Monday, November 19, 2018

Afternoon Tea (11/19/18)

Wow: We Thought We Knew Faith, Until We Didn’t: The making of a white-nationalist poster girl.

Reclaiming our Mohawk heritage, one app-supplied word at a time

A new study further undermines the myth of the “savage” Neanderthal

Should Pregnant Women Take Anti-Anxiety Medication? Some Have No Choice.

Claire Legrand on the Importance of Feminist Horror

Morning Coffee (11/19/18)

Me elsewhere: TV news update!

The many scandals of Trump’s new acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, explained

‘He was yelling’: Whitaker pushed back against early fraud complaints about company he advised

Well: ICE Detention Center Says It’s Not Responsible for Staff's Sexual Abuse of Detainees

Merkel Joins Macron in Calling for a European Army ‘One Day’

The 2018 electorate was older, whiter, and better educated than in 2016

"Every other wax figure at Madame Tussauds has human hair, but Trump’s orange mane could not be realistically duplicated with anything human."

New Peanut Allergy Drug Shows ‘Lifesaving’ Potential

I hope the choice of a gay director bodes well for this: Greg Berlanti Attached To Direct Rock Hudson Biopic For Universal

Ooh, I might actually try this one: ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ Augmented-Reality Game to Launch in 2019

This should be interesting: ‘Star Trek’: Michael Chabon “Thrilled” To Be On-Board With Patrick Stewart & ‘Calypso’ Short

Friday, November 16, 2018

Afternoon Tea (11/16/18)

Romance Unlaced: It's time for historical romance Christmas anthologies

A Guide to the Met for the Crowd-Averse

The overview effect: what Earth looks like from space – in pictures

Hogarth’s London in the 18th century Latin poetry of Benjamin Loveling

The Best Cheese Events for Winter 2018

Morning Coffee (11/16/18)


National Book Award winners!

The Dumplin' trailer looks great!

Aaaah: Lily James, Armie Hammer to Star in Daphne du Maurier Adaptation ‘Rebecca’

So cute: The British Royals Released New Family Pics

Well, this is exciting casting: J.K. Simmons Joins 'Veronica Mars' Revival

You have my attention: Jonny Lee Miller & Common To Star In Ursula K. Le Guin Adaptation ‘Nine Lives’

This is cool as art but also sort of upsets me as a person who likes order: This artist uses jigsaw puzzles, with the same die cut pattern, to make these terrific mashups

Intriguing: 'Somewhere Only We Know' By Maurene Goo Is Basically 'Roman Holiday' With A K-Pop Twist & You Can Start Reading Now

18 Thanksgiving Pie Recipes, Because You Gotta Have Pie!

Huh: Coffee or tea? The answer might be in your genes

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Afternoon Tea (11/15/18)

This is fascinating: One Legacy of Merkel? Angry East German Men Fueling the Far Right

A Toy Monkey That Escaped Nazi Germany And Reunited A Family

Wayne Gretzky and the Mysteries of Athletic Greatness

I got my dream job and had my baby the same week. So I brought my baby to work.

You’re Doing Women No Favors With Your Mocking ‘Ugh, Only Straight White Men Like This’ Takes

Weekly Rec: NWS's Probabilistic Snowfall Forecasts

We're waiting for the first snowstorm of the year to start here in New England later today, so I figured I'd recommend a very useful weather resource - the National Weather Service's Probabilistic Snowfall Forecasts. Instead of just giving a range, they give you the percent chance of the snow accumulating in a bunch of different small ranges, and it's really interesting. New Hampshire (and Maine) are included on the Gray - Portland, ME page, but they've got all different areas - just search for your zip code, click on the city after "Your local forecast office is," then scroll down and click on Winter Weather. Enjoy!

Morning Coffee (11/15/18)

Crown Prince’s wings clipped as Khashoggi death rattles Riyadh

Israel and Gaza just saw their worst violence in years. It could get worse.

DC Neo-Nazi Who Said Pittsburgh Victims ‘Deserved’ It Arrested; Has Deep Ties To ‘Alt-Right’

Meet the Native American Woman Who Beat the Sponsor of North Dakota’s ID Law

Steve King dared a conservative magazine to release audio of him calling immigrants ‘dirt.’ It did.

Can't imagine why: Attacks on religious and racial minorities fueled sharp rise in hate crimes in 2017, FBI says

Jim Acosta vs. the Trump White House, explained

House Democrats plan to push for $15 federal minimum wage

Scientists divided over new research method to combat malaria

Dozens of cat mummies found in 6,000-year-old tombs in Egypt