Friday, March 22, 2019

Afternoon Tea (3/22/19)

This Stacey Abrams profile is amazing and made me love her.

Jasmine Guillory, Author of The Proposal, On Why She Chose To Write About Black Heroines

Simone Biles The Businesswoman: How She Is Now Approaching Gymnastics As A Veteran

A Dazzling Reindeer Camp in Norway Focuses on Preserving Indigenous Culture

One Sly Cat and 2 Crafty Dogs Took Control of a Whole Building in a Hilarious Comedy of Errors. Meet the Man Behind the Viral Story

Morning Coffee (3/22/19)

WHAT A WORLD: Pete Buttigieg is a Hufflepuff, husband reveals

This is a delightful update: We found the (actual) first Jewish woman to finish the Iditarod sled dog race

I am both excited and terrified! ‘Sesame Street’ Live-Action Movie Set for 2021

Progress! Buccaneers hire 2 female assistant coaches

Ooh: Oneworld snaps up Southon's 'dazzling' history of murder in Ancient Rome

Slate is now doing the very important work of telling us how scary movies are, starting with Us.

Leigh Bardugo reveals haunting cover, excerpt for adult debut Ninth House

This is so cute: Cover Reveal and Excerpt: HOW TO BE REMY CAMERON by Julian Winters

This is hilarious: How to Create Your Very Own Crossword Puzzle

Ooh, let's buy some sandals!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Afternoon Tea (3/21/19)

This is great journalism on a complicated, heartbreaking subject: Destined for Export: The troubled legacy of Guatemalan adoptions

Talk about important and heartbreaking: Police stay silent on murder-suicides

Ta-Nehisi Coates Is an Optimist Now: A conversation about race and 2020.

The Duggars Helped Overturn LGBTQ Civil Rights in Arkansas. They Still Have a TV Show.

LGBTQ Reads has a great roundup of new/upcoming historical fiction and I want to read pretty much all of it!

Morning Coffee (3/21/19)

Good: Radovan Karadžić war crimes sentence increased to life in prison

Federal judge demands Trump administration reveal how its drilling plans will fuel climate change

Joe Biden’s plan for an early VP selection is a terrible idea

This marriage is BAFFLING, unless all the conflict is fake and for attention, which I would believe: Trump’s feud with Kellyanne Conway’s husband, explained

George W. Bush really did lie about WMDs, and his aides are still lying for him

Great news! FDA approves first new drug developed for women with postpartum depression

Virginia Cop [SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER, even] Identified As Part Of White Nationalist Group

Good for them: Kickstarter’s staff is unionizing

Don't believe the rumors about them stopping this: Chick-fil-A donated to anti-LGBTQ group that bars employees from ‘homosexual acts’

Blair Braverman becomes first Jewish woman to finish the Iditarod sled dog race (Braverman herself tweeted that there was at least one earlier Jewish woman who competed, but this is still a nice article.)

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Afternoon Tea (3/20/19)

This is wild: Rascal Flatts restaurants failed nationwide. Did a Mafia soldier pull the strings?

This filmmaker spent months interviewing neo-Nazis and jihadists. Here’s what she learned.

Masha and Keith Gessen on Writing About Russia

The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is … Google Docs

Impostor/Abuser: Power Dynamics in Publishing

Morning Coffee (3/20/19)

US government uses several clandestine shelters to detain immigrant children

I've seen Sirota's now-deleted tweets and THIS IS SO GROSS: Bernie Sanders Just Hired His Twitter Attack Dog

It is wildly unclear whether Beto O’Rourke supports Medicare-for-all

PBS Chief Paula Kerger Responds To Third Donald Trump Push To De-Fund

Whoa: Nowata County Sheriff, Deputies Resign Over Jail Concerns (EVEN THE K-9. What a good boy.)

lol: Devin Nunes Suing Twitter, Twitter Accounts 'Devin Nunes' Mom' & 'Devin Nunes' Cow'

Baltimore mayor resigns from board of U.-Md. Medical System FOR HAVING THEM SPEND $500k ON HER SELF-PUBLISHED KIDS' BOOKS.

After Years Of Abuse By Priests, #NunsToo Are Speaking Out

Good for them: WNBA stars respond to homophobic SNL skit

US detects huge meteor explosion