Thursday, February 2, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (2/2/23)

It's Thursday! My job is trying to kill me this week but we're almost there!

Human Rights Watch urges investigation of alleged use of land mines by Ukraine (NPR)

New Czech president risks China’s rage with call to Taiwanese leader (Politico EU)

Ugh. Happy Black History Month? The College Board Strips Down Its A.P. Curriculum for African American Studies (NYT)

More women are being detained as jail populations near pre-COVID levels (The 19th*)

India has banned TikTok and over 300 Chinese apps. Some US officials see it as a model to follow. (Grid)

New England states propose coordinated transmission development to support wind power (NHPR)

Half of glaciers will be gone by 2100 even under Paris 1.5C accord, study finds (The Guardian)

Paying research participants — a lot — may be a key to increasing diversity in studies (STAT)

Mesoamericans Have Been Using a 260-Day Ceremonial Calendar for Millennia (Smithsonian)

‘They are holding on to a dream’: the last bohemians at New York’s Chelsea Hotel (The Guardian)

And some longer reads:

How a Chinese naval blockade could isolate Taiwan and send shockwaves across the world (Grid)

How Biden Could Appoint More Judges Than Trump (FiveThirtyEight)

When does life begin? (NYT)

The Instagram Reels Gold Rush (New Yorker)

The Strangely Beautiful Experience of Google Reviews (Longreads)

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (2/1/23)

Today is Wednesday and it's February!

4 suspects in the assassination of Haiti's president were transferred to U.S. custody (NPR)

Ukraine wants to join EU within two years, PM says (Politico EU)

‘It is a war’: senator and Auschwitz survivor Liliana Segre on fighting Italy’s far right (The Guardian)

This is awful: These benefits will disappear when Biden ends the Covid national and public health emergencies in May (CNN)

Important! CDC warns that a brand of eyedrops may be linked to drug-resistant bacterial infection (NBC)

How Wisconsin’s upcoming Supreme Court election became a referendum on abortion access (Grid)

Researchers say the FBI's statistics on hate crimes across the country are flawed (NPR)

You don't say (I joke but having data is good!!): Long Covid Is Keeping Significant Numbers of People Out of Work, Study Finds (NYT)

Advocates want to change a NH law that criminalizes drug checking equipment (NHPR)

Science journals ban listing of ChatGPT as co-author on papers (The Guardian)

And some longer reads:

Police body cameras filmed Tyre Nichols’ killing. But they were supposed to prevent it in the first place. (Grid)

U.S. Pours Money Into Chips, but Even Soaring Spending Has Limits (NYT)

Climate change puts more women at risk for domestic violence (WaPo)

The Writer Who Burned Her Own Books (New Yorker)

With This Japanese Ace, the Ghost Stories Are True (NYT)

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (1/31/23)

Today is Tuesday and somehow it's the last day of January already?!

Russian propaganda responds to German tank deployment to Ukraine: ‘Nazis,’ ‘swastikas’ and talk of World War III (Grid)

UNESCO Adds Odesa to List of World Heritage in Danger (Smithsonian)

This headline is weird because obviously that doesn't make Ukraine...less dangerous. But the information is important! More journalists killed in Latin America and Caribbean than Ukraine in 2022 (The Guardian)

COVID-19 still a global health emergency, says WHO (Politico EU)

tl;dr: Everything's a nightmare! What education issues to watch at the NH State House: School choice, parents' rights and more (NHPR)

Good move. Girl Guides of Canada renames its Brownies after members share experiences of racism (NPR)

$20 Million Worth of Looted Art Returns to Italy From the U.S. (NYT)

Scientists develop blood test for Alzheimer’s disease (The Guardian)

Mars crater is 'chock-full' of opal gemstones, hinting at widespread water and possible microbial life (Live Science)

Why You Should Start Reading Regional American Literature (Book Riot)

And some longer reads:

Russia’s War Breathes New Life Into a Cold War Symbol (NYT)

The Freedom Caucus wish list: From healthcare to the war in Ukraine, can they get what they want? (Grid)

The DIY D-Day (Intelligencer)

The U.S. Will Need Thousands of Wind Farms. Will Small Towns Go Along? (NYT)

The Fossil Flowers That Rewrote the History of Life (New Yorker)

Monday, January 30, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (1/30/23)

It's Monday! Let's do this! Oh, here's my TV news roundup for the past two weeks at The Televixen.

Imagery Shows How a Cemetery for Russian Mercenaries Is Expanding (NYT)

Chandeliers and avatars: how conflict spawned a new lexicon in Ukraine (The Guardian)

This is amazing, and also sad that it feels so amazing: Book showing same-sex marriage suitable for children, European court rules (Politico EU)

The battle over state bans of federally approved abortion pills will begin in West Virginia (Grid)

Becca Balint Never Imagined Herself In Congress (Bustle)

Two new studies paint encouraging picture of Covid-19 vaccine’s performance (STAT)

This is awful: Conspiracy theorists hounded Grant Wahl's family when he died. Now they're back (NPR)

Well, this doesn't bode well for me ever getting to see a doctor again: Dartmouth Health plans hiring freeze, job reviews as it eyes $120M budget cut (NHPR)

Atmospheric dust may have hidden true extent of global heating (The Guardian)

How Animals May Have Conquered Snowball Earth (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

In Kabul, Taliban rulers are changing the face of the capital (WaPo)

Maternal deaths in the U.S. are staggeringly common. Personal nurses could help (NPR)

Abraham Lincoln’s other legacy: An obsession with open caskets and America’s lifeless death industry (Grid)

Marguerite Duras and the Domestication of Desire (New Yorker)

What Do We Know About the People of Roman Vindolanda? (History Hit)

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (1/29/23)

Today is Sunday! Let's see how much of my extremely long list I can get done!

Memphis Police permanently disbands SCORPION unit in wake of Tyre Nichols' death (ABC24)

Military offensives increase nuclear accident odds in Ukraine, warns atomic safety chief (Politico EU)

GOOD: Nobel winner Maria Ressa and her online news outlet are cleared of tax evasion (NPR)

'Everywhere they were, you got them out': Those displaced from Manchester encampment wonder where to go next (NHPR)

The truth behind the viral MTG Tweet claiming the second covid booster puts many people in the hospital (Grid)

Time for a New Emancipation Proclamation (Boston Globe)

The Only H.I.V. Vaccine in Advanced Trials Has Failed. What Now? (NYT)

How to Fight New Obscenity Laws Targeting Librarians (Book Riot)

lol: AP apologises and deletes widely mocked tweet about ‘the French’ (The Guardian)

Moon rivers? UK scientists at heart of mission to extract water from lunar rock (The Guardian)

And some longer reads:

Vladimir Putin still has lots of friends: How Turkey, India and South Africa just gave him a boost (Grid)

The Trumpiest court in America (Vox)

She Says Doctors Ignored Her Concerns About Her Pregnancy. For Many Black Women, It’s a Familiar Story. (ProPublica)

The Case for Wearing Masks Forever (New Yorker)

One of Taiwan's biggest pop stars sings in an Indigenous language (NPR)

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (1/28/23)

Today is Saturday! This is my "get my life back in order after the holidays and lots of January travel" weekend so my to do list is very long.

They have now released the video as well but I am not linking to it. You can find it easily if you want to. 5 Memphis ex-police are charged with murder and jailed over the death of Tyre Nichols (NPR)

Reporting corruption in a time of war: The Ukrainian journalists’ dilemma (Politico EU)

Covid Vaccines Targeting Omicron Should Be Standard, Panel Says (NYT)

This makes an EXTREMELY important point: An Open Letter to Stephen King: Book Censorship News, January 27, 2023 (Book Riot)

Journalists angered by new Australian federal court restrictions on reporting of cases (The Guardian)

National Dems give New Hampshire, Georgia more time to change 2024 primary dates (NH Bulletin)

An Ohio law defining natural gas as ‘green energy’ — and backed by dark money — lays out the next battle in the climate wars (Grid)

Welp: CNET Is Reviewing the Accuracy of All Its AI-Written Articles After Multiple Major Corrections (Gizmodo)

Why a London Museum Is Removing the Skeleton of an ‘Irish Giant’ From View (Smithsonian)

The astonishing vanishing act of the glassfrog, revealed (NPR)

And some longer reads:

The Flu-ification of COVID Policy Is Almost Complete (The Atlantic)

Progress! FDA eases blood donation ban on gay and bisexual men after years of protest (WaPo)

Leonard Leo is quietly remaking state high courts in his conservative image (Grid)

Pandemic Woes Lead Met Opera to Tap Endowment and Embrace New Work (NYT)

The Cheesecake Factory knows what you want (Vox)

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (1/26/23)

Today is Thursday! Almost there!

As its only remaining elected officials depart, Haiti reaches a breaking point (NPR)

How Not to Negotiate with Russia (Politico)

The Doomsday Clock Is Now Closer Than Ever to Midnight (Smithsonian)

Covid increases risk of grave illness and death in pregnant women – study (The Guardian)

What a shock: Rep. George Santos’ earliest political backers faced financial misconduct investigations (Grid)

This is a great idea: Bill would allow New Hampshire cities and towns to pass rent controls (NH Bulletin)

Do AI Art Tools Break Copyright Laws? Two New Lawsuits Will Find Out. (Gizmodo)

You don't say: Corporate Greed Has Something To Do With ‘Inflation-Related’ Grocery Prices (The Takeout)

A Hall of Famer With All the ‘Ingredients’ for Third Base (NYT)

‘A second front’: fight to save 1,000-year-old caves from developers in Ukraine (The Guardian)

And some longer reads:

Revealed: more than 90% of rainforest carbon offsets by biggest provider are worthless, analysis shows (The Guardian)

Great news for germs (Vox)

A Cathedral Tried to Approach Heaven, but the Earth Held a Deep Secret (NYT)

My mom and brother and I all do this, so I've always assumed there's a genetic component: I usually wake up just ahead of my alarm. What's up with that? (NPR)

The Striking Geology of The Wheel of Time (Tor)

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (1/24/23)

It's Tuesday! Or so I'm told! I'm finally home after an extremely long travel day, so we're still going through some stuff I had bookmarked in the past few weeks rather than lots of new headlines, but hopefully back to the normal mix of the two tomorrow!

A U.N. report has good and dire news about child deaths. What's the take-home lesson? (NPR)

Great! New York City to provide free abortion pills at four clinics (The Guardian)

The right has a hot new legal theory to destroy LGBTQ+ rights (LGBTQ Nation)

Arizona Prison Is Reportedly Inducing Early Labor in Pregnant People Without Consent (Jezebel)

Great idea: NH coalition wants younger and more diverse voices on local land use boards (NHPR)

Can geoengineering fix the climate? Hundreds of scientists say not so fast (The Guardian)

Archaeologists Recover 275 Artifacts From Mysterious Arctic Shipwreck (Smithsonian)

It’s Turtles All the Way Down in the Fossil Record (NYT)

Men Are the Most Likely Victims of Homicide. Why Do Crime Writers Kill So Many Women? (CrimeReads)

Specialty Coffee, But Make It Fun (Eater)

And some longer reads:

Epidemics That Weren’t: How Countries Shut Down Recent Outbreaks (NYT)

Making independent films in Xi Jinping’s China is getting harder and more dangerous: ‘We’re thorns in their sides’ (Grid)

Seventy-five Years After Indian Partition, Who Owns the Narrative? (New Yorker)

Is it time for GDPR 2.0? (Ars Technica)

A secret site for the Knights Templar? (BBC)