Monday, August 20, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/20/18)

What Does Immersing Yourself in a Book Do To Your Brain?

This is a great essay and I'm excited to try Dead Air this week: Rachel Caine: Dead Air, And Abstract Darkness

Finding It Hard to Focus? Maybe It’s Not Your Fault

I always love these: How I Get It Done: Samantha Bee

Ooh fun! All the World’s a Crime: Thrillers From Around the Globe

Morning Coffee (8/20/18)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

This is a big, important report: Ambushed at Home: Children poisoned by lead on U.S. Army bases as hazards go ignored

Putin Is Building a Bosnian Paramilitary Force

Nothing matters! “Truth isn’t truth”: Rudy Giuliani offers a new explanation of why Trump shouldn’t talk to Mueller

Appeals board says woman who disparaged Mexicans can't claim jobless benefits by citing Trump

The audience at my screening went WILD for this, as well they should: Crazy Rich Asians’ mid-credits scene is brief, but very revealing

Well this is terrible! New Service Promises to Manipulate Your Wife Into Having Sex With You

I don't usually watch talk shows but I LOVE HER: Busy Philipps' Talk Show Busy Tonight to Premiere Oct. 28 on E!

Where's The Beef? Wyoming Ranchers Bet On Blockchain To Track It

Interesting: Disney Finds It's Not So Easy to Sue Over Knockoff Characters at Birthday Parties

‘Death and Nightingales’: First-Look At BBC Two Period Drama Starring Jamie Dornan & Matthew Rhys

Friday, August 17, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/17/18)

Talk Nerdy To Me: Seven STEM Romances

Chocolate-Making Is Secretive. This Chocolatier Isn’t.

Bernstein on Bach

The Strange Infinities of e-Commerce

Signs of different times: French First World War posters

Morning Coffee (8/17/18)

Time to take a break for Friday happy links!

Okay, first one that isn't EXACTLY happy, but very hopeful: ‘City Of Joy’ Trailer: Netflix Documentary Looks At Remarkable Women’s Center In East Congo

This production sounds great: In This ‘Oklahoma!,’ She Loves Her and He Loves Him

Tyler Hoechlin is doing a rom-com with Alexandra Daddario!!

Look at these delightful new Georgette Heyer covers!

Ally Carter on a decade in YA and her advice-driven new book Dear Ally

You will enjoy this list of things people have asked for at a library circulation desk.

Has ever the name of a skin care product been so appealing? No. The New boscia Rosewater Mist With Witch Hazel Does It All

This is adorable: Seth Rogen’s Mom Is Twitter’s Ultimate Jewish Mother

The One 'Cure-all' Beauty Product Meghan Markle Always Packs Is Only $10

I'm not even into Hello Kitty but this Converse collaboration is very cute.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/16/18)

This report on how murders of trans people are handled is really important: Deadnamed

When a Stranger Decides to Destroy Your Life

Every word of this is true: Open floor plans are terrible for entertaining

The Most Daring Impostors in Fiction

Alewives: The Women Who Crafted Beer and Split Hell Wide Open

Weekly Rec: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I should start this by saying: Yes, I read the book. But I read it years ago, not long after it came out, which is really the best way to do the book/movie thing, I think: I remembered enough to know I liked it but not enough to get upset about any changes in adaptation.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, now streaming on Netflix in the U.S., is the story of a British writer just after WWII who starts corresponding by chance with a man on Guernsey and travels there with the intention of writing an article about the book club the Guernsey residents started while their island was occupied by the Nazis. It's a love story and a friendship story, a writing story, a story about war and community and secrets, about feminism and fulfillment and self-determination and creating family.

And in almost all ways, this adaptation was just delightful. The cast was great - yes, about half of it you've seen on Downton Abbey - with Lily James doing a good job in the lead and Matthew Goode (of course) particularly notable as her editor/longtime best friend. The score was beautiful, the scenery and cinematography gorgeous. And it all just worked together wonderfully; I watched this together long-distance with a friend, texting back and forth, and much of our obviously very erudite commentary was along the lines of "I JUST LOVE THIS SO MUCH???" It's that kind of movie. Give yourself a treat this weekend and take a few hours out of your life and watch it with a friend.


There were two things that disappointed me, but they're both a bit spoilery, so this is your warning! Stop reading here if you don't want to know plot details!

1. There's a romance involving an occupying German soldier, and yes, I know that happened in real life, but I'd really rather we center stories that are NOT "hey look, a good Nazi," especially given, you know, everything.

2. In the book, a gay character has a partner, but that's taken away and he's single in the movie.

Morning Coffee (8/16/18)

These people should be arrested: Transgender Girl, 12, Is Violently Threatened After Facebook Post by Classmate’s Parent

Vermont’s Christine Hallquist could become the US’s first transgender governor

Ahahaha: FCC shuts down Alex Jones’ flagship radio station

How Bill Browder Became Russia’s Most Wanted Man

Ugh: Kavanaugh Could Unlock Funding for Religious Education, School Voucher Advocates Say

Of course: Trump offers White House staffers a special perk at his golf club

A Coup or a Couch? What’s Behind the Impeachment of West Virginia’s Supreme Court

We Looked At Hundreds Of Endorsements. Here’s Who Democrats Are Listening To.

Climate Change Threatens Midwest's Wild Rice, A Staple For Native Americans

Friendly Foxes’ Genes Offer Hints to How Dogs Became Domesticated

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/15/18)

This is long and a bit tricky but worth it: The Scientist Who Scrambled Darwin’s Tree of Life

How Maori-owned small businesses are reshaping New Zealand

The Search for the Oldest Cheese in the World

The Art of the Heist

Unlocking the Mystery of Ten Revolutionary Generals’ Signatures

Morning Coffee (8/15/18)

SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS: Federal Judge Strikes Down N.H.'s 'Signature Mismatch' Absentee Voting Law

Report Reveals Widespread Sexual Abuse By Over 300 Priests In Pennsylvania

Trump and Allies Seek End to Refugee Status for Millions of Palestinians

Donald Trump and the disturbing power of dehumanizing language

Cuban 'acoustic attack' report on US diplomats flawed, say neurologists

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Picks a Very Strange Fight with Canada

Sounds secure: An 11-year-old changed election results on a replica Florida state website in under 10 minutes

This is amazing: Guernsey resident halts roadworks with ancient plea

This whole thing is bananas: 'Doesn't believe in contracts': Literary agent sues bestselling author

Oh good: Simone Biles’ former coach’s gym new home for U.S. women’s gymnastics

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/14/18)

This whole thing is fascinating: How a Notorious Gangster Was Exposed by His Own Sister

A Songwriting Mystery Solved: Math Proves John Lennon Wrote 'In My Life'

An Ancient River in Syria Sections Off a Modern War

TV's writers' rooms have a mother of a problem

1921 · 1946 · 1984 · 2018 A Genealogy of the Totalitarian Novel

Morning Coffee (8/14/18)

This is evil: Aurora parents fighting to stop legally adopted 4-year-old daughter from being deported

FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts

GOP lawmaker's son blasts father's role in Strzok saga, wants to flip his seat

Of course: White House Takes Aim At Financial Protections For Military

Trump Foreign Policy Held Back by Struggle to Grasp Time Zones, Maps

The Connecticut governor’s race, a rare 2018 opening for Republicans, explained

Stephen Miller Is an Immigration Hypocrite. I Know Because I’m His Uncle.

...yep: Anti-immigration Norwegian minister resigns over Iran holiday security fears

Behind Hollywood’s A-List Bidding War for a McDonald’s Monopoly Article

More young footballers dying of heart problems than thought, FA study finds

Monday, August 13, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/13/18)

Inside the Radical, Uncomfortable Movement to Reform White Supremacists

Searching for the French Psychic Behind a $200MM Scam

25 Writers On The Books That Inspired Them To Write

Science’s search for a super banana

A Very Brief History of the Manx Language

Morning Coffee (8/13/18)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

The old left and the new anti-Semitism

What Sunday’s Unite the Right 2 rally tells us about the state of the alt-right in America

With Brett Kavanaugh, Trump Has Found a Way to Repay the NRA

I'm curious to see how this ballot situation sorts out: GOP Uncertain as Rep. Chris Collins Ends Re-election Bid

The FCC Blamed a Cyberattack When Its Comment System Crashed Before Net Neutrality Repeal. The Real Culprit Was John Oliver.

Welp: Russians Flock to Trump Properties to Give Birth to U.S. Citizens

The demographic info at the end of this is fascinating: Quiz: How well can you tell factual from opinion statements?

It's terrible that this is necessary, of course, but it's a great idea: Hotel housekeepers call for panic buttons amid sexual harassment

Traces on George Orwell letter suggest he caught TB from Spanish hospital

JEOPARDY is Now Streaming on Hulu (It's a selection, not all the current episodes. But still!)

Friday, August 10, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/10/18)

I love this piece: How World War One Gave Rise to the Traditional Mystery

Why a Belgian sourdough librarian flew to Canada for yeast

Myths, monsters and the maze: how writers fell in love with the labyrinth

Worshiping the False Idols of Wellness

Viking Women: Weaving History and Progress

Morning Coffee (8/10/18)

OKAY, time for some happy Friday links!

This is great! Rashida Tlaib, With Primary Win, Is Poised to Become First Muslim Woman in Congress

Starbucks stores are already receiving Pumpkin Spice Latte supplies, and people think they've figured out the PSL's return date

!! Natalie Dormer joins the Potterverse as A History of Magic narrator

Aah, new The Nutcracker and the Four Realms trailer!

In very different movie news, the Lizzie trailer also looks great.

Wisconsin Just Broke the Record for the World’s Largest Cheeseboard

'Cat Person' breakout writer is back with debut book: Read the first excerpt

Ooh, look at all the cute rainbow things!

Of course it does: So cheesy: Burlington airport has a 7-foot block of cheese and matching maple syrup

Announcing Three New Novels From Annalee Newitz

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/9/18)

Warning: This is horrifying but also fascinating: Schlitterbahn's Tragic Slide

Relearning How to Read in the Age of Trump

I'd read other pieces about this murder, but this one had some interesting thoughts: The Strange Case of Jean Harris

Racism at American Pools Isn’t New: A Look at a Long History

How Shanties and Songs of the Sea Helped Me Weather the Storm of Depression

Morning Coffee (8/9/18)

This is astonishing, even by Trump administration standards: The Shadow Rulers of the VA

WHEE: Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) charged with insider trading, federal prosecutors announce

A Nail-Biter in Ohio Is a Democratic Triumph

These people are just despicable: Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents’ Home Addresses Public

By not banning Alex Jones, Twitter is making a political choice

Beyond family separation: Trump’s ongoing war on asylum, explained

Deluge of opposition to Israel’s nation-state law builds with new court petition

GOOD: Phone Calls From New York City Jails Will Soon Be Free

BAD: Oscars Won't Televise All Awards Live, Adds "Popular" Film Category

Bones found at Stonehenge belonged to people from Wales

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/8/18)

I can't wait to see this: The Stakes Are High for 'Crazy Rich Asians' — And That's the Point

A Preacher, a Scam, and a Massacre in Brooklyn

This is cool: Murder, Politics and Architecture: The Making of Madison Square Park

What Authors and Editors Wish They Could Say to One Another

Cheesemaking on Spain’s Canary Islands

Weekly Rec: The Bletchley Circle: San Franciso

I'm here to recommend the new Bletchley Circle spinoff, but it occurs to me that I should point out that if you haven't seen the original The Bletchley Circle, you should rectify that immediately. It's about Bletchley Park codebreakers who are pushed back into traditionally female roles in post-war British society; bored and frustrated with this, they start . . . solving murders with the skills they honed during the War! It's DELIGHTFUL.

The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco is BritBox's first original show; as always with a spinoff of something I really like, I was a bit wary of what they'd do, but so far I'm really liking it. Two of the women from the original series travel to late-1950s San Francisco when they read about murders there they think are linked to the wartime murder of a girl they knew at Bletchley. There they meet up with some of their American counterparts and continue solving crimes.

The spinoff has all the charms of the original as well as frank explorations of race and class and gender issues of the late fifties. The new American characters include a black woman whose family is fighting gentrification, a Japanese-American woman who talks openly about how she needs to work twice as hard and behave twice as correctly to keep her job, and a female engineer who has left a rural area for the city and is great at her work but has trouble with social cues. So far, at least, it's doing a better job with the time period than most American shows manage.

There are two episodes streaming so far with a new one premiering each Wednesday! Go watch!

Morning Coffee (8/8/18)

WHOO: Missouri voters just blocked the right-to-work law Republicans passed to weaken labor unions

And yay! It’s official: women have been nominated for a record number of House seats

Yeah, I think we all figured this was coming: Now the Trump administration wants to limit citizenship for legal immigrants

This is awful: ‘There’s No Law’: Political Crisis Sends Nicaraguans Fleeing

There's a good, readable explanation in here of exactly what was going on with Manafort, Gates, and Ukraine: The Ultimate Betrayal of Paul Manafort

63 years after his murder, a memorial to Emmett Till is riddled with bullets -- again

How white supremacists split a quiet Rust Belt town

!! Body found on Wales beach in 1985 identified as missing Irish man

Ancient Roman Woman Packed Her Makeup and Mirror for the Afterlife

Huh: Plain White T's Song "Hey There Delilah" Is Being Turned Into a TV Series

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/7/18)

What a story: Overlooked No More: Beatrice Tinsley, Astronomer Who Saw the Course of the Universe

The Ethical Dilemma of Highbrow True Crime

Incels’ Obsession With Looks Is Based on Fake Math

Whoa: Dell Mapbacks: A History: The Art of the Back Cover Murder Mystery

The Cheese Man of Aran

Morning Coffee (8/7/18)

Rick Gates just testified that he committed crimes with Paul Manafort

This isn't SURPRISING but seeing it all laid out there is... big: AP investigation: Yemen war binds US, allies, al-Qaida

Good for them: Transit Union Refuses to Bring White Nationalists to 'Unite the Right' Rally

...of course? Sen. Rand Paul goes to Moscow and invites Russians to Washington in unofficial bid to boost ties

The US has reimposed sanctions on Iran. Here’s what that means.

YouTube Bans InfoWars Following Removals From Apple, Facebook, and Spotify

MoviePass Cuts Plan to Three Movies a Month

I'm so glad Moulin Rouge got a great review in the Times.

The Book Everyone in the Netherlands Is Talking About Is Finally Coming to the U.S.

Indian warrior king's rocket cache found in abandoned well

Monday, August 6, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/6/18)

A siege. A bomb. 48 dogs. And the black commune that would not surrender

When Crime Comes for the Crime Writer

Why the era of Peak TV is the era of the disappointing second season

The Titanic Wreck Is a Landmark Almost No One Can See

Interesting: My New Obsession: Alternate Universe Filipino Romance Novels

Morning Coffee (8/6/18)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

“This was a meeting to get information on an opponent”: Trump changes his story on Russia meeting

Shifting Federal Policies Threaten Health Coverage For Trans Americans

Are young voters going to sway the midterms? New data shows that’s not very likely.

In Latest Concession to Conservative Trolls, New York Times Blames Bigotry on Many Sides

CBS says it takes the Les Moonves allegations seriously. Its actions don’t inspire confidence.

Welp: A Japanese medical university lowered women’s test scores because it was a “necessary evil”

This seems . . . low? One in Five Book Biz Women Surveyed Reports Sexual Harassment

WHOA, this is wild: A small-town couple left behind a stolen painting worth over $100 million — and a big mystery

I was wondering who would grab this: Fox, Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Win Hot Package On Multi-Million Dollar Theft Of McDonald’s Monopoly Game

Fascinating: Bodies Keep Shrinking on This Island, and Scientists Aren't Sure Why

Friday, August 3, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/3/18)

White threat in a browning America: How demographic change is fracturing our politics.

Amen: No, you probably don’t have a book in you

Ceramics Aren’t Enough. Bring on the Spaceships, Italian Town Says.

What Do Forensic Scientists Think of the True-Crime Boom?

War Horses Gone Astray

Morning Coffee (8/3/18)

Time for some Friday happy links!

Eeee! Hillary Clinton, Steven Spielberg Bringing Women's Voting Drama to TV

!! A 10-year-old named Clark Kent beat a record that Michael Phelps held for 23 years

This book was great and this is very exciting! ‘The Kiss Quotient’: Pilgrim Media Group Acquires Book Rights For Film & TV

In what role??? Sony’s ‘Little Women’ Adaptation Adds ‘Flatliners’ Actor James Norton

This is adorable: Topher Grace Recut ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy as a 2-Hour Movie to Clear His Head After Playing David Duke

It's Friday. Let’s Just Gaze Upon Sam Heughan For a Bit

Huh, H&M has a collection with GP & J Baker.

Ooh interesting: New BBC documentary about Princess Margaret in the works

Canadian Eatery Puts Tiny Chairs Around the Little ‘Table’ That Comes Inside Pizza Boxes

Who Would You Be In a YA Fantasy Novel?

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Weekly Rec: Moulin Rouge

Last weekend I went to see Moulin Rouge in its new stage musical form in Boston, and WOW. It was VERY GOOD. I've only seen the movie once, so I wasn't a huge fan going in, but I loved it anyway. The whole cast was great, and stars Karen Olivo and Aaron Tveit completely blew me away. The show kept most of what I liked from the movie and added roughly 3000 additional songs. No, really. Every song is now in this. Particularly delightful were the additions to "Elephant Love Medley" and the new "Bad Romance" sequence. This show is an amazing spectacle - the sets and the costumes are breathtaking, and there are so many of both. But it's also very solid, and the dancing, especially, is truly impressive. And the story is a tragedy, of course, but this version is also extremely funny, and that's a combination that works very well for it.

Of course, this is a pre-Broadway tryout run, and there are some tweaks that are clearly still needed: the pacing feels a bit off in the second act and Satine needs to be sicker earlier. Much as I love Florence, the "Shake It Out" number just doesn't work here. And there's a trans woman character played by a cis man (so far as I've been able to find out) and I really hope they change that.

It's playing through August 19th, so if you're in the Boston area, get on that! Otherwise, watch for it when it makes its way to Broadway.

Afternoon Tea (8/2/18)

This from Todd VanDerWerff is great: James Gunn’s firing shows we’re still living in the Gamergate era

And this is so devastating and true: How to Cry at Work Without Crying

Slavery and America’s Legacy of Family Separation

As Memes Evolve, Apps Are Struggling to Keep Up

Lorrie Moore on Rachel Cusk: The Queen of Rue

Morning Coffee (8/2/18)

A Migrant Boy Rejoins His Mother, but He’s Not the Same

Thousands Attend Mega Arabic Lesson in Tel Aviv to Protest Nation-state Law

What he has done to the Sandy Hook families (among others) is despicable: Alex Jones, Pursued Over Infowars Falsehoods, Faces a Legal Crossroads

2018! Judge in Manafort trial tells attorneys to 'rein in' their facial expressions

Trump tried to defend Paul Manafort by ... comparing him to Al Capone

Trump is leading a ‘hate movement’ against the media

Trump Says Since Americans Must Show ID to Shop at the Grocery Store, They Should Need ID to Vote. What?

THIS IS BAD, obviously: In ruling against Planet Fitness, Michigan court concludes trans women aren’t women

Crime author sentenced for murders that inspired his novels

'Spectacular' ancient public library discovered in Germany

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Afternoon Tea (8/1/18)

This is wild: Literary ambition. Fabulous parties. A hidden past. Who is Anna March?

3 biological parents, 1 child, and an international controversy

!! 14,000-Year-Old Piece Of Bread Rewrites The History Of Baking And Farming

What Happened When I Tried Talking to Twitter Abusers

A U.S. soldier dressed as St. Nick for kids in war-torn Luxembourg. They never forgot him.

Special August Patreon announcement!

I posted this over on Patreon today but I'm sharing it here as well, because . . . maybe if you like my posts you would also like to support them a bit? And/or maybe you would like some extra content this month? Head right this way to sign up.


Happy August! (How is it August already??) Yesterday was my birthday, so this seems like a good time to stop and take stock of things in general and in particular including this Patreon! I'm trying to figure out how to tweak things a bit so that you guys are getting what you want out of it AND it doesn't all fall apart when I have a few rough/busy months, as it did this spring.

So! What does this mean for you? For right now, it means that you're going to get a BUNCH OF EXTRA STUFF in August - some rewards for levels you don't normally receive, and maybe some new stuff I'm trying out. I hope you enjoy it.

At the end of the month, I'm going to ask you to let me know which rewards you enjoyed and which you didn't really care about, and then I'll use that information to revamp the reward structure going forward.

And then in September I'll announce any changes, and you can move your support level around as you see fit.

(And if you're reading this but not a patron yet - if you sign up for whatever amount this month, you'll get extra stuff and help me with this process!)

I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any questions.

xoxo, Kate

Morning Coffee (8/1/18)

HOW IS IT AUGUST? Anyway, more on this this afternoon, but special August thing: If you are a Patreon supporter or sign up this month at any level, you'll get a bunch of EXTRA rewards and the chance to help me decide which rewards to keep/change going forward!

Mueller Passes 3 Cases Focused on Illicit Foreign Lobbying to Prosecutors in New York

What we learned from the opening statements at Paul Manafort’s trial

The battle to stop 3D-printed guns, explained

Facebook Identifies an Active Political Influence Campaign Using Fake Accounts

Jeff Sessions announces a religious liberty task force to combat “dangerous” secularism (Spoiler: He just means Christian nationalism.)

The motivations in suggesting this seem good but... this also seems really dangerous: Senate Bill To Require Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Data By 2030 Census

HI WE MISS YOU: Spotted: Obama and Biden Eating Sandwiches at Veteran-Run Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown

!!! Swedish crown jewels: Speedboat thieves steal priceless treasures

This story is SO GREAT: Lawson Craddock's Amazing Last-Place Finish In The Tour De France

Private world of Franklin D. Roosevelt unveiled in newly found film footage

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Afternoon Tea (7/31/18)

This is WILD: How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions

Doubts Swirl Over Claims of Gold-Filled Russian Shipwreck

Yuko Fujii, the judo coach overthrowing gender stereotypes

Forbidden Forks

The Big Sleep: 25 Classic Covers, Ranked

Morning Coffee (7/31/18)

Herman Shine, One of the Few to Escape Auschwitz, Dies at 95

ICE agents pressured parents to be deported with their children — then separated them again when they refused

PLEASE: Ginsburg suggests she has at least five more years on the Supreme Court

Supreme Court: Landmark climate lawsuit against Trump administration can go forward

Rudy Giuliani’s rambling new statements on Michael Cohen and the Trump Tower meeting, decoded

The Virginia House race at the center of the “Bigfoot erotica” controversy, explained

Sinclair stations have now aired four “must-run” segments pushing for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation

Ugh, THIS guy: Dictatorship Was A 'Very Good' Period, Says Brazil's Aspiring President

Of course: Trump Administration Mulls a Unilateral Tax Cut for the Wealthy

New Land O’Lakes CEO Is First Openly Gay Woman To Head A Fortune 500 Company

Monday, July 30, 2018

Afternoon Tea (7/30/18)

This is wild: The Spy Who Drove Me

Alone in the Dark: Why we need more children’s books about suicide and severe depression.

Japan’s Fiery Toyohashi Gion Festival

The Strange Stories of Soldiers Who Fought for Both Sides in World War Two

The Artist Whose Rural Dystopian Scenes Inspired an Amazon Series

Morning Coffee (7/30/18)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week.

A 6-Year-Old Girl Was Sexually Abused in an Immigrant-Detention Center

Les Moonves and CBS Face Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Former Catalan Leader Returns to Belgium, Vowing to Defend Separatist Cause

Wow: On Eve Of Zimbabwe's Vote, Robert Mugabe Says He Won't Support His Old Party

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Scandal

‘We didn’t let girls do it in the old days,’ a judge said. ‘Inappropriate,’ a higher court ruled.

To Keep Women From Dying In Childbirth, Look To California

Twitter Is Not ‘Shadow Banning’ Republicans

Academic writes 270 Wikipedia pages in a year to get female scientists noticed

Heh, shocker: Amazon Studios Will No Longer Let Audiences Vote on Which Pilots They Want to See Developed

Friday, July 27, 2018

Afternoon Tea (7/27/18)

A fun Friday afternoon read: How Goop’s Haters Made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Company Worth $250 Million

Pizza Physics: Why Brick Ovens Bake The Perfect Italian-Style Pie

I'm Obsessed With These 1970s Cosmo Covers

A Brief History of Cryptography in Crime Fiction

How to Identify German War Planes: A World War Two Infographic

Morning Coffee (7/27/18)

Phew. Time for Friday happy links.

Dame Judi Dench and the Duchess of Cornwall ate ice cream together and honestly those pictures did a lot to get me through this week.

Claude Monet’s Glazed Biscuit Kitty Cat Returns to the Artist’s Home

Wills & Kate Gave Us a New Pic of Prince George For His Birthday

WANT: Build your own Hogwarts Castle with LEGO's newest, biggest Harry Potter set

Ooh! Torvill and Dean Ice Skating Drama Greenlit With ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Will Tudor

You probably need more cheese plates on your Instagram.

Maybe VR is good: Visit a Scotch Distillery From the Comfort of Grand Central

20 Things Chris Pine Looks Like in This Photo

This Star Trek vodka boldly goes where blah blah you get it

Obviously I want all of these Harry Potter tote bags.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Afternoon Tea (7/26/18)

Wow: War-torn Sarajevo’s camera kids, then and now – a photo essay

Bad Romance: To cash in on Kindle Unlimited, a cabal of authors gamed Amazon’s algorithm

Forgetting Fascism

How football coaches became the vanguard of American conservatism

A Brief (But Global) History of Ketchup

Morning Coffee (7/26/18)

Doing another ALL TERRIBLE NEWS post to clear the decks for happy Friday links tomorrow. Sorry! But this stuff is important!

Government: 463 migrant parents may have been deported without their children

Separated migrant family of six faced one hurdle after another after immigration crackdown

Ugh: Justice Department: Use 'illegal aliens,' not 'undocumented'

All the President’s Hush Money

Trump-Cohen tape: the conversation, controversy and key claims

Good: Jason Spencer, Georgia Lawmaker Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen, to Resign (The issue, of course, isn't BEING DUPED but rather the things he was willing to do/say.)

Great: Voter purge frenzy after federal protections lifted, new report says

University Student Accused of Raping Woman After Quoting Donald Trump

How Prisons Are Poisoning Their Inmates

Venezuela Inflation Could Reach One Million Percent by Year’s End

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Afternoon Tea (7/25/18)

Oregon's Racist Past

How Finland Rebranded Itself as a Literary Country

On the Normandy Cheese Trail

Instagram Is Changing How We Define A Public Figure, Not Necessarily For The Better

Donegal's 'screamers': The story of 1970's Atlantis Commune

Morning Coffee (7/25/18)

Israel just shot down a Syrian fighter jet

lolol Trump, Now Acknowledging Russian Interference, Claims It's Aimed At Helping Dems

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Russia slams US general, says he 'discredited' Trump

Sure: Trump: “Tariffs are the greatest.” Also farmers need $12 billion in aid because of tariffs.

Of course: Jeff Sessions Laughs and Echoes ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant With Conservative High Schoolers

The Man Booker longlist includes the first graphic novel!

Eleven babies die after Dutch women given Viagra in drug trial

Archaeologists have found the remains of one of Jamestown’s early settlers. Now they have to prove he is who they think he is.

'Supergirl' Casts First Transgender Superhero On Television

First edition of Ada Lovelace's pioneering algorithm sold for £95,000

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Afternoon Tea (7/24/18)

Wow: The Taliban Couldn't Quash This Pakistani Squash Champ

Alt-Right Troll To Father Killer: The Unraveling Of Lane Davis

A simple guide to CRISPR, one of the biggest science stories of the decade

Feminize Your Canon: Dorothy West

Armed and Equipped at Continental Expense: The Birth of the Continental Navy

Morning Coffee (7/24/18)

Once ostracised, now Pakistani transgender people are running for parliament

As Trump’s latest lies implode, one party tries to smuggle out the truth

Of course he is: Trump to Seek Repeal of California's Smog-Fighting Power

Oh good: Here's a New Thing to Worry About: Census Hackers

He killed someone in a parking space dispute. But police say he just stood his ground.

This is awful: New York Daily News Layoffs Ax Half The Newsroom Staff

Penguin Random House is publishing a book by the March for Our Lives founders.

Whee, trailer and premiere date for Amazon's Manchester City show.

I am VERY EXCITED about the trailer for Legacies, the new Vampire Diaries spinoff. SUPERNATURAL BOARDING SCHOOL.

Two quarks for Muster Higgs

Monday, July 23, 2018

Afternoon Tea (7/23/18)

A GREAT profile: Aly Raisman Takes the Floor

This is so true and important: Don't Feed the Trolls, and Other Hideous Lies

Why Are Some Crows Committing Acts of Necrophilia?

Banned By Turkey: Why Wikipedia Matters To Historians

I love this idea: Kicking Off Our ‘Read More Women’ Series with Maria Dahvana Headley

Morning Coffee (7/23/18)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week, with lots from Comic-Con this week!

I wish I thought it would change anything, but I'm glad they're saying it: GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick: 'The President Was Manipulated By Vladimir Putin'

Newly Disclosed FISA Applications Disprove ‘Witch Hunt’ Claims From Trump, Nunes

Of course he did: Trump supreme court pick called Nixon Watergate tapes ruling 'erroneous'

Different nominee, but again, of course: Trump Nominee Is Mastermind of Anti-Union Legal Campaign

Steve King Is A White Supremacist, And The GOP Doesn’t Care

Portugal Dared to Cast Aside Austerity. It’s Having a Major Revival.

Author Suzanne Brockmann gave a great speech about romance and inclusivity and politics at RWA.

Wow: Bodies believed to be those of 95 black forced-labor prisoners from Jim Crow era unearthed in Sugar Land after one man’s quest

Aaah, new Doctor Who trailer with Jodie Whittaker!

! Cat Power to Release First Album in Six Years, Featuring Lana Del Rey

Friday, July 20, 2018

Afternoon Tea (7/20/18)

How Climate Change in Bangladesh Impacts Women and Girls

Anne Helen Petersen's celebrity analyses are always fascinating: The New Gwen Stefani Is A Lot Like The Old One

Can Economists and Humanists Ever Be Friends?

Heh: The 10 Horniest Men in Literature

Funding Victory: French posters from the end of the First World War

Weekly Rec: Cult Faves Podcast

I'm picky about podcasts, mostly because a. most of the time I'd rather just read about something and b. I have a hard time figuring out when I can fit them into my life regularly, so I'm always way behind. But! There's a new podcast that I've been actually keeping up with, so clearly that is HIGH PRAISE and you should give it a try. It's called Cult Faves and it is, indeed, about cults. It's hosted by YA writer Gwenda Bond and journalist Cher Martinetti; they pick a cult a week and one of them does the research and sort of walks the other through it, which is a nice format - conversational without being too meandering. (They do have some off-topic chat as well, mostly at the beginning of the episodes, about what's going on in their lives/the world; that kind of thing sometimes bugs me but their personalities and the balance work for me here.) The latest episode is about NXIVM (a.k.a. the Alison Mack sex cult) and I'm very excited to listen to it later this evening. Give it a try!