Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Afternoon Tea (11/21/17)

The Savvy Marketing That Put Marshmallows on Your Sweet Potato Casserole

My grandfather had polio and has Post-Polio Syndrome, so I found this extremely interesting: The Last of the Iron Lungs

How Tessa Thompson Is Taking Control of Her Career

The Conqueror Who Longed for Melons

Let's ogle some super fancy historical wedding gowns.

Morning Coffee (11/21/17)

Back from vacation! If you missed any posts because I wasn't able to link them on Facebook, just click on my name at the top to go to the home page and scroll down.

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

I've been working on this anthology for months and I'm so excited for you all to read it: Rosie O'Donnell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and others contribute to new anthology How I Resist

I mean... true: North Korea’s latest tirade: Trump is a ‘mean trickster and human reject’

Of course: F.C.C. Is Said to Plan Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules

This is impressive work by Laura McGann - to tell her own story and do good reporting simultaneously: Exclusive: NYT White House correspondent Glenn Thrush’s history of bad judgment around young women journalists

Good for them for coordinating and coming forward on this. This guy sounds TERRIBLE: ‘One Tree Hill’ Cast, Crew Detail Assault, Harassment Claims Against Mark Schwahn

Rare genetic mutation found in Amish community could combat ageing

Ooh: BritBox to Offer Near-Simulcasts, "BritMas" Content for Holiday Season

YouTube drama is so much fun: YouTube Personality Zoella Draws Heat for Overpriced Advent Calendar (?)

Why Wounds Heal Faster During the Day Than at Night

Monday, November 20, 2017

Afternoon Tea (11/20/17)

I'm traveling and compiled and scheduled this post in advance, so WHO KNOWS what's actually going on in the world by now. Back on Tuesday!

I'm often skeptical of celebrity authors but I'm excited to read this book: Krysten Ritter Spins Her Own Mystery in Her Debut Novel, ‘Bonfire’

It's almost Advent calendar time and Smart Bitches has a roundup of some great ones.

These are DELIGHTFUL: Celebrities at the Airport in the 1970s: The Photos

The Complicated Political Lives of Medieval Manuscripts

This Week I Wanna Dress Like: Maude From ‘Harold and Maude’ (I mean, who doesn't?)

Morning Coffee (11/20/17)

I'm traveling and compiled and scheduled this post in advance, so WHO KNOWS what's actually going on in the world by now. Back on Tuesday!

Eric Holder's Battle Against Gerrymandering

Canada Moves Closer to Gender Equity for Indigenous Women

Why Is Allergan Partnering with the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe?

This is very good advice heading into the holidays: Don't Win Arguments, Win Elections

Also useful going into the holidays: 8 Weekender Bags to Make You Look More Put Together

SCANDAL: Spelling Trouble: Did a Scrabble Champion Cheat?

From Owls IPA to Huddersfield’s Hat Trick: football clubs join the craft beer revolution

Ha: The “phantom reference:” How a made-up article got almost 400 citations

Conservationists Give New Life to 350-Year-Old Map of Australia

YEP: From 'Will & Grace' to 'NCIS,' Comfort TV Reigns Supreme

Friday, November 17, 2017

Afternoon Tea (11/17/17)

I'm traveling and compiled and scheduled this post in advance, so WHO KNOWS what's actually going on in the world by now. Back on Tuesday!

Trust me, you want to read this follow-up to the profile I posted yesterday: 15 Things You Learn While Hanging Out With Armie Hammer

I'm PRETTY EXCITED that Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine are making a 1960s noir show together and this interview with their DP is interesting.

The Forgotten Lifestyle Star Who Taught Women of the 1930s How to 'Live Alone and Like It'

A Remote Shetland Island Could Become a Spaceport

What We Can Learn From Multiple Translations of the Same Poem

Morning Coffee (11/17/17)

This week's Happy Friday links have a lot of Go Fug Yourself but I'm not actually sorry, unless any of you already read their site faithfully and thus have fewer new things to read here.

This is wonderful: Barbie Debuts a Hijab, Thanks to Ibtihaj Muhammad

Chelsea Clinton announces international companion to She Persisted children's book

This is both funny and thoughtful, even if you don't care about Blake Shelton: Blake Shelton Is People’s Sexiest Man Alive? (Real talk: Blake Shelton is not even the sexiest man alive ON HIS OWN TV SHOW, though his reaction quoted in that piece made me like him a little better than I had.)

!!!! 280-Character Tweets Make Tetris Possible on Twitter

Titanic to return to theaters for 20th anniversary (This briefly sent me spiraling because my friend and I went to see it for an anniversary release ALREADY and that CANNOT have been ten years ago, but no, it was FIVE years ago. Are they going to re-release it every five years? This is not necessarily a complaint.)

This happened at the end of LAST week but I wanted to make sure you saw because it's important: Tom Hiddleston Is Literally Walking Around London Cradling a Puppy

Let's go to Italy's new food theme park.

USEFUL and also funny: How to Pluralize Your Last Name on Holiday Cards

Three Gorgeous Cakes for the Holidays

SPARKLY SHOES. (I just got sparkly shoes on clearance for $13 and I'm obsessed and need you all to invite me to holiday parties so I can wear them.)