Friday, June 14, 2019

Afternoon Tea (6/14/19)

This is QUITE the interview: Françoise Gilot, 97, Does Not Regret Her Pablo Picasso Memoir

When the World’s Most Famous Mystery Writer Vanished

On the Trail of the Quaker Aunts

The Vampire Birds of the Galápagos Have Fascinating Inner Lives

Losing Religion and Finding Ecstasy in Houston

Morning Coffee (6/14/19)

Time for Friday happy links! With some LATE-BREAKING HAPPY NEWS: Taylor's got a new single out, wherever you listen to such things! (And a new album in August.)

!!! ‘Orphan Black’ Storyline Continues With Tatiana Maslany Voicing New Audio Series for Serial Box

Ooh, Frozen II trailer!

The Times has a new puzzle game called Tiles and WARNING: very addictive.

SO CUTE: Tiny Prince Louis Makes His Trooping The Colour Debut…

The three original seasons of Veronica Mars will be on Hulu on July 1st if you want to catch up or rewatch before the new season!

I'm saving this to watch over the weekend but YAY: Sesame Street: Tiny Desk Concert

The Muppet Movie is coming back to theaters for its 40th anniversary

Ooh: FOR ALL MANKIND: Apple TV+ Reveals First Trailer for Alternate Reality NASA Drama

Once Threatened, Europe’s Night Trains Rebound

These Are the Craziest Milkshakes in Every State

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Afternoon Tea (6/13/19)

I just finished reading this book and it was FASCINATING: ‘My Only Real Loyalty is to the Truth’: An Interview with Patrick Radden Keefe

Wow: PHOTOS: The Powerful Faces Of Women Who Faced Danger

Modernism’s Debt to Black Women

This has some really interesting history of terminology and how people see themselves: Not All Queer People Feel Like They Were “Born This Way”

The curse of the spiritual sword

Morning Coffee (6/13/19)

OH THANK GOODNESS: An Arizona Teacher Helped Migrants. Jurors Couldn’t Decide if It Was a Crime.

Police and protesters clash as mass protests escalate in Hong Kong

Reps of 22 foreign governments have spent money at Trump properties

An important piece about the nonsense Biden is spouting about Republicans: The Fever Is Not Going to Break

Even some Trump allies want Kushner to ice his peace plan

Raytheon, United Technologies to Merge, Forming One of World's Biggest Defense and Aerospace Firms

Maybe this will make some people care?? Climate Change Poses Major Risks to Financial Markets, Regulator Warns

Good for her: USA soccer star Megan Rapinoe refuses to sing national anthem before World Cup match

Shocking! Female nurse who played crucial role in IVF ignored on plaque

Who Were the Ancestors of Native Americans? A Lost People in Siberia, Scientists Say

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Afternoon Tea (6/12/19)

Their Fathers Never Spoke of the War. Their Children Want to Know Why.

Christine Sinclair is the World Cup’s quietest megastar

In Iraq Museum, There Are Things ‘That Are Nowhere Else in the World’

Feminize Your Canon: Catherine Carswell

The science here is interesting: Processed foods are a much bigger health problem than we thought

Morning Coffee (6/12/19)

Sudan Protesters, Devastated but Defiant, Regroup Underground After Crackdown

Saudi teenager could face execution for joining protests as child

In case the message wasn't clear enough: Trump Administration to Hold Migrant Children at Base That Served as WWII Japanese Internment Camp

U.S. Customs and Border Protection says photos of travelers were taken in a data breach

This is a great piece: Watching Elizabeth Warren Come Alive

Daughter of Fierce Kavanaugh Defender Amy Chua to Clerk for … Brett Kavanaugh

I'm not SURPRISED at all but it's still sad and disappointing: Vatican says people can’t choose their genders

Awful: Ali Stroker’s Tony Win Was Monumental… And A Huge Slap In The Face

!!! Not Too Little, Too Late: Unfinished Gaudí Basilica Gets Permit 137 Years Later

Egypt tries to stop sale of Tutankhamun statue in London

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Afternoon Tea (6/11/19)

The Making of a YouTube Radical

This essay by Amy Whipple is lovely and important: Foster Care: Heroic Measures

How Nuclear Bomb Tests Are Helping to Identify Art Forgeries

The First Woman Cabinet Minister: Margaret Bondfield, 1873-1953

When Tea Reaches Its Boiling Point In Fiction, So Too May The Story

Morning Coffee (6/11/19)

Justice Dept. Agrees to Turn Over Key Mueller Evidence to House

Chao created special path for McConnell’s favored projects

Oh no: Supreme Court will hear a major attack on anti-discrimination law

White House blocked intelligence agency’s written testimony calling climate change ‘possibly catastrophic’

Oh: Barr compares being Trump’s attorney general to D-Day invasion

Reporter’s Arrest Sets Off Widespread Protests in Russia

Julián Castro is the first presidential candidate to visit Flint

The New Socialism Panic Is the Right’s Trick to Justify Supporting Trump

Ugh: Daniel Barenboim’s Contract Is Extended Despite Bullying Accusations

I'm so glad he's finally being held accountable: Life as a Nxivm ‘Slave’: Branding, Whippings and Cold Showers