Thursday, February 28, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/28/19)

The Lost World of Yiddish Anarchists

Pop culture is no longer full of apocalyptic nuclear visions. That’s too bad.

The Master of Spin

Asexual Readers Just Want Ace Characters to Live Full, Diverse Lives On the Page

Ted Bundy, Billy McFarland, and the Weaponization of White Male Charm

Morning Coffee (2/28/19)

YAY: House passes most sweeping gun control legislation in decades

Vox has a bunch of good pieces about different aspect of the Michael Cohen hearing here.

North Carolina Operative Indicted in Connection With Absentee Voter Fraud

Why it Matters if Trump Knew About Stone's Contacts with WikiLeaks

Chicago Runoff Ensures City Will Elect Its First Black Woman As Mayor

U.S. denied tens of thousands more visas in 2018 due to travel ban: data

Germany Is Testing the Limits of Democracy

Good for her: Emma Thompson’s letter to Skydance: Why I can’t work for John Lasseter

Facebook wants up to 30% of fan subscriptions vs Patreon’s 5%

Bill Jenkins, Who Tried to Halt Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Dies at 73

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/27/19)

This piece on Facebook content moderators is a LOT, just to warn you, but it's a must-read if you can handle it: The Trauma Floor

Hoda Muthana and Shamima Begum: Citizenship and Expatriation in the U.S. and U.K.

Drowned out by the algorithm: Vaccination advocates struggle to be heard online

This is beautiful: How Marie Kondo Helped Me Sort Out My Gender

Move Over, Lady Psychopaths: The Locked-Room Mystery Is Back

Morning Coffee (2/27/19)

Congress just got one step closer to blocking Trump’s national emergency

Thousands of migrant youth allegedly suffered sexual abuse in U.S. custody

Mark Harris, Tainted by Fraud Allegations, Will Not Run in New North Carolina Election

U.S. Cyber Command operation disrupted Internet access of Russian troll factory on day of 2018 midterms

Venezuela’s Food Crisis Reaches a Breaking Point

Exposing Amy Klobuchar’s Mistreatment Of Staff Is Not Sexist

SIGH: Harvey Weinstein Tells Female Lawyers Repping Him at Discount Will Be Good for Their Careers: Report

The Lesson of the Jussie Smollett Case

The Washington Post announces the launch of the Jamal Khashoggi Fellowship

The Magnitude of Black Panther’s Technical-Oscar Wins

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/26/19)

THIS IS FASCINATING: Have Dark Forces Been Messing With the Cosmos?

The knitting community is reckoning with racism

Why is Young Adult fiction still so afraid of gay sex?

The curse of the Twitter reply guy

I'm so excited for Queen's Shadow: A Guide to the Royal Handmaidens of Naboo

Morning Coffee (2/26/19)

Me elsewhere: I wrote about why local elections are important in a guest column in the local paper!

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Jeremy Corbyn: we’ll back a second referendum to stop Tory no-deal Brexit

Uh... Mohammad Javad Zarif: Iran's foreign minister announces resignation

A Lawsuit by a Campaign Worker Is the Latest Challenge to Trump’s Nondisclosure Agreements

Green Book’s frustrating Best Picture win, explained

AGREED: Green Book’s Best Picture Win Wasn’t the Most Embarrassing Oscar Victory. This Was.

The fashion was good, though, and I loved the pink dress trend.

This is about an event I attended! What does Pete Buttigieg bring to the table? Experience — really.

SO INFURIATING: Viagra Might Relieve Period Cramps, but Male Pharmaceutical Execs Don't Care

Hilde Lysiak, The 12-Year-Old Journo Inspiration Of Apple TV Series, Strikes Again

Oh how sad: Stanley Donen, Director of Iconic Movie Musicals, Dies at 94

Monday, February 25, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/25/19)

Inside the Rise and Fall of a Multimillion-Dollar Airbnb Scheme

This is a great interview with Casey McQuiston about her upcoming prince/president's son rom-com, WHICH IS EXTREMELY GOOD.

Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem

Is the Insect Apocalypse Really Upon Us?

What Happens When Sister Cities Break Up?

Morning Coffee (2/25/19)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week!

Here are the Oscar winners. What a mix of great and terrible!

Russian Spy or Hustling Political Operative? The Enigmatic Figure at the Heart of Mueller’s Inquiry

How Amy Berman Jackson Got Roger Stone to Step in It and Then Step in It Again

‘The Monsters Are the Men’: Inside a Thriving Sex Trafficking Trade in Florida

Why the Party Defections Over Brexit Are a Cautionary Tale for the U.S.

Good: With women in combat roles, a federal court rules the male-only draft unconstitutional

‘Sustained and ongoing’ disinformation assault targets Dem presidential candidates

Rubella gave me a disability. This is my message to anti-vaxxers

Here's the great Nora Roberts on the current big plagiarism case in the romance genre.

How Extra Arts Education at School Boosts Students’ Writing Scores — And Their Compassion

Sunday, February 24, 2019

My 2019 Oscar Picks

Longtime readers may have noticed that I didn't do my full Oscar project this year, and it was for a few reasons, honestly. First of all, it takes a LOT of time, and I decided I'd rather keep some of that time centered on my own writing. It's also really expensive - last year when I saw virtually everything, I had MoviePass, and that helped a lot. And I just didn't really want to give my money to a few of the big nominees this year, especially Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book.

So! I'm going to go through each category and tell you which of the nominees I saw, and my choice among the nominees. And if I thought something else should be nominated, I'll probably throw that in too. I'm not making predictions because a. this year is BONKERS and b. that leads to completely self-imposed stress with no real payoff. You can read the full list of nominees here.

Best Picture: I saw Black Panther, BlacKkKlansman, The Favourite, Roma, and Vice. My pick is definitely The Favourite, though I would be okay with any of those winning except probably Vice. I would have definitely nominated If Beale Street Could Talk in this category - it can take Green Book's place - and while we're at it let's replace Bohemian Rhapsody with Colette.

Actor in a Leading Role: The only one I saw was Christian Bale in Vice, and while I didn't think the movie worked overall, he did a good job of completely losing himself inside the character, which the Academy tends to like. I can't really think of anyone I'd add to the nominees; apparently I can't muster much interest in lead actors this year.

Actor in a Supporting Role: I've seen Adam Driver in BlacKkKlansman and Sam Rockwell in Vice, and of them I'd definitely pick Driver. I might throw Ethan Hawke for Juliet, Naked into the mix.

Actress in a Leading Role: I've seen Yalitza Aparicio in Roma, Glenn Close in The Wife, and Olivia Colman in The Favourite. Colman should absolutely win no matter what, but I would have nominated KiKi Layne for If Beale Street Could Talk, Keira Knightley for Colette, and maybe Rose Byrne for Juliet, Naked.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Oh hey, I've seen all of these! They're Amy Adams for Vice, Marina de Tavira for Roma, Regina King for If Beale Street Could Talk, and both Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz for The Favourite. Rachel Weisz should get it, and if she doesn't I'm pretty sure Twitter will burn down the world.

Animated Feature Film: Oops, I didn't make it to any of these, but I've heard so much amazing stuff about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse that I really WNAT to see it even though I don't particularly care about Spider-Man.

Cinematography: I've seen The Favourite and Roma and I'd be fine with either of them winning. It is a CRIME that If Beale Street Could Talk was not nominated.

Costume Design: I've seen Black Panther, The Favourite, and Mary Poppins Returns and . . . they all deserve it! But WHITHER COLETTE?????

Directing: I've seen BlacKkKlansman, The Favourite, Roma, and Vice, and I'd give it to The Favourite but I wouldn't be TOO upset about Spike Lee finally winning. I'd have nominated If Beale Street Could Talk here as well.

Documentary Feature: The only one I've managed to see so far is RBG and it was good! But I am BAFFLED that Won't You Be My Neighbor? was snubbed; it would be my pick.

Documentary Short Subject: I've seen them all, and this category can be hard to navigate because the nominees are so often tied to important current events and issues, and it can be hard to draw the distinction between important CAUSES and deserving FILMS. But I think I want A Night at the Garden to win just to freak out the right.

Film Editing: I've seen BlacKkKlansman, The Favourite, and Vice. As with several categories, probably, I'd pick The Favourite but also nominate If Beale Street Could Talk.

Foreign Language Film: I've only seen Roma so far, but it's certainly deserving.

Makeup and Hairstyling: I've seen Vice, and sure, whatever, I guess. I'd nominate A Wrinkle in Time and probably Colette here.

Original Score: I've seen Black Panther, BlacKkKlansman, If Beale Street Could Talk, and Mary Poppins Returns, and they were all good but I'd give it to If Beale Street Could Talk. And I'd nominate Colette! Sigh.

Original Song: I've seen Black Panther, RBG, and Mary Poppins Returns, and I don't really have strong feelings about any of these songs but I guess I'd go with Mary Poppins Returns. I'd nominate "Alfie's Song" from Love, Simon and maybe "Flower of the Universe" from A Wrinkle in Time, and I'd probably give it to one of the original songs from Juliet, Naked. Maybe "Sunday Never Comes."

Production Design: I've seen them all - Black Panther, The Favourite, First Man, Mary Poppins Returns, Roma - and I'd go with Black Panther here, I think. And I'd nominate If Beale Street Could Talk and Colette and actually maybe Love, Simon too.

Animated Short Film: I've seen them all and I'd give it to One Small Step, which was just a delight. Late Afternoon was also great.

Live Action Short Film: Ugh, this was the TERRIBLE THINGS HAPPENING TO CHILDREN category. I'd probably go with Mother - it took a very limited cast and set and I assume budget and made it into a really compelling thriller. (Marguerite also did a lot with very little and no children killed or were killed in that one!)

Sound Editing: I've seen Black Panther, First Man, and Roma, and I'll go with Black Panther.

Sound Mixing: I know these are different but my answer happens to be the same as above.

Visual Effects: I've seen First Man and Solo, and I'll go with Solo. But I'd probably give it to Black Panther.

Adapted Screenplay: I've seen BlacKkKlansman and If Beale Street Could Talk and will go with the latter, though I'd nominate Juliet, Naked here as well.

Original Screenplay: I've seen The Favourite, First Reformed, Roma, and Vice, and I'd go with The Favourite.

Morning Coffee (2/24/19)

Manafort Is Expected to Face Charges in New York, Even if Trump Pardons Him

10 Hate Groups Operating In NH, Watchdog Group Says

The fight over whether ISIS recruit Hoda Muthana is a US citizen, explained

This is, uh, really bad! Trump Administration Blocks Funds for Planned Parenthood and Others Over Abortion Referrals

The big divide among 2020 Democrats over trade — and why it matters

Heh: 10 things I've said to my preschooler and a Bernie bro

This is both cool and kind of alarming! This Walking Robot Navigates Using the Sun, No GPS Required

Oldest skull mudlarked from Thames belongs to neolithic male

The 'von' trap: Austrian battle over three noble letters

Sigh: This man is trying to sue his parents for giving birth to him

Friday, February 22, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/22/19)

This is fascinating: How Do You Preserve History On The Moon?

The woman who had a lesbian church ‘wedding’ in 1834 – and whose diaries turned everything historians knew about sex on its head

Why You Should Be Reading Romance Novels

Colonial Williamsburg Serves Up The Past So You Can Try A Taste Of History

The Art of Repairing Broken Ceramics Creates a New Kind of Beauty

Morning Coffee (2/22/19)

Time for Friday happy links! Back to all the terrible stuff tomorrow, I promise.


OOH: Stieg Larsson's investigation of Swedish PM's assassination revealed in new book

!!! Mary H. K. Choi is back with another lovely, social-media tinged YA romance: Exclusive preview

This is exciting but it's weird that they don't mention they've already... done a bunch of movies? ‘American Girl’ Live-Action Movie in the Works With Mattel and MGM

Interesting: CBS Turns to Artificial Intelligence to Glean Viewers’ Emotional Responses to TV Shows

Ooh, NPR has a new history podcast!

Whoa: French Designer Uses The Spines Of Books To Create Extraordinary Dresses

Excited for this: Camryn Garrett’s Full Disclosure: Take an Exclusive First Look at the Book Cover

A bunch of my favorites are up for these YA Oscars! Go vote, YA readers!

I got 8/10: Can You Guess the Oscar Film From the IMDb Parents Guide Content Warning?

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/21/19)

The Gay History of America’s Classic Children’s Books

The complicated, always racist history of blackface

When India Kicked Out Coca-Cola, Local Sodas Thrived

Sheela-na-gigs: The naked women adorning Britain's churches

A deluge of 'red-pilled' rage: Young white men are being radicalized online and acting out violently

Morning Coffee (2/21/19)

‘I am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on earth’: A self-proclaimed white nationalist planned a mass terrorist attack, the government says

Anti-Semitic Attacks Fuel Continuing Rise in Hate Crimes in New York

Trump is exploiting the Venezuela crisis in order to win the 2020 presidential election

Reports say Robert Mueller could conclude his Trump-Russia investigation next week

Northern Ireland police accused of concealing data on loyalist killings

Welp: Fox News Rejected an Oscar-Nominated Documentary’s Ad Over Nazi Imagery, but It Doesn’t Always Seem to Bother Them

America’s Insanely Expensive Child Care Is a Serious Economic Problem

Amazon’s $0 corporate income tax bill last year, explained

Good! #OscarsSoWhite Creator April Reign to Attend Academy Awards: "I Feel Immense Pride"

Women in Music? The Song Remains the Same, Annenberg Study Shows

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/20/19)

This Is Her: The Lost Past and Hopeful Future of Mandy Moore

Meet the Mormon Transhumanists Seeking Salvation in the Singularity

He sounds exhausting: Tolstoy Ghosted His Wife Then Up and Died

A Whale's Afterlife

In the Fair City of Verona, Star-Cross’d Lovers Want to Believe in ‘La Casa di Giulietta’

Morning Coffee (2/20/19)

This is worth a read even if you think you know the outlines: Intimidation, Pressure and Humiliation: Inside Trump’s Two-Year War on the Investigations Encircling Him

The National Emergency and the President’s Lawyers

16 States Sue to Stop Trump’s Use of Emergency Powers to Build Border Wall

Top Trump appointees promoted selling nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia over objections from national security officials, House Democratic report says

Sigh: CNN hires GOP operative with no journalism experience to run its 2020 coverage

"So, in the first 15 seconds of his campaign announcement, Sanders engages in the casual erasure of a campaign strategy developed by the nation's first Black president and replicated by the nation's first major-party female candidate."

Meanwhile: 7 Labour Lawmakers Resign in U.K., in Rebuke of Jeremy Corbyn

Vatican’s Secret Rules for Catholic Priests Who Have Children

U.S.A. Gymnastics Hires N.B.A. Executive as President

!! Russia reopens investigation into 60-year-old Dyatlov Pass mystery

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/19/19)

Is Ancient DNA Research Revealing New Truths — or Falling Into Old Traps?

I'm so excited to read Anne Ursu's new book, and this piece she wrote about it is really good: What About the Girls?

An Italian Town Fell Silent So The Sounds Of A Stradivarius Could Be Preserved

Why a Museum Owns a Chocolate Company’s Embroidery Collection

Who Was a Typical Oxford Student in the 14th Century?

Morning Coffee (2/19/19)

Final days of the 'Isis caliphate' – photo essay

North Carolina investigators describe “unlawful” ballot tampering scheme in House election

Uh: William Barr’s Son-in-Law Just Landed a Job Advising Trump on “Legal Issues”

Chinese company leaves Muslim-tracking facial recognition database exposed online

Ilhan Omar’s tweet revealed core truths about anti-Semitism in America

The real stakes in the 2020 primary aren’t about legislation

America Isn’t Really Set Up For Third-Party Presidential Bids

Ugh: Bob Costas Says NBC Axed His Super Bowl Gig Following Concussion Comments

Archive shows medieval nun faked her own death to escape convent

Swansea University announces 'decolonised' English course

Monday, February 18, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/18/19)

Finding My Father’s Auschwitz File

The North Magnetic Pole’s Mysterious Journey Across the Arctic

R Kelly, Michael Jackson and Bryan Singer. Who knew? Everyone

Val McDermid | 'My relationship with the landscape has always been very strong'

One of film’s greatest epics is a 7-hour adaptation of War and Peace. Really.

Morning Coffee (2/18/19)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

Munich Security Conference Reveals A Growing Rift Between U.S. And Its Allies

Oh good! LET'S THINK ABOUT SECURITY: Howard Dean to lead new Democratic voter data exchange

UGH: Florida sixth-grader charged with misdemeanor after refusing to recite Pledge of Allegiance

How Democrats plan to shrink the gender pay gap

Nearly half of Republicans think God wanted Trump to be president

Howard Schultz’s campaign is based on 3 ideas, and they’re all wrong

Same-Sex Couples Sue For The Right To Marry In Japan

Manfred Eigen, 91, Nobel Winner Who Put a Clock to Chemicals, Dies

The Daniel Mallory saga continues: Similarities in Two Novels Raise Questions About the Limits of Literary Influence

Skype Can Now Blur Your Background So You Don't Have to Frantically Tidy Your Room

Friday, February 15, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/15/19)

The Bizarre Planets That Could Be Humanity’s New Homes

A Lost and Found Portrait Photographer

Gracie Gold’s Battle for Olympic Glory Ended in a Fight to Save Herself

12 New and Upcoming YAs That Are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Postcards and the Russian Revolution

Five NOT Oscar Nominated Movies to Watch

I'll have my Oscar picks for you next week - and a few thoughts on why I didn't watch some of the big nominees - but I was just contemplating my favorite 2018 movies that didn't get nominated for anything, which in some cases I'm very mad about. So! If you need something to watch this weekend, I recommend:
  • Colette
  • Love, Simon
  • On the Basis of Sex
  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?
  • A Wrinkle in Time

Morning Coffee (2/15/19)

We made it to Friday! TIME FOR SOME HAPPY LINKS.

Aaah so excited for this anthology co-edited by my friend Katie: Cover reveal: ‘It’s a Whole Spiel’ puts Jewish YA in the spotlight

!! Chris Kelly, Bad Robot to Adapt ‘They Both Die at the End’ for HBO Yay Adam Silvera!

Ooh, Frozen 2 teaser!

Ben Whishaw is doing a Paddington TV show!

This is GORGEOUS: The TWA Hotel Turns an Abandoned Airport Terminal Into a Midcentury Dream

This sounds great: Dumplin' author Julie Murphy previews delectable new novel Dear Sweet Pea

Get a First Look at the Cover of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Forthcoming Novel

Stunningly preserved fresco of Narcissus discovered in Pompeii

Maybe your life would be improved by following cheese shops on Instagram.

19 New Skin-Care Products To Pick Up At Target This Month

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/14/19)

How a heart-shaped candy box came to stand for love

The Sexuality of Slang

Cooking with Iris Murdoch

How Beauty Is Making Scientists Rethink Evolution

Picture this: portraits of Anglo-Saxon rulers

Morning Coffee (2/14/19)

Former Air Force Intelligence Agent Charged With Spying for Iran

Inside The Largest And Most Controversial Shelter For Migrant Children In The U.S.

Good: ACLU Sues to Block New Hampshire Voter Residency Requirements

Why Mitch McConnell is holding a vote on the Green New Deal

Hey but some good news from the Senate! The Senate just passed the decade’s biggest public lands package. Here’s what’s in it.

John Roberts Is Not Your Friend

Republicans Keep Admitting Everything They Said About Obama Was a Lie

This is awful: New Bill Aims to Prevent Gender Dysphoria 'Disease' From Spreading to Kids

UGH, MEN: Ryan Adams Dangled Success. Women Say They Paid a Price.

I'M SO SAD: NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity Concludes a 15-Year Mission

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/13/19)

Private Mossad for Hire

It’s 2019. Who Told My Eight-Year-Old Daughter If a Boy Is Mean to You, It Means He Likes You?

What Lunar New Year Reveals About the World’s Calendars

10 Years Later, ‘North & South’ Remains the Greatest Period-Drama Miniseries of All Time

16 LGBTQIAP+ Books by Black Authors

Morning Coffee (2/13/19)

This collection of obituaries by teen reporters of young gun violence victims is moving and important: Since Parkland

Trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman at El Paso rally

Blackface Is the Tip of the Iceberg

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making the Green New Deal a 2020 litmus test

AP Exclusive: Undercover spy exposed in NYC was 1 of many

Southern Baptist Convention: More than 200 ministers, deacons and others have been found guilty of sex abuse, report says

Greece, 10 Years Into Economic Crisis, Counts the Cost to Mental Health

What’s Anti-Semitic?

Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature'

British Library's collection of obscene writing goes online

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/12/19)

The battle for the future of Stonehenge

Have You Seen This Serial Killer Who Murdered Gay Men In The 1970s?

Lindsey Vonn Is The Greatest American Skier — And It’s Not Even Close

The rise of the star-studded, Instagram-friendly evangelical church

Oh neat: Illustrating Howl's Moving Castle – in pictures

Morning Coffee (2/12/19)

The Stacey Abrams Revolution

This is a bit more complicated than the headline makes it sound, but still worth noting: Kamala Harris supported 2008 San Francisco policy that reported arrested undocumented juveniles to ICE

HURRAH: Ohio city to stop observing Columbus Day, make Election Day holiday instead

Shocker: Tory MPs back youth group with apparent links to US far right

How British Feminism Became Anti-Trans

Where does a tip to an Amazon driver go? In some cases, toward the driver's base pay

Not that they're ALWAYS GREAT or anything but I'm glad at least one newspaper is doing okay: The New York Times Co. Reports $709 Million in Digital Revenue for 2018

Sigh, of course: Second AJ Finn novel on way despite Dan Mallory scandal, says publisher

Yay! Fox To Adapt ‘The Hate U Give’ Author Angie Thomas’ Next Book ‘On The Come Up’; George Tillman Jr. Directing

Mystery mud on new volcanic island baffles Nasa scientists

Monday, February 11, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/11/19)

At Checkpoint Charlie, Cold War History Confronts Crass Commercialism

These grandparents sold gay porn for decades and almost went to prison. Now, they are calling it quits

How Russia infiltrated the world of American religious-right filmmaking

How Lego Patents Helped Build a Toy Empire, Brick by Brick

Lots of good stuff here: 2018 Locus Recommended Reading List

Morning Coffee (2/11/19)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

Sexual Abuse of Nuns: Longstanding Church Scandal Emerges From Shadows

Texas: civil rights groups sue to stop 'unlawful purge' of thousands of voters

How President Trump Is Like A Terrible Poker Player

Romania moves to block own candidate from EU prosecutor role

Liam Neeson laid bare the logic of lynching, in all its horror

‘It will take off like a wildfire’: The unique dangers of the Washington state measles outbreak

The one piece actually worth reading about this: YA Twitter is a Bottomless Well for Click Bait Articles. Here’s Why…

Milky Way is warped and twisted, not flat

Theodore Rabb, Resourceful Renaissance Historian, Dies at 81

Bots are cheap and effective. One startup trolls them into going away

Friday, February 8, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/8/19)

The midrange Manhattan hotel that changed American hospitality

7 YA Books to Celebrate Lunar New Year With

This book sounds interesting: Queer Identity: a Guest Post by A Fall in Autumn Author Michael Williams

The fascinating backstory of the periodic table, which is about to turn 150 years old

Step Inside Winter’s Most Spectacular Wonderland at the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in Northeast China

Morning Coffee (2/8/19)

Not that we ever DON'T need Friday happy links, but we REALLY DO this week.

I love this: Rosalind Franklin: Mars rover named after DNA pioneer

There are some great ones this year, including non-binary people and a bunch related to disabilities! 230 New Emojis in Final List for 2019

Aww: San Diego Bookseller Undergoes Surgery, Other Booksellers Keep His Store Open

Michael B. Jordan, Warner Bros. Nab Film Rights to ‘Black Leopard, Red Wolf’

Ooh, this Sonja Henie movie looks interesting.

!! Hallmark will now air Christmas movies all year long

How to Make the Best Hot Chocolate From Scratch

Billy Eichner is making a gay rom-com with Judd Apatow and Nicholas Stoller

LET'S GO: The V&A Unveils Queen Victoria’s Most Precious Jewel

Lin-Manuel Miranda to Lead One-Night ‘Camelot’ Benefit Concert

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/7/19)

Coming of Age Unvaccinated

A thought-provoking piece on nuclear tourism: Chasing the Apocalypse

The Fatal Ensnaring of Dan DePew

We Deserve More Black Stories with Happy Endings

The Ascension in Anglo-Saxon England

Weekly Rec: Tasmin Little Plays Clara Schumann, Dame Ethel Smyth & Amy Beach

That title's a mouthful! Sorry. But it is, as you might expect, a new album by British violinist Tasmin Little in which she plays music for violin by Clara Schumann, Ethel Smyth, and Amy Beach, female composers of the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries. As in so many areas, women's contributions to classical music have generally been buried, and I'd never really listened to Smyth or Beach. Schumann is in the trap of possibly being better known than the other two in part because of her husband's fame - but she suppressed her own career for his sake. (Smyth sounds fascinating, now that I look - she was queer and involved in the suffrage movement! She fell in love with both Emmeline Pankhurst and Virginia Woolf!)

ANYWAY. This album is a good way to get a taste of these underrated composers, and luckily it is also a DELIGHT. It just came out last week and I've already listened a bunch of times. Get a taste of it below:

Morning Coffee (2/7/19)

The dumpster fire that is Virginia politics, explained in 500 words

The stuff in here is pretty tame compared to the rumors that have been around for years: Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s Abuse Of Staff Scared Off Candidates To Manage Her Presidential Bid

How Trump’s State of the Union Guests Embodied His Politics of Fear and Dread

An important report on where US-supplied weapons end up: Sold to an ally, lost to an enemy

His side of the story: Nathan Phillips wants to talk about Covington

Germany's cabinet approves revision to Nazi-era abortion law

Pope Acknowledges Nuns Were Sexually Abused by Priests and Bishops

! Stolen Swedish royal treasure may have been found, police say

Egypt Unveils Dozens of Newly Discovered Mummies

It's official: The Oscars to Air Without a Host

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/6/19)

On the Overlooked Eroticism of Mary Oliver

A Syrian Chocolatier's Legend Lives On In Europe — But Stays Close To Its Roots

A fascinating photoessay by a firefighter: To Smolder, Burn Slow

What Soybean Politics Tell Us About Argentina and China

Unlocking Access to Ancient Science in Renaissance Italy: the vernacularization of Pliny’s ‘Historia Naturalis’

Morning Coffee (2/6/19)

“This is the next battle for our democracy”: Stacey Abrams answers Trump with voting rights

Trump is expected to call for an end to HIV in the US by 2030. That’s totally realistic. (Spoiler: The administration does not actually want to do any of the things that MAKE it realistic.)

Trump Inaugural Committee Ordered to Hand Over Documents to Federal Investigators

Trump’s Company Ramps Up Purge Of Undocumented Workers From Golf Clubs

Trump’s Pick To Replace Brett Kavanaugh Could Face An Ugly Confirmation Fight (because she's SUPER TERRIBLE)

Ralph Northam's Lasting Shame

Maduro issues threat to jail Venezuela’s opposition leader

Óscar Arias Sánchez, a Nobel Winner and Former President of Costa Rica, Is Accused of Sexual Assault

Senators reintroduce bill to protect Native American women, finish work started by defeated colleague

And in case you don't have enough to worry about: A hole opens up under Antarctic glacier — big enough to fit two-thirds of Manhattan

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/5/19)

This story is SO MUCH: A Suspense Novelist’s Trail of Deceptions

Another in the Times' Overlooked obituary series: Margaret Garner, whose story inspired Beloved.

The Fetid, Right-Wing Origins of “Learn to Code”

What the U.S. Could Learn From Slovenia About Protecting Bees

The Patents Behind Pasta Shapes

Morning Coffee (2/5/19)

This should be criminal: US sees limitations on reuniting migrant families

Italy Slides Into Recession as Europe Stalls, Stoking Global Fears

Trump to nominate David Bernhardt, a former lobbyist, as the next Interior secretary

On Well-Intended White Folks: Thoughts on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and the Making of a Public Image

McKinsey Advised Purdue Pharma How to ‘Turbocharge’ Opioid Sales, Lawsuit Says

Not to make light of clients who were duped or anything but... lolol: Crypto Exchange Says It Can't Repay $190 Million to Clients After Founder Dies With Only Password

Christian publishing company owned by News Corp found guilty of significant fraud and destroying evidence

A third of Himalayan ice cap doomed, finds report

Oh good: New York Joins Movement to Abandon Use of Student Tests in Teacher Evaluations

Ooh: Netflix Picks Up Indian Drama Series ‘Delhi Crime’ From Richie Mehta, Golden Karavan & Ivanhoe Pictures

Monday, February 4, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/4/19)

When the Suffrage Movement Sold Out to White Supremacy

Climate Signs

The White Flight from Football

St. Brigid and the Coming of Spring

12 Boarding School Books That Will Make You Wish You Went

Morning Coffee (2/4/19)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

Let's start with a story of someone doing something good: Candice Payne Got 30 Hotel Rooms for Homeless People in Chicago During Severe Cold Snap

The Trump-Russia Investigation and the Mafia State

"Among their concerns was that if Mr. Trump won the election and then defaulted, Deutsche Bank would have to choose between not collecting on the debt or seizing the assets of the president of the United States."

Utah Voters Approved Medicaid Expansion At The Ballot Box. The GOP Is Trying To Undo It.

This is awful: Judge says Tampa conversion therapy ban violates First Amendment free-speech rights

WELP: European colonizers killed so many Native Americans that it changed the global climate, researchers say

Oh, how cool: Haagen Dazs, Procter & Gamble to offer reusable containers in Pa., N.J.

Journalist Reminds Twitter Ted Bundy Was A Monster By Honoring His Victims

Olivia Colman and Walton Goggins are doing a thriller about a cult!!!

Interesting idea: ‘Oklahoma!’ To Be Broadway’s First “Gun Neutral” Production As Lauded Musical Joins Hollywood Initiative: Sundance

Friday, February 1, 2019

Afternoon Tea (2/1/19)

The Deep Pathology at the Heart of a Scandal at Der Spiegel

Female directors of color finding a spotlight at Sundance

After More Than Two Decades of Work, a New Hebrew Bible to Rival the King James

The Decision that Lost Britain the War: An Enigma Now Resolved

All The Kissing Author Spotlight: Scarlett Peckham

Morning Coffee (2/1/19)

Time for Friday happy links!

Step into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge with New Books, Comics, and Fables

Peter Jackson to Direct Documentary About The Beatles' 'Let It Be' Recording Sessions

AMC theaters to show ‘Black Panther’ for free to celebrate Black History Month

!! Centuries lost ‘Bristol Merlin’ uncovered at city’s Central Library

Oooh, the Criterion Collection is starting a streaming service.

Hahahahaha: All right stop… and listen to Chris Pine rap Vanilla Ice's 'Ice, Ice Baby' for Jimmy Kimmel

Always delightful: The Fug Girls on the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Dr Seuss's thank-you letter to man who saved his first book

Books to read with your favorite cup of tea

Heh: Hot chocolate is wasted on children