Thursday, May 31, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/31/18)

Escape from the Nazis: Anna Seghers’s Suspenseful Classic

Who’s The Best Formula One Driver Of All Time?

Mormon Funeral Potatoes: The Carb-Heavy Meal For The End of The World

The mystical expatriates and the invention of Californian spirituality

When Paper Clothing Was the Perfect Fit

Morning Coffee (5/31/18)

THIS IS WILD: Arkady Babchenko: Ukraine faked murder of journalist

Trump Asked Sessions to Retain Control of Russia Inquiry After His Recusal ...and now Mueller is investigating THAT, because this is a crazy endless loop.

Harvey Weinstein Indicted by New York Grand Jury

The horrifying sexual misconduct allegations against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, explained

2018! The Trump–Kim Kardashian meeting, explained

LAPD begins sweeping criminal probe of former USC gynecologist while urging patients to come forward

This is INSANE and I feel like there has to be more to the story: Accountant embezzled $3.4M from famed literary agency

Wow: Five Blood Transfusions, One Bone Marrow Transplant — All Before Birth

This sounds like a trap: Great White Sharks Have A Secret 'Cafe,' And They Led Scientists Right To It

Huh: Hailee Steinfeld to Star in Emily Dickinson Comedy Series for Apple

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/30/18)

The Cultural Vandalism of Jeffrey Tambor

The Lost Maidens of Berlin

“Once Upon a Time” and Other Formulaic Folktale Flourishes

The Factory That Oreos Built

12 Mystery Novels for Fans of Literary Fiction

Morning Coffee (5/30/18)

Study Puts Puerto Rico Death Toll From Hurricane Maria Near 5,000

ABC cancels Roseanne following “abhorrent, repugnant” comment from Roseanne Barr

After Supreme Court Decision, Arkansas May Lose All But One of Its Remaining Abortion Clinics

The Trump effect: New study connects white American intolerance and support for authoritarianism

Heh: Sinkhole Thwarted in Attempt to Swallow White House Into Depths of Hell

Wow: ‘Active Shooter’ Video Game That Allows Player To Be School Shooter Denounced By Mass Shooting Families

Intel faces age discrimination allegations following layoffs

Archaeologists uncover remains of man crushed as he fled Pompeii

This seems like such a weird choice: ‘Hair Live!’ Is Coming to NBC in 2019

A Tennis Player Seized His Last-Minute Chance To Play In The French Open, Drove 10 Hours To Paris, And Won

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/29/18)

Under The Skin: Why That 'Arrested Development' Interview Is So Bad

Searching for Dinosaurs in a Seaside English Town

Will Shoppers Ever Really Care About Sustainability?

Finding the Backdrop of ‘Gatsby’ in Connecticut, Not Long Island

Will the real Venerable Bede please stand up?

Morning Coffee (5/29/18)

Asylum seekers have flooded into Canada. The government is putting them to work.

After Ireland Abortion Vote, Northern Irish Ask, ‘Why Not Us?’

North Korea Nuclear Disarmament Could Take 15 Years, Expert Warns

This sounds like the worst TV season ever: ‘The only one’: In new West Wing season, Trump calls the shots and aides follow

The NFL’s “take a knee” ban is flatly illegal

Three Younger Veterans Stake a Generational Claim on the Democratic Party

Interesting interview: Chelsea Clinton: ‘I’ve had vitriol flung at me for as long as I can remember’

SO EXCITED: Tana French previews her thrilling new mystery The Witch Elm

‘Sesame Street’ Has Filed A Lawsuit Against The Raunchy Puppets Of ‘The Happytime Murders’

Heh: Rudy Giuliani went to watch baseball on his birthday and Yankees fans gave him the gift of boos

Friday, May 25, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/25/18)

Warning: This will make you want ice cream. Next Stop, Summer: A Day Aboard a Mister Softee Truck

These are great choices: 'From Twinkle, With Love' Author Sandhya Menon Shares Her 5 Favorite Young Adult Rom-Coms

Get Schooled on the History of Where ‘Grease’ Was Really Filmed

Dublin's ghost signs: preserving a city's fading memories

I have never clicked on anything so quickly as a look inside Evelyn Waugh's Georgian mansion.

Morning Coffee (5/25/18)

There is SO MUCH NEWS but it is Friday and so we have happy links, darn it.

Perhaps your Friday needs the Fug Girls' royal wedding coverage: Happily Ever After: A One-Stop Guide to Our Coverage of Meghan & Harry’s Royal Wedding

Whoa: USPS Is Issuing Its First Scratch-and-Sniff Stamps This Summer

Are rom-coms coming back? Please say rom-coms are coming back: Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder are adorably awkward in Destination Wedding trailer

! Idris Elba to Tackle 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' for Netflix

!! 'The Baby-Sitters Club' Series Being Shopped for TV Adaptation

The Beatles get onboard in exclusive trailer for Yellow Submarine graphic novel

Hee: Scientists to lead DNA hunt for Loch Ness monster

Haunting Timelapse Shows Hawaii’s Glowing Kilauea Volcano From Above

Huh: Jennifer Beals-Inspired YA Novel Set for 2019

I don't swim enough to justify buying this, but it's cool: These Cargo ‘Swimmables’ Matte Liquid Lipsticks Will Hold Up To A Dip In The Pool

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/24/18)

Philip Roth, a Born Spellbinder and Peerless Chronicler of Sex and Death

And: If You’ve Never Read Philip Roth’s Books, Here’s Where to Start

What My Tribal ID Can Tell Me About Being Wampanoag, and What It Can’t

Can Department Stores Fix the Beauty Floor?

Your Next Favorite European Wine Region Isn’t in France, Italy or Spain

Morning Coffee (5/24/18)

Yay! Stacey Abrams Wins Georgia Democratic Primary for Governor, Making History (She's a romance novelist!)

Amy McGrath’s Primary Win In Kentucky Shows That Every District Is In Play

This sounds fine and normal: Trump lawyer 'paid by Ukraine' to arrange White House talks

Good: The ACLU Is Suing To Strike Down Ohio’s Congressional Map

This is awful: N.F.L. Teams Will Be Fined if Players Kneel During National Anthem

2018! Federal Judge Rules President Trump Can't Block Users From Seeing His Shitty, Shitty Tweets

Philip Roth, Towering Novelist Who Explored Lust, Jewish Life and America, Dies at 85

Vaccination method that wiped out smallpox gets unleashed today on Ebola

These poor people: Parents of Slain Teen Trayvon Martin Say The Weinstein Co. Owes Them $150,000

NASA will create coldest place in the universe to study quantum physics

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/23/18)

The Huge Impact of Donated Bras

Balance the books: one woman's fight to keep great female writers on shelves

This on skater Yuzuru Hanyu's fans is very interesting: The crush of the crowd

Harry Potter, the Arthurian Romance

Little House on the Prairie and Cheesemaking in America’s Dairyland

Morning Coffee (5/23/18)

Congress Rolls Back Part Of Dodd-Frank, Easing Rules For Midsize, Smaller Banks

I love this Adam Serwer piece: There Is Only One Trump Scandal

The recent mass shootings in the US all have one thing in common: misogyny

Puerto Rico’s rocky recovery is distracting from its pre-existing struggles, residents say

Met Opera Accuses James Levine of Decades of Sexual Misconduct

"Mr. Batali, who has denied engaging in nonconsensual sex, has so far declined to send out another baked goods recipe."

"According to campaign spokesperson Arianna Jones, Sanders plans to seek the Democratic nomination in Vermont’s August primary. If he wins, she said, he would 'respectfully' decline the nomination and run as an independent in the general election." I hate him!

THIS IS NOT HOW YOU RUN A CONVENTION: My FanX craziness, annotated

Oh, Florida: Florida city warns of 'extreme zombie activity' during power outage

I'd still rather have a chronological timeline, but this is good: Instagram Is Finally Going To Let You Mute People

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/22/18)

The CIA made a Magic: The Gathering-style card game for training agents, and we played it

Five Great Romance Reads for Mental Health Month

From the Fug Girls: What It’s Like to Spend 24 Hours in Windsor with 100,000 Fans Waiting for a Glimpse of Meghan Markle

Twenty-Four-Karat Chicken Wings and the Allure of Eating Gold

I'll ALWAYS read about cults: 'Wild Wild Country' Reminds Me of My Upbringing

Morning Coffee (5/22/18)

Ugh: Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers' Rights

Trump Grappling With Risks of Proceeding With North Korea Meeting

I believe it's morally abhorrent to call ANY group of people "animals", and especially alarming when it comes from the government.

Diplomats Are Getting Away With Abusing Their Children's Nannies

Good for her: Instead of a moment of silence for gun violence victims, Kelly Clarkson went off-script

What an amazing story: Dovey Johnson Roundtree, Barrier-Breaking Lawyer, Dies at 104

What It’s Like to Be an Abortion-Rights Activist in Ireland

It's finally official: Obamas Ink Producing Deal With Netflix

Heh: The Royal Wedding's Most Remarkable Photo Features 10 Small Kids Actually Sitting Still

Whoa: Asteroid from another star system found orbiting wrong way near Jupiter

Monday, May 21, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/21/18)

In a rare interview, Elena Ferrante describes the writing process behind the Neapolitan novels

Ugh, THIS guy: Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy

Honestly, I'm posting this partially just because I'm so delighted by the wording of the headline: Dueling Bernstein Biopics: How Bradley Cooper Took the Baton from Jake Gyllenhaal

The Tragic Rise of Lil Tay

Ooh, here's a fun look at Troy in Medieval manuscripts.

Morning Coffee (5/21/18)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With Gulf Emissary Offering Help to Win Election

F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims

The Lesson of Eric Greitens, and the Navy SEALs Who Tried to Warn Us

'Live Free Or Die' Motto Often Invoked at State House, With Mixed Results

Construction Unions Ally with Striking Teachers to Fight for Prevailing Wage Laws

L.G.B.T. Students in Oregon Were Bullied and Forced to Read Bible, Report Says

Seven Reasons Consent Apps Are a Terrible Idea

Yaay, new Troye Sivan album August 31st!

Here Are All the New TV Teasers and Fall Lineups

Hasbro Has Officially Trademarked the Smell of Your Childhood: Play-Doh

Friday, May 18, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/18/18)

This is fascinating: Ancient Rome’s Collapse Is Written Into Arctic Ice

The Last Ten Years of Royal Wedding Gowns

Read an exclusive excerpt of Alyssa Cole's A Duke by Default just in time for the royal wedding

Why Work When You Can Procrastibake?

The Drowning of Holly Roth

Morning Coffee (5/18/18)

Whew, time for a break for some happy Friday links.

Awesome: GLAAD to Publish LGBTQ Children’s Book Series, Starting With ‘Prince & Knight’

Whoa: While out for a jog, she discovered a baby buried alive. Twenty years later, they reunite

She's amazing: Katie Ledecky broke her own 1500m world record by 5 SECONDS like it was nothing

Scholastic to publish original Riverdale fiction and companion books

What . . . year is it? Backstreet Boys say fans 'might get two albums this year'

THIS IS SO CUTE (but I hope she still got her couch): How Two Writers Fell in Love on the 2007 Writers Strike Picket Line

Jasmine Guillory wrote a royal wedding-inspire short story.

And here's a very cute map of the royal wedding procession.

This is fun every year: Find Out What Your Name Would Be if You Were Born Today

Storybook Cosmetics Is Launching Star Wars Makeup Brushes That Look Like Little Lightsabers

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/17/18)

Her Darkest Role: Actress Allison Mack's Descent From 'Smallville' to Sex Cult

I love this: New York cabbies have a surprisingly wholesome secret: group chats

There's some interesting culinary history here: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Cake Breaks with Centuries of Royal Tradition

The Big Sleep Test

The Mysterious Death of Henriette, Duchesse d’Orléans

Morning Coffee (5/17/18)

! The Senate Just Voted to Bring Back Net Neutrality From the Dead

Michigan State University Reaches $500 Million Settlement With Nassar Abuse Victims

Pennsylvania Primaries Deliver Strong Wins for Democratic Women

The Trump Tower meeting at the center of the Russia investigation, explained

Tantalizing Testimony From a Top Trump Aide Sets Off a Search for Proof

In Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega bends to Catholic Church

"Incels aren’t really looking for sex; they’re looking for absolute male supremacy."

Bitcoin is consuming as much energy as the country of Ireland

“Yanny” vs. “Laurel”: your reality is an interpretation

Ooh, trailer for the new Man City show.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/16/18)

This Jurgen Klopp profile made me love him EVEN MORE, somehow: From Hong Kong to Kiev: At the end of the storm, there's a golden sky...

The Fug Girls, of course, have a fun recap of the Harry & Meghan Lifetime movie.

Shakespeare's Close Call with Tyranny

Why Don’t Straight Men List Books by Women in Their Online Dating Profiles?

I Don’t Know How to Waste Time on the Internet Anymore

Morning Coffee (5/16/18)

This is just evil: Trump administration preparing to hold immigrant children on military bases

WHAT A SHOCK: North Korea cancels talks with South, and hints it could do the same with US

Suspect Identified in C.I.A. Leak Was Charged, but Not for the Breach

Asian-Americans Blast John Kelly’s Remark About Immigrants Who ‘Don’t Integrate Well’

Tom Wolfe, Author of ‘The Right Stuff’ and ‘Bonfire of the Vanities,’ Dies

Want a taste of my anthology? Maureen Johnson defines resistance in exclusive essay from ‘How I Resist’ collection

! Researchers Uncover Two Hidden Pages in Anne Frank’s Diary

His ex's comment here is GREAT: David Letterman Just Can’t Figure Out Why He Never Had Women Writers

The fraught gender and racial politics of the royal wedding, explained

Wikipedia’s top-cited scholarly articles — revealed

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/15/18)

This whole thing is so fascinating: Body Con Job: Miquela Sousa has over 1 million followers on Instagram and was recently hacked by a Trump troll. But she isn’t real.

And this was way more dramatic than I expected: How the Author of ‘Madeline’ Created His Most Famous Character

The Curse of Cortés

What Snow White and the Evil Queen Taught Me About Desire

From the NYPL: A List Fit for a Royal Wedding

How I Resist is out today!

Well, today is finally the day! It's been - A WHILE; I just checked my email archives and we've been working on this for almost a year and a half, which isn't actually that long in book terms but STILL - and so it feels surreal that our anthology How I Resist: Activism and Hope for a New Generation is officially out in the world today. We have an amazing list of contributors (Jodi Picoult! Rosie O'Donnell! Jesse Tyler Ferguson! Jason Reynolds! Sabaa Tahir! LOTS MORE) and an awesome mix of content including inspirational personal essays, poetry, practical how-tos, and even cartoons and sheet music.

This book was a great outlet for me personally in the aftermath of the 2016 election - it gave me something concrete to do with all my sadness and rage, and now we have a tangible result, a REAL THING we made that I hope will bring other people comfort and hope and help. I love this book and I hope you do too.

Morning Coffee (5/15/18)

Israel Kills Dozens at Gaza Border as U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem

Cruelty is the defining characteristic of Donald Trump’s politics and policy

Jeff Sessions is exerting unprecedented control over immigration courts — by ruling on cases himself

Pence Is Trying to Control Republican Politics. Trump Aides Aren’t Happy.

Hrm: Supreme Court Ruling Favors Sports Betting

Lawsuit: Elite prep school allowed culture of assault and harassment, sexual conquest 'point system'

Indians are wild about WhatsApp. But some worry it’s hurting democracy.

Monica Lewinsky: What We All Can Learn from My Disinvitation Debacle

How a Black Feminist Became a Fan of Princesses

Ooh: First Look: James Norton as Gareth Jones in Agnieszka Holland’s Stalin-Era Movie

Monday, May 14, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/14/18)

Women Intellectuals and the Art of the Withering Quip

Do You Know Where Your Healing Crystals Come From?

Gossip explains our culture. And nobody explains it like Lainey Gossip.

From Collards To Maple Syrup, How Your Identity Impacts The Food You Like

Five Remarkable Women Who Changed the Course of Maritime History

Morning Coffee (5/14/18)

Me elsewhere: tons of TV news this week.

John Bolton threatens allies with sanctions over Iran, as U.S. ties with Europe erode

Inside the room: White House flare-up over McCain leak

Ughhhh I can't decide how I feel about this: Joe Biden: the liberal everyman spoiling for a fight with Trump as 2020 looms

Pro-independence candidate set to become next Catalan president

In February, no fossil fuels-based generation was added to US grid

Benedict Cumberbatch Will Only Accept Roles In Projects Where His Female Co-Star Is Paid Equally

Ooh, here's this year's shortlist for the Longman-History Today Book Prize.

A Helicopter on Mars? NASA Wants to Try

A Letter of Condolence to Meghan Markle, Whose Own Extended Clan May Be Even Nuttier Than the Windsors

Okay, this is actually great: Rihanna Had the Best Response When She Was Asked If She's Going to the Royal Wedding

Friday, May 11, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/11/18)

This piece by Laura Turner is incredible: Missing Hope: A Trio of Miscarriages, and What Happened After

I love her: Special Sauce: Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman on Not Pretending to Be Perfect

I'm not into horoscopes but this is fun: May Horoscope & Romance Reads Royally Paired For You? Yes, Please!

Lilac, the Color of Half Mourning, Doomed Hotels, and Fashionable Feelings

Fun: 50 Fictional Writers, Ranked

Morning Coffee (5/11/18)

I have some personal/family stuff going on and so didn't manage to do anything but link posts this week. I'm sorry. I'll try to get you a few extra posts later in the month. But for now - Friday happy links.

Yay: Chelsea Clinton to publish children's book for young activists, Start Now!

Oh: Cristiano Ronaldo's next goal: a Space Jam-style football cartoon

This is all adorable: Stars on Ice Tessa and Scott on meeting Drake, the Queen and what's next for the Olympic medalists

And here's a great Sports Illustrated photo series of US Stars on Ice.

I love this interview with Alison Green of Ask a Manager.

The Emotional Journey of Queen Elizabeth at a Horse Show

Are We Done Hating Brunch?

Ha: STUDY: Bradley Whitford Can Still Come And Get It Any Time He Wants

Huh: H&M Has Released A Collection Of Affordable Dresses Inspired By Custom Gowns At The 2018 Met Gala

Sherry 101: An Introduction to the Hippest Old-Person Drink Around

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/10/18)

Here's a great example of a review so fascinating it made me want to read the book immediately: Why do I have to know what McDonald’s is?

The Scrutiny and Anonymity of Royal Hairdressers

Writing the Lives of Forgotten Women

The Expat Vet to Emirati Royalty

Towards a History of Mediterranean Noir

Morning Coffee (5/10/18)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Firm Tied to Russian Oligarch Made Payments to Michael Cohen

I hope she wins: The Texas Teacher Suspended For Being Gay Is Suing Her School District For Discrimination

These Families Of Parkland Shooting Victims Are Still Waiting To Hear From Trump

Uh... Bill O'Reilly Offered to Stand Next to Sarah Huckabee Sanders During White House Press Briefings

How Free Speech Warriors Mainstreamed White Supremacists

This is something! More than two-thirds of female House candidates won their primary races on Tuesday

Japan Seeks Its Economic Mojo in the Stuff That Makes the Stuff

96-Year-Old Secretary Quietly Amasses Fortune, Then Donates $8.2 Million

Becky Hammon, Woman, Is Up for an NBA Head Coaching Job

This is - somehow - even worse than it sounds: my dad is dating my boss, and they want me to go to couples therapy with them

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/9/18)

This story is wild: The Great High School Impostor

AIDS Runs Rampant in Venezuela, Putting an Ancient Culture at Risk

Ships Unearthed in Virginia Offer Glimpse of Colonial Era

10 Book Designers Discuss the Book Covers They Rejected, And Why

How 'Peasant Food' Helped Chef Lidia Bastianich Achieve Her 'American Dream'

Morning Coffee (5/9/18)

The New ICE Age: An Agency Unleashed

Civil rights groups sue HUD over fair housing rule

I love her: Pelosi on Democratic candidates who denounce her: ‘Just win, baby’

Eric Schneiderman Proves Why Male Allies Can't Get the Benefit of the Doubt

People think she’s a Parkland ‘crisis actor.’ It’s terrifying.

The #MeToo Poem That Brought Down Korea’s Most Revered Poet

Oh, GOOD: Christiane Amanpour named as Charlie Rose's official replacement

A search for native children who died on 'Outings' in Pa.

No thank you: Ryan Murphy Was Thinking About Making a Black Mirror-Style Show About #MeToo

Feeling Burned Out? Here Are 3 Things That Can Help

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/8/18)

It's hard to describe but this essay by Alexander Chee was great and worth your time: The Changeling

The Dognapping of Kid Boots Ace

I don't agree with all the specific choices, but this is a fun exercise: 21 Books You Don’t Have to Read

Tchaikovsky’s Cure for All That Ails (the Stomach) Basically: Less vodka. Hee.

Diplomacy Noir

Morning Coffee (5/8/18)

This entire news cycle happened in the amount of time it took me to write about 1000 words last night. 2018! Eric Schneiderman, Accused by 4 Women, Quits as New York Attorney General

This is an essential read from Ta-Nehisi Coates: I'm Not Black, I'm Kanye

Unsurprising but still terrible: Trump calls on Congress to pull back $15 billion in spending, including on Children’s Health Insurance Program

Rudy Giuliani is repeating seven mistakes that brought down previous Trump advisers

Connecticut OKs Bill Pledging Electoral Votes To National Popular-Vote Winner

!!! HAVE FUN, librarian friends: Michelle Obama Named Opening Speaker for Annual

The Hollow Rage of Tom Brokaw

How to Lose $700 Million, Theranos-Style

I was wondering if this would happen: 'Arrested Development' Pay Dispute Erupts Over "Recut" Episodes

Since we all have our own facts these days anyway, I'm firmly taking this side: Yes, Pluto is a planet

Monday, May 7, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/7/18)

I LOVE this: Ironically, Alanis Morissette never got enough credit

How Do We Write Now?

Stephen Hawking’s final paper makes a hopeful case for the limits of existence

This sounds interesting: Helen Weinzweig’s Interior Feminist Espionage Novel

Searching for a Soul Mate (Must Love Sherlock Holmes)

Morning Coffee (5/7/18)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

Fatal encounters: 97 deaths point to pattern of border agent violence across America

ACLU Demands CIA Records on Campaign Supporting Haspel Nomination

Trump tells 57,000 Hondurans who’ve lived in the US for 20 years to get out

Ooh: Ex-'Apprentice' Star Requests Show Tapes for Trump Lawsuit

I am honestly (ha) shaken by the IMHO situation.

!!! Greg Berlanti Options ‘Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue’

This is somehow the most hilarious thing I've ever read: The Good Place: Ted Danson couldn't keep season 1 secret, revealed it to John Krasinski

Oh no: Gibson, Iconic Guitar Company, Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Ooh: ‘Stardew Valley’ Multiplayer Beta Launches on PC, Mac and Linux

Britain’s Wedding-Mad Tabloids Feel a Cold Royal Shoulder

Friday, May 4, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/4/18)

A great piece about great books: An Extraordinary Romance: Meet The Black Women Upending The Romance Novel Industry

How to Buy Cheese at Whole Foods

My friend Katie posted this and it was extremely interesting and helpful! Especially as I'm currently writing something dance-adjacent. How Writing Dance Changed How I Wrote Relationships

The Hey Ladies book is out and this excerpt about a bridal shower is HILARIOUS, as usual.

As always, the Fug Girls have a great and very long slideshow for Will and Kate's anniversary!

Morning Coffee (5/4/18)

WE MADE IT TO FRIDAY. Happy link time!

My anthology How I Resist is in great company on two lists at Bustle!
The 12 Best New Nonfiction Books Coming Out In May 2018
The 19 Best Young Adult Books Coming Out In May 2018

This is great and I am so excited to see the show: Watch Moulin Rouge's Aaron Tveit Sing 'Come What May' in Thrilling Music Video; Full Cast Revealed

Ooh yay: U.S. Figure Skating and NBC Sports Group Launch 'Figure Skating Pass' on NBC Sports Gold

OH MY GOSH: These Classic Novels Will Be Re-Released With Recipes From Ina Garten and Martha Stewart

Kinda weird but I feel I am the target audience? Make A Simple Pasta Dish And We'll Recommend You A Book

You have my attention: Jake Gyllenhaal Starring In Leonard Bernstein Biopic From Director Cary Fukunaga

Correct: Jezebel Continues to Endorse Chris Pine for Top Chris of the Famous Chrises

When I got an email about the Draper James ❤️ Crate & Barrel collaboration I honestly whispered "Oh no" out loud to my computer, because this seems dangerous.

Cute! These Powders Come In The Prettiest Birthstone Compacts

HA: These Real Life Wedding Planning Conversations Between A Mother And Daughter Might Make You Drink

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/3/18)

How Vogue Got Modern

This story really needs some murder: In an English Village, a Gathering of Scarecrows

Is This Artichoke Kosher? Rome Defends a Classic Jewish Dish

How Roshani Chokshi came to write a new series for Rick Riordan

The Meanest Things Vladimir Nabokov Said About Other Writers

Morning Coffee (5/3/18)

Whoa: Basque separatist group Eta announces dissolution

Update on the Hobby Lobby situation: United States Returns Thousands of Ancient Artifacts To Iraq (Honestly, I can't believe "Hobby Lobby smuggling Iraqi artifacts" is only like the 438th weirdest story we're trying to keep up with right now.)

Ahaha of course they do: Trump’s Legal Team Lacks Security Clearances Needed for Mueller Negotiations

Debunking Trump's Biggest Russia Lie

This is not great! "Virginia’s largest public university granted the conservative Charles Koch Foundation a say in the hiring and firing of professors in exchange for millions of dollars in donations."

Nobel literature prize may be postponed after reports that Swedish princess and others were harassed

Boy Scouts Changing Name To 'Scouts BSA,' As Girls Welcomed Into Program

I'm so curious to see how this eventually shakes out: MoviePass Brings Back Movie-A-Day Plan As CEO Shrugs Off Recent Financial Reports

Janelle Monáe doesn’t owe anyone details about her relationship with Tessa Thompson

Massive Cosmic Collision Challenges Theories of the Early Universe

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/2/18)

Whoa, rediscovered Zora Neale Hurston nonfiction: The Last Slave

This piece on Ovid is fascinating: Rape, Lost in Translation

The Gripping Stories, and Political Allegories, of China’s Best-Selling Author

The Whisky Chronicles

When Your Workwear Doubles As Armor

Weekly Rec: Hello, Dolly!

Last weekend, I went to New York with my parents and siblings to celebrate my parents' 40th anniversary. We went to some good museums - I was actually GOING to write this post about a specific exhibition at the Morgan Library but it's ALREADY CLOSED - and had some good food but one of the highlights of the trip was definitely seeing the Broadway revival of Hello, Dolly!

I knew some of the music going in, of course, but I'd never seen the show or even the movie all the way through, so a lot of it was new to me. And it was a DELIGHT. It's classic and corny and smart and just hilarious, a big old-fashioned musical with great dancing, especially. Also: LOOK AT THAT CAST. Bernadette Peters, Victor Garber, and Santino Fontana were all on the night we went - I'd braced myself for at least one understudy - and they were all as good as I'd hoped. I've seen Fontana before, as the Prince in Cinderella, but I'd forgotten just how good he is live, and his voice blew me away.

My whole family enjoyed the show and I think it's a great choice if you have a group of various ages/interests who might not all be into one of the more niche shows. You can get tickets here; it's playing through most of the summer, though Bette Midler is returning and replacing Bernadette Peters in mid-July.

Morning Coffee (5/2/18)

Reported Mueller Questions For Trump Hint At Detail Not Yet Public In Russia Probe

I don't even know anymore: Trump doctor Harold Bornstein says bodyguard, lawyer 'raided' his office, took medical files

SIGH: Kanye Went on TMZ to Say That Slavery—Which, by Definition, Is Not a Choice—Was a Choice

Gig Economy Business Model Dealt a Blow in California Ruling

Heh: Good, approved jokes for the White House Correspondents’ dinner 2019

After Destroying Democracy, Facebook Is Now Coming For Your Love Life

Tony nominations!

And Edgar Award winners!

After 17 Years of Litigation, 'Freelance' Writers Finally Collect

Largest known child sacrifice site discovered in Peru

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Afternoon Tea (5/1/18)

‘We’ve Lost 10 Years of Innovation. This Decade Has Been Boring for the Web.’

I saw this Danh Vo exhibition and I'm still not 100% sure if I liked it but it was definitely INTERESTING, as is this review: Theater of the Self

Meet The New California Counterculture: College Republicans

The 6 Most Scandalous Cheese Crimes in American History

The First Novel for Children Taught Girls the Power of Reading

Morning Coffee (5/1/18)

Whee, my anthology How I Resist is on best May books lists at PopSugar and

Of course: Exclusive: U.S. EPA grants biofuels waiver to billionaire Icahn's oil refinery - sources

6 reasons Obamacare repeal (probably) isn’t coming back in 2018

Is Kanye West “the Ezra Pound of Rap”?

Huh: Rain of terror: Egypt to crack down on 'fake' weather reports

Toronto restaurant ordered to pay $10,000 after asking black customers to prepay for their meal

Whoa: French Museum Discovers More Than Half Its Collection Is Forged

How a Rose Blooms: Its Genome Reveals the Traits for Scent and Color

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