that I'm not wild about the main character. More Lauren! More Justin! I'd rather watch a show centering on either of them than Kate.

On the list... Rookie Blue

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