Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Weekly Rec: Hello, Dolly!

Last weekend, I went to New York with my parents and siblings to celebrate my parents' 40th anniversary. We went to some good museums - I was actually GOING to write this post about a specific exhibition at the Morgan Library but it's ALREADY CLOSED - and had some good food but one of the highlights of the trip was definitely seeing the Broadway revival of Hello, Dolly!

I knew some of the music going in, of course, but I'd never seen the show or even the movie all the way through, so a lot of it was new to me. And it was a DELIGHT. It's classic and corny and smart and just hilarious, a big old-fashioned musical with great dancing, especially. Also: LOOK AT THAT CAST. Bernadette Peters, Victor Garber, and Santino Fontana were all on the night we went - I'd braced myself for at least one understudy - and they were all as good as I'd hoped. I've seen Fontana before, as the Prince in Cinderella, but I'd forgotten just how good he is live, and his voice blew me away.

My whole family enjoyed the show and I think it's a great choice if you have a group of various ages/interests who might not all be into one of the more niche shows. You can get tickets here; it's playing through most of the summer, though Bette Midler is returning and replacing Bernadette Peters in mid-July.

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