Friday, March 16, 2018

Afternoon Tea (3/16/18)

A Tribute to Chris Pine and Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s A Wrinkle in Time Sexy Science Marriage

She has very good taste: Chelsea Clinton reveals her all-time favorite books -- and her bad-boy literary crush

Daniel Mallory Ortberg Would Like to Eat Breakfast Like a French Duke ME TOO.

Behind the scenes on the Coronation Street set – a photo essay

LET'S GO: 10 of the best European islands … that you’ve probably never heard of

Want to hear more about my writing process?

DOES anyone want to hear more about my writing process? Honestly, that idea has always seemed weird to me - not that I object to talking about it, but I don't really get why anyone outside my very close friends/family would CARE. (They get the out-of-the-blue texts like "Do you think you could kill someone with [non-weapon object]?", which I'm sure are not startling at all.) But! People talk about writing and read other people's thoughts on writing all the time! I realize that! In theory, I am included in that! And indeed, as I've been more open on places like Twitter about the fact that I'm working on something, people seem to want to hear about it! I am bemused but honored.

At the same time, I've been trying to think of a little something extra to add for my Patreon supporters to show my appreciation and make sure all levels are getting something out of supporting. And... honestly, I kind of miss my Oscar Project Diary that I sent out EVERY DAY for a while. I don't want to commit to something else of that level on an ongoing basis, because it was VERY time-consuming, but I wanted to do SOMETHING.

So... I'm melding these two thoughts into one. Starting this weekend, patrons of any level* will get my Writing Diary posts - an exclusive update on how my novel's going, what I'm thinking about, research I'm doing, things that are stumping me, whatever. It will be informal and conversational, on no strict schedule but we'll say at least a post a week. Usually text, maybe sometimes a picture or, I guess, video (probably not? Why would I make a video.) or... whatever! I'm excited to share this and see how it turns out; I'm hoping it will be both interesting to my readers and helpful for me as far as self-reflection and clarification of thought.

If this sounds interesting to you, head on over to Patreon and sign up, and then watch for your first Writing Diary post this weekend! In it, I will REVEAL what object I was contemplating as an unlikely murder weapon in the text mentioned above.

* Okay, real talk. "Any level" starts at $1 a month. That's exactly $1 for you, no fees or anything. I know some people genuinely do not have a spare $1 in their budget and I will ALWAYS keep the link posts free and open for that reason, but for MOST people who read my blog, I'd like to think that you get at least 3.33 cents a day of value out of it. There are higher levels - if my posts are worth 10 cents a day to you you could sign up at the $3 level, say - and at each level you get an extra piece of content each month. (And they stack, so for example at the $10 level you get the $1, $3, $5, and $10 rewards every month.) Check out the levels and rewards here.

Morning Coffee (3/16/18)

Time for Friday happy links!

ICYMI, yesterday I wrote about why I liked A Wrinkle in Time so much!

Aaaah, great news from my friend Steph! Netflix is making a movie of her YA horror novel There's Someone Inside Your House. (I generally avoid horror but I really loved this one.)

Hahaha: National Trust apologises to Cornish after appearing to endorse putting cream on scones first

7 Books to Read After Seeing Black Panther

Aw, look at today's George Peabody Google doodle!

Ooh, pretty: These L’Occitane Easter Eggs Are Even Better Than Chocolate Eggs

The Amy Poehler/Nick Offerman crafting show is premiering ON MY BIRTHDAY. That's very thoughtful of them.

Perfect: If Jane Austen Got Feedback From Some Guy In A Writing Workshop

I'm not particularly into animated series but this is quite the voice cast.

The Solo movie is doing some kind of promotion with Solo cups and that's HILARIOUS.

Mae Whitman Is Ready for Taylor Kitsch to Play Her Boyfriend Now I mean, who isn't?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Afternoon Tea (3/15/18)

This is fascinating and important and worth your time: The Male Glance

‘Mallory Is Not Gone’: Daniel Mallory Ortberg on Coming Out As Trans

This story of targets banding together to take down a con man is WILD: The Perfect Man Who Wasn't

Why Jhumpa Lahiri loves translating Italy's 'finest living writer'

Women on Trial: British Soldiers’ Wives Tried by Court Martial [during the American Revolution]

Weekly Rec: A Wrinkle in Time

The novel A Wrinkle in Time is important to me - I wrote my college thesis on Madeleine L'Engle's work - and so I was both excited and worried when I heard that it was going to be a big feature film. LUCKILY, my excitement was justified and my worry was unnecessary. This movie was a complete delight; it did a great job of retaining everything important about the novel while updating things to feel contemporary and relevant to today's kids. Ava DuVernay did a great job executing her vision, and the whole cast was great but ESPECIALLY star Storm Reid as Meg.

It's natural to get upset about changes when a book you love is adapted, though I always find it useful to remember that no one is actually taking the original version away from you and you can ignore the adaptation entirely if you wish. But in this case I don't want to ignore it! It's great! I had a few moments of "That's not MY xyz" at the beginning, but then I made a conscious decision to let go and see the movie on its own terms, and I loved it. I especially like that this version has a young black girl saving the world with a white boy as her sidekick - I think that's a great thing for ALL kids to see. (The change that I liked least was the erasure of Meg's brothers Sandy and Dennys, but ah well, I get it.)

There's also been some talk about the movie being less explicitly Christian than the novel. I understand that disappointment if you're going in looking for something that is specific to your own religion, but I actually loved what they did with it in this area: they very much kept the important points of L'Engle's philosophy and theology while diversifying the great thinkers quoted and making L'Engle's outlook accessible to wider variety of kids from all sorts of backgrounds. Jesus is not mentioned by name as he is in the book, but what L'Engle believed is important about Jesus was very much there.

This was a movie that was fun, occasionally scary, intellectually and philosophically interesting, and inspirational, all at once. Go see it, and bring any kids you have around.

Morning Coffee (3/15/18)

“We’re mad that we haven’t been listened to”: students speak on the National School Walkout

Russia threatens retaliation after Britain expels 23 diplomats

With Mike Pompeo at the State Department, Are the Über-Hawks Winning?

The Conor Lamb Model

How Jeff Sessions Is Sneaking Trump Allies Into Key DOJ Positions That Normally Require Senate Confirmation

OH GOOD: Theranos chief executive Elizabeth Holmes charged with massive fraud

Why Is U.S. Health Care So Expensive? Some of the Reasons You’ve Heard Turn Out to Be Myths

!!! Scott Kelly Spent a Year in Space, and Now He Has Different DNA Than His Identical Twin Brother

Uncovering the Secrets of the ‘Girl With a Pearl Earring’

Oskar Gröning, the ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz,’ Is Dead at 96