Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/31/23)

Today is Wednesday and somehow it's already the last day of May.

Debt limit deal clears 1st hurdle as McCarthy works to tamp down dissent (WaPo)

Sudan’s rival factions agree to extend shaky ceasefire after rebuke from mediators (The Guardian)

It Took Alito Barely a Month to Violate the Supreme Court’s New Ethics Rules (Slate)

Trump White House Aides Subpoenaed in Firing of Election Security Expert (NYT)

Ugh: A landmark appeals court ruling clears way for Purdue Pharma-Sackler bankruptcy deal (NPR)

Don’t visit Florida if you’re LGBTQ+, Human Rights Campaign warns: ‘It’s dangerous’ (PinkNews)

New NH federal prosecutors to focus on civil rights, domestic terrorism and violent crime (NHPR)

Welp, the effects of Diamond Sports not paying their bills are starting: MLB Relieves Bally Sports, Will Take Over Broadcasting of San Diego Padres Games (NBC San Diego)

Veronica Alvarez to manage World No. 4 USA at IX WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup (WBSC)

Pizza From Pete Davidson and Doughnuts From Jay Leno: Eating on the WGA Picket Line (Eater)

And some longer reads:

This is TRULY AMAZING: Here’s What Happens When Your Lawyer Uses ChatGPT (NYT)

How the U.S. wants to pressure China to help avert climate catastrophe (WaPo)

The Future of Classic New York Slice Shops Hangs in the Balance (Eater)

Domicide: Burying Prehistoric Dwellings (Places)

Future Shock: 8 Crime Novels That Blur the Lines Into SciFi (CrimeReads)

Monday, May 29, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/29/23)

Today is Monday. Here's my TV news roundup from The Televixen.

Ukraine war: Fresh attacks on Kyiv after intense drone barrage (BBC)

Erdogan cements his power with a victory in Turkey's presidential runoff election (NPR)

Uganda's president signs into law tough anti-gay legislation with death penalty in some cases (ABC News)

Jamelle Bouie: The Real Threat to Freedom Is Coming From the States (NYT)

Pride in London dedicates 2023 campaign to defending trans people: ‘We stand with you’ (PinkNews)

Whee! Spencer Strider is the fastest pitcher to 100 strikeouts in a season since 1893 (SI)

How the future of sustainable fashion is rooted in the fight for garment worker protections in Los Angeles (The 19th*)

A new law aims to make it easier to set up a nano-brewery in New Hampshire (NHPR)

Discovered in the deep: the superbuilder sea anemones that make verandas (The Guardian)

Back Then, Baby Galaxies. Next, a Super-Mega Galactic Cluster? (NYT)

And some longer reads:

In Parkland, a special high school baseball program deserves your attention (The Athletic)

People with disabilities aren't often seen in stock photos. The CPSC is changing that (NPR)

Welcome to Nusantara (NYT)

The Brain-Computer Interfaces That Could Give Locked-In Patients a Voice (Smithsonian)

These books are so good: Don Winslow on the Aeneid, Hollywood, and Reaching the End of His Career as a Novelist (CrimeReads)

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/27/23)

Happy Saturday!

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers founder, sentenced to 18 years for seditious conspiracy (NPR)

Oleksiy Danilov interview: Ukraine counter-offensive 'ready to begin' (BBC)

Mar-a-Lago Worker Provided Prosecutors New Details in Trump Documents Case (NYT)

Samuel Alito’s Assault on Wetlands Is So Indefensible That He Lost Brett Kavanaugh (Slate)

Debt ceiling negotiators race to cement deal before June 5 deadline (WaPo)

I'm mildly agog that this is finally actually happening, though who knows if it will succeed: Ken Paxton updates: Texas House impeachment vote will be an intra-GOP showdown (Texas Tribune)

New mpox cases found in UK: ‘The infection has not gone away’ (PinkNews)

Yay! Rochester Starbucks becomes first NH location to unionize (NHPR)

For real: Sarris: Let’s figure out a better way of checking pitchers for sticky stuff (The Athletic)

Maybe it was having a party!! Black bear takes 60 cupcakes from US bakery, scaring staff (The Guardian)

And some longer reads:

U.S. debt default could hit Social Security payments first (WaPo)

US presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis’ anti-LGBTQ+ attacks: A timeline of hate (PinkNews)

This was written before the impeachment articles were filed, but has some good background: Texas G.O.P. Leaders Clash Over Accusations of Corruption and Drunkenness (NYT)

'It's not for the faint-hearted' — the story of India's intrepid women seaweed divers (NPR)

Wildly entertaining, wonderfully profane: The Liam Hendriks experience is about to return (The Athletic)

Friday, May 26, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/26/23) - Friday Happy Links!

It's Friday! Let's take a break from . . . all the news for some happy links!

!!!! THE WHEEL OF TIME: Prime Video Sets September Season 2 Release (GMMR)

New Hayley Kiyoko single!! (YouTube)

This is cute: Charlie ‘Clutch’ Culberson is back with Atlanta, and teammates and Braves fans love it (The Athletic)

Get Your First Look at the Lower Decks Crossover in the New Trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Tor)

4 new books by Filipino authors to read this spring (NPR)

Relevant to my interests: Countdown to Pride: Okay Gays, What Flannels Are We Tying Around Our Waists This Year? (Autostraddle)

Ahaha: Blue Jays fans are eating hot dogs at a frankly alarming rate (SBNation)

Why Researchers Turned This Goldfish Into a Cyborg (NYT)

Fug Nation Loves Fun (and Maybe Slightly Unhinged) Items For Summer! (GFY)

News you can use: You Don’t Need a Knife to Cut a Cake at a Picnic (Eater)

And some longer reads:

‘Everybody Is Welcome Here’ (NYT)

This made me check the next book in my series readthrough out of the library immediately: “Holmes and Watson in Manhattan”: Musings on the Creation of Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin (CrimeReads)

Aw, he's been fun to watch: Appreciating Jake Burger’s breakout: ‘I could write a whole book about how cool it is’ (The Athletic)

The Next Generation of American Cheese (Eater)

13 Hockey Romances to Read During the NHL Playoffs (Book Riot)

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/23/23)

Today is Tuesday! I'm traveling, so I wrote this last week. Back to normal tomorrow!

It's not just about "drag nuns," it's a non-profit that has raised a ton of money: LGBTQ+ Angelenos slam Dodgers for dropping “drag nun” activists from Pride event (LGBTQ Nation)

Ranked-choice voting is gaining momentum. So are efforts to stop it. (The 19th*)

Two UNH studies to explore nutrition and food insecurity in Latino communities (NHPR)

Hospitals create police forces to stem growing violence against staff (NPR)

Denials of health-insurance claims are rising — and getting weirder (WaPo)

Climate Change Made East Africa’s Drought 100 Times as Likely, Study Says (NYT)

Polynesian snails release is biggest ever of ‘extinct in the wild’ species (The Guardian)

A 19th-Century Textile Stitches a Tale of Women’s Liberation (Smithsonian)

One of Evolution’s Biggest Moments Was Re-created in a Year (The Atlantic)

When the Setting Is as Creepy as the Story Itself (CrimeReads)

And some longer reads:

This is so important: ‘Way more common than people realize’: How some in MLB are bringing mental health into focus (The Athletic)

The voices of NPR: How four women of color see their roles as hosts (The 19th*)

She’s More Than the Creator of Peter Rabbit (NYT)

How Alberghi Diffusi Turn Villages Into Hotels (Smithsonian)

Clementine Paddleford’s ‘How America Eats’ Chronicled the Tastes of a Nation (Eater)

Monday, May 22, 2023

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/20/23)

Today is Saturday! I'm traveling, so I set this up a few days ago and it won't reflect recent news. Back to normal on Wednesday!

Rebuilding Ukraine’s Cultural Sector Will Require Nearly $7 Billion, UNESCO Says (Smithsonian)

Judge finds Weare teen who participated in racist graffiti violated NH civil rights law (NHPR)

Oklahoma officials recorded making racist and threatening remarks (The Guardian)

Florida is investigating a teacher who showed a Disney movie with a gay character (NPR)

IRS audits Black taxpayers more often than other groups, agency confirms (WaPo)

Heat Will Likely Soar to Record Levels in Next 5 Years, New Analysis Says (NYT)

SNAP work requirements don’t get more people working – but they do limit availability of food aid (NH Bulletin)

Arm Injuries Have Increased, and It Might Be the Pitch Clock’s Fault (Baseball Prospectus)

Things Just Keep Getting Worse for Beyond Meat (The Takeout)

With coveted wood facing restrictions, musicians who use bows face a choice (NHPR)

And some longer reads:

Why Ron DeSantis Is Limping to the Starting Line (NYT)

Not just development: Why farm directors are hyping their players on Twitter (The Athletic)

Can Intelligence Be Separated From the Body? (NYT)

The Live Oak Tree Has Withstood the Ravages of History (Smithsonian)

20 Must-Read Indigenous Historical Fiction Books Set in North America (Book Riot)

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/18/23)

Today is Thursday! I'm headed off on a family trip for a few days, so I may not be able to share posts to social media like usual, but the posts will be here for you. You can always see the most recent ones by visiting the home page.

Guillermo Lasso: Ecuador's President dissolves parliament (BBC)

U.S. Wires Ukraine With Radiation Sensors to Detect Nuclear Blasts (NYT)

This will hurt so many children: Bill banning puberty blockers, hormone treatments for trans kids sent to Texas governor (Texas Tribune)

Finally! PEN America, Penguin Random House Sue Florida School District Over 'Unconstitutional' Book Bans (PW)

Prince Harry and Meghan in near catastrophic car chase with paparazzi, spokesperson says (The Guardian)

Elizabeth Holmes loses her latest bid to avoid prison (NPR)

Good: Woman accused of hitting election worker in Raymond, NH, faces felony assault charge (NHPR)

Post-9/11 wars have contributed to some 4.5 million deaths, report suggests (WaPo)

I actually do like Little Leaf (for non-shape-related reasons) but lol: Can you really trademark the shape of lettuce? We’re about to find out (Fast Company)

Speaking of lol: Rosenthal: Blue Jays pitcher admits he was tipping pitches when facing Aaron Judge (The Athletic)

And some longer reads:

Gains Near Bakhmut Raise Ukraine’s Hopes of a Turning Tide (NYT)

Zooey Zephyr Explains What It Was Like to Be Banned From the State House, and What’s Next (Slate)

Spain’s water war gets political (Politico EU)

How MLB's most dominant reliever right now came out of nowhere (MLB)

Jackie Robinson’s Legacy Stretches Beyond the Baseball Field (NYT)

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/17/23)

NOW it's Wednesday.

Phew: Democrats keep Pa. House majority following Rep. Mike Zabel’s resignation (Philadelphia Inquirer)

I'm not convinced this will last, but I guess it's something: MO AG Bailey withdraws rule banning gender-affirming care for trans adults, children (Kansas City Star)

On the other hand: North Carolina’s GOP-led General Assembly overrides Democratic governor’s 12-week abortion ban veto (CNN)

Ukraine intercepts missiles as Russia steps up strikes on Kyiv (WaPo)

Masha Gessen Resigns in Protest From PEN America Board (The Atlantic)

This was yesterday and I don't see any news stories with results yet but I hear that Plamondon won, phew. Special election puts focus on Nashua House district that's been under-represented in Concord all year long (NHPR)

UK is a hostile environment for LGBTQ+ journalists, study suggests (The Guardian)

The Met Will “More Thoroughly” Investigate Artwork Origins With Hire of Provenance Researchers (ProPublica)

Chief Standing Bear, Native American civil rights icon, is honored on a postal stamp (NPR)

Managing a medieval household (Medieval manuscripts blog)

And some longer reads:

The North Carolina governor’s race will be fought over abortion and LGBTQ+ rights (The 19th*)

How A.I. and DNA Are Unlocking the Mysteries of Global Supply Chains (NYT)

Inside the 3D-printed box in Texas where humans will prepare for Mars (The Guardian)

Memories of Water (Places)

SABR's 'Baseball Memories' keeps people with memory disorders connected to the game (MLB)

Monday, May 15, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/15/23)

Monday again! Here's my TV news roundup from The Televixen - as usual, Mother's Day week was a big week for TV news.

Nail-Biter Turkish Election Heads for Round 2 as Majority Eludes Erdogan (NYT)

Wagner chief offered to give Russian troop locations to Ukraine, leak says (WaPo)

Thailand's voters overwhelmingly support opposition parties in elections (NPR)

Of course: Sununu joins GOP governors to oppose Biden proposed rules on transgender athletes (NHPR)

Why the Supreme Court Keeps Unanimously Gutting Anti-Corruption Laws (Slate)

I just read one of these books last night (Even Though I Knew the End) and it was great! SFWA Announces the Winners of the 58th Annual Nebula Awards (Nebula Awards)

This is all just such . . . a mess. Cardinals reverse Willson Contreras’ demotion from catcher after … 6 days (Yahoo! Sports)

How an Arctic snow school aims to respond to climate crisis with Inuit help (The Guardian)

The Sea-Urchin Murderer Has Finally Been Apprehended (The Atlantic)

The Case for Complex Characters of Color (CrimeReads)

And some longer reads:

A police chief got rid of a neo-Nazi. Then came the hard part. (WaPo)

Chinese Censorship Is Quietly Rewriting the Covid-19 Story (NYT)

When It Comes to Balls in Play, MLB Is Striking Out (The Ringer)

In a Roman Tomb, ‘Dead Nails’ Reveal an Occult Practice (NYT)

8 of the Best Books About the Moon (Book Riot)

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/13/23)

Today is Saturday and my coffee is not ready yet but I am very ready for it.

Good: Daniel Penny Arraigned on Manslaughter Charge in Jordan Neely’s Killing (NYT)

Fear and confusion, but not chaos, along the southern border after Title 42 ends (NPR)

Progress! More gay and bisexual men can donate blood under new FDA rules (NBC News)

Imran Khan leaves court after being granted bail (BBC)

What are China’s alleged ‘secret overseas police stations’? (PBS)

The exception to live free or die, I guess: State Senate kills bill to legalize marijuana in New Hampshire (NHPR)

In counties with more Black doctors, Black people live longer, ‘astonishing’ study finds (STAT)

Let Me Be in My Queer Italianx Feelings for a Minute (Autostraddle)

An overlooked brain system helps you grab a coffee — and plan your next cup (NPR)

Inside Corbin Carroll's rise to stardom with Diamondbacks (ESPN)

And some longer reads:

‘Death Is Everywhere’ in a Once-Jubilant Ukrainian City (NYT)

Virginia hid execution files from the public. Here's what they don't want you to see (NPR)

Florida Democrats can’t stop the GOP right now. But Nikki Fried says they’re willing to fight. (The 19th*)

Obsidian Cliff: Humanity’s Tool Shed for the Last 11,500 Years (NYT)

This was extremely fascinating: Baseball’s Pitch Clock Has Transformed Game Length—and Not Just in the Obvious Way (The Ringer)

Friday, May 12, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/12/23) - Friday Happy Links!

Today is finally Friday, and we're taking a break from the news for some happy links!

Aw I love this: Lawmaker Zooey Zephyr Proposes to Girlfriend at Queer Prom, Calls It “A Love That Feels Like Home” (Autostraddle)

And this! Chrishell Stause and G Flip Are Married After 1 Year of Dating (People)

This is so cute: These MLB teammates have a road trip ritual: Appreciating the view (WaPo)

Jonathan Groff to Join ‘Doctor Who’ in Guest Role (THR)

New Mars Map Lets You ‘See the Whole Planet at Once’ (NYT)

eyeballs emoji: Jessie Buckley & Paul Mescal In Talks To Star In ‘Hamnet’ Adaptation From Amblin Partners And Chloé Zhao (Deadline)

Fave Five: Queer Cozy Fantasy (LGBTQ Reads)

Thank God, Veggie Burgers With Actual Vegetables Are Making a Comeback (Eater)

Jacqueline Winspear Considers the Art of Historical Fiction (CrimeReads)

This 16th-Century Cloth Is Scotland’s Oldest-Known Tartan (Smithsonian)

And some longer Friday reads:

Aww: Meet the 56-year-old rookie: His big break in The Show took 30 years (The Athletic)

(This book is in fact amazing.) An Interview With the Author Whose Novel Is Rocketing up the Amazon Charts Thanks to a Tweet From Someone Called “Bigolas Dickolas” (Slate)

Take a Peek Inside the Candy Wrapper Museum (Smithsonian)

Top Ten Espionage Novels Centering Women's Stories (CrimeReads)

Everything you didn't know about home runs (MLB)

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/11/23)

Today is Thursday and it's my niece's first birthday!

Trump continues lies about election and lashes out after N.Y. verdict in town hall (NPR)

Rep. George Santos pleads not guilty to 13 counts of financial crimes (WaPo)

This will kill people, which is of course their goal: Missouri lawmakers ban transgender care for minors, restrict coverage for adults (PBS)

Belarus sentences journalist Raman Pratasevich to eight years in jail (The Guardian)

Okay, some good news: FDA advisers vote unanimously in support of over-the-counter birth-control pill (CNN)

Vermont bans owning, running paramilitary training camps (NHPR)

Good: They’re raising other people’s kids. They may finally be eligible for assistance. (NH Bulletin)

Even when women make more than their husbands, they are doing more child care and housework (The 19th*)

As World Warms, Droughts Come On Faster, Study Finds (NYT)

On Fusion, Forced Migration, and Somali Food (Eater)

And some longer reads:

TRULY wild: The Wild Backstory to George Santos’ Arrest (Slate)

Photojournalism is dominated by men. Women Photograph seeks to change that lens. (The 19th*)

DNA From Beethoven’s Hair Unlocks Medical and Family Secrets (NYT)

The St. Louis Cardinals are blaming Willson Contreras for their failures to adjust to life after Yadier Molina (Yahoo! Sports)

The Secret Behind Japan’s Delicious Strawberries: Kerosene (NYT)

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Monday, May 8, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/8/23)

Monday again! Here's my TV news roundup for the week at The Televixen.

Texas mall shooting: Officials probe gunman's possible far-right links (BBC)

This is, to be clear, a different violent act: 8 people killed after vehicle drives into group at bus stop in Texas border city (NPR)

Finnish newspaper hides Ukraine news reports for Russians in online game (The Guardian)

New Hampshire details plans for spending initial $6.5M in grants from opioid lawsuits (NHPR)

It’s Not Easy Being Blue (Slate)

Biden Pledges $500 Million to Stop Deforestation in Brazil (NYT)

Promising new malaria vaccine for kids approved in Ghana (STAT)

U.S. Returns $33 Million of Looted Antiquities to Turkey (Smithsonian)

Gerrit Cole's Resurgence Is Here to Stay (FanGraphs)

I can't decide if this is annoyingly pretentious or the kind of obsessive attention to detail I enjoy. Maybe both. James Gunn Created 600 Unique Versions of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ For Various Types of Cinemas (THR)

And some longer reads:

After Mass Killings in Texas, Frustration but No Action on Guns (NYT)

Senior Ukrainian officials fear counterattack may not live up to hype (WaPo)

‘We Were Helpless’: Despair at the C.D.C. as the Pandemic Erupted (NYT)

How “Abbott Elementary” Takes On the Charter-School Movement (New Yorker)

Stat This, Not That: Batting average doesn’t tell a hitter’s whole story. So what should be on ballpark scoreboards? (Yahoo! Sports)

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/6/23)

Today is Saturday!

Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio, 3 others guilty of Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy (WaPo)

The great Roxane Gay: Making People Uncomfortable Can Now Get You Killed (NYT)

‘Threats are increasing’: the EU official on a mission to protect media freedom (The Guardian)

Not Every Man Will Be As Dumb As Marcus Silva (Slate)

The best picket signs of the Hollywood writers' strike (NPR)

Good! Illinois to Become First State to Ban Book Bans (Book Riot)

Also good: Maine Bar changes application questions about mental health after a discrimination complaint (Maine Public)

This is ridiculous: After advancing historic marker for Concord-born activist, state offers to remove it (NHPR)

‘Spreading faster than ever’: Bangladesh’s tea pickers have world’s highest rate of leprosy (The Guardian)

Relatable: These Lizards Stress-Eat When Loud Military Aircraft Fly Overhead (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Kremlin Blasts Were Real. The Rest Is Hazy, Maybe Intentionally. (NYT)

Clarence Thomas Had a Child in Private School. Harlan Crow Paid the Tuition. (ProPublica)

Behind Trump’s musical tribute to some of the most violent Jan. 6 rioters (WaPo)

Why baseball's next unionization effort could come from MLB front offices: 'We're not protected at all' (CBS Sports)

How An Obsession with Raptors and An Obscure Event From History Inspired an Environmental Thriller (CrimeReads)

Friday, May 5, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/5/23) - Friday Happy Links!

Good morning and happy Friday! Time to take a break from the news for some Friday happy links!

Jewish Yankee Harrison Bader talks baseball over matzah ball soup and pastrami at Liebman’s Deli (JTA)

Virginia Fifth Grader Is Celebrated for Spotting Textbook’s Error (NYT)

How to Make Boozy Popsicles Perfect for Your Backyard Hang (Eater)

Why Are Audiences So Captivated by Locked-Room Mysteries? (CrimeReads)

Inside a Tudor Woman's Home (Medieval manuscripts blog)

Maybe I DO need new sandals: Fug Nation Loves: Cute Flat Sandals! (GFY)

Heh: Quiz: Plan a Murder Mystery Party and I’ll Tell You What Type of Wife Guy You Are (Autostraddle)

Their Favorite Songs: Books with Music Playlists (Book Riot)

You’ll Need a Microscope to See These Miniature Masterpieces (Smithsonian)

Hoard of 1,000-year-old Viking coins unearthed in Denmark (The Guardian)

And some longer reads:

This is a GREAT list: Happy Jewish American Heritage Month 2023! (LGBTQ Reads)

I am enjoying him: ‘No-nonsense warrior’ Sean Murphy has been all that Braves hoped he’d be, and more (The Athletic)

Frog and Toad Gifts for Fans of the Childhood Classic (Book Riot)

Find Out If Your Ancestor Is Among These 19th-Century Silhouettes in This Newly Digitized Collection (Smithsonian)

Harini Nagendra's Favorite Historical Mysteries (CrimeReads)

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/3/23)

Today is Wednesday, and wow, this week is very rainy.

Nord Stream: Report puts Russian navy ships near pipeline blast site (BBC)

Carlson’s Text That Alarmed Fox Leaders: ‘It’s Not How White Men Fight’ (NYT)

The Texas man accused of killing 5 neighbors is in custody, authorities say (NPR)

This is so awful: Judge denies Rep. Zooey Zephyr’s attempt to return to Montana House floor (CNN)

The Supreme Court’s Ethics Issues Are Not All Created Equal (Slate)

I see: CDC opens probe after 35 test positive for covid following CDC conference (WaPo)

Good: Veterans group calls for stronger law enforcement action against neo-Nazis in New England (NHPR)

One in three young teachers in England skipping meals to make ends meet (The Guardian)

Tony Award Nominations 2023: ‘Some Like It Hot’ Dominates, Followed by ‘& Juliet,’ ‘Shucked,’ ‘New York, New York’ (Variety)

Clayton Kershaw, Adam Wainwright and … Gerrit Cole? The next pitchers in line for 200 wins (The Athletic)

And some longer reads:

Ukraine refugees face uncertainty and precarity as displacement persists (NPR)

3 Nuclear Superpowers, Rather Than 2, Usher In a New Strategic Era (NYT)

Why Are TV Writers So Miserable? (New Yorker)

"Success" is... subjective but the actual piece is very interesting: MLB’s pitch clock is a success, but some still fear an injury reckoning is coming (The Athletic)

Mid-Apocalyptic Fiction: Writing Against a Climate Catharsis (Tor)

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/2/23)

Today is Tuesday and I have to go to the dentist. :(

Senators to hear testimony on Supreme Court ethics (NPR)

Palestinian Khader Adnan dies in Israel jail after 86 days on hunger strike (BBC)

Bangladesh media in fear after PM’s ‘people’s enemy’ attack (The Guardian)

Please read this. Lawyers are talking about parents' rights to determine their child's identity. That is not the parent's right! NH Supreme Court case could influence school policies on transgender students (NHPR)

Go writers! WGA Spells Out Vast Differences That Led to Strike (Variety)

Gordon Lightfoot, Hitmaking Singer-Songwriter, Is Dead at 84 (NYT)

The Olympics could change the future of college cheerleading (The 19th*)

Lack of Spanish outreach may be cutting older Latinos off from senior services in NH (NHPR)

Microplastics Linked to Changes in Seabirds’ Guts (Smithsonian)

Think you're tired? This animal goes for months with only two hours of sleep a day (NPR)

And some longer reads:

An important read on Ukraine from Anne Applebaum and Jeffrey Goldberg: The Counteroffensive (The Atlantic)

How the Telugu immigrant community is instilling their culture in the next generation (NPR)

A Giant Telescope Grows in Chile (NYT)

Strider cementing ace status in 2023 (MLB)

Setting as a Character: Travel the World with These Atmospheric Books (Book Riot)

Monday, May 1, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/1/23)

It's Monday again and somehow it's MAY. Here's my weekly TV news roundup at The Televixen.

Ukraine war: Russia launches second pre-dawn missile attack in three days (BBC)

First Republic Bank Is Seized by Regulators and Sold to JPMorgan Chase (NYT)

Thai PM candidate Paetongtarn Shinawatra gives birth two weeks before election (The Guardian)

This is an unfortunately good point: Why I Can’t Root for Disney’s Lawsuit Against Ron DeSantis (Slate)

Portsmouth teen charged with hateful graffiti targeting Temple Israel, local businesses (NHPR)

Many LGBTQ+ Americans are unable to pay bills, keep savings or hold bank accounts, survey shows (The 19th*)

As India’s tiger count grows, Indigenous groups protest evictions from ancestral lands (PBS)

Why do some people get UTIs over and over? A new report holds clues (NPR)

Rhys Bowen on Historical Fiction and Memorable Heroines (CrimeReads)

Behold the Deepest Fish Ever Filmed (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

They Refused to Fight for Russia. The Law Did Not Treat Them Kindly. (NYT)

Adam Serwer: Clarence Thomas Is Winning His War on Transparency (The Atlantic)

Attacks on Brazil's schools — often by former students — spur a search for solutions (NPR)

Rosenthal: Rob Manfred’s support of A’s owner is another inelegant chapter in his reign (The Athletic)

How Vacationers on Antarctic Cruises Are Filling in Scientific Gaps (Smithsonian)