Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Morning Coffee (10/29/13)

Sesame Street did Homeland, and it is freaking adorable. Sheep Saul is my new favorite thing.

Oh right. A Highlander reboot is happening.

In case any Veronica Mars fans hadn't seen, there's some new movie footage that is continuing to pretend anyone wants Veronica with Piz.

For fans of Haven or heartwarming holiday movies: Hallmark has a Thanksgiving movie starring Emily Rose premiering this weekend.

20th Century Headlines Rewritten to Get More Clicks

This collection of cruise ship menus is fascinating.

I'm excited for a new Little Women adaptation, mostly for these reasons.

These early baseball photographs are nifty.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Morning Coffee (10/25/13)

Happy Friday!

The palace has released four official portraits taken after Prince George's christening, and they are adorable.

Because I am apparently dedicated to keeping you informed about holiday TV programming: Celtic Woman: Home for Christmas is coming to PBS. It may or may not be less dirge-like than the rest of their stuff.

Ryan Seacrest has signed on to keep hosting Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. In the absence of Clark himself, I think this is good: like red carpet interviews, this is probably one of those cases in which we don't really think about how good Seacrest is at his job until someone else tries to do it.

A Murder, She Wrote reboot starring Octavia Spencer? Color me intrigued.

This is amazing: Texts from William Blake

I love the BBC.

Oh, here's the counterpart to the girl name link: Map: Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Boys, State-by-State

Aww: The Time I Was Questioned by Police for Knitting in a Starbucks (I know that doesn't sound like a happy link, but it is.)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Morning Coffee (10/23/13)

This is probably the most amazing thing you will see today. Warning: It had me sobbing into my coffee.

CBS, always popular with the youngsters, is airing an I Love Lucy Christmas special.

Bones fans should absolutely read this great interview with the writer of the wedding episode.

Aww, the wedding video Kelly Clarkson shared is adorable.

This quiz everyone's been doing actually matched me to the state I'm from. Whoa.

Jessica Valenti's essay "Sunday Sauce, Saving Me" is beautiful and powerful.

Wow. This is an extreme reaction to messing up your wedding planning.

Sigh: Boy Scout Leaders Get Booted for Knocking Over Ancient Rock Formation (And Recording It, Obviously)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Morning Coffee (10/15/13)

HA: How the Media Would Have Covered Columbus’s Discovery of the New World

Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album is coming out at the end of the month, and this snippet of her cover of "White Christmas" is amazing.

Speaking of, ABC Family has unveiled its 25 Days of Christmas programming lineup.

Seth Gabel (Lincoln from Fringe) is playing Cotton Mather in the new Salem Witch Trials show!?!?!? Cotton Mather?

The AV Club's article about Charlie Hunnam leaving Fifty Shades is pretty hilarious.

Laura Lippman on being Female in Public

Everything Jonathan Franzen Currently Hates

This is fun, but several selections made me say "No, it's NOT!" - The Most Famous Book Set in Every State

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Morning Coffee (10/10/13)

Elsewhere: I wrote about new show The Tomorrow People at TheTelevixen.com.

Alice Munro has won the Nobel prize for literature!

Oh, Azerbaijan. You're supposed to at least pretend to let people vote before you release election results.

I saw Kathleen Kane speak a few months ago and she was very interesting; this profile is worth a read.

As is this profile of the editor of Cosmo.

This Pumpkin Swirl French Toast was amazing.

Why the Nielsen Twitter ratings might harm more than help TV fans

This piece on women in Italy is a little old now, but fascinating/appalling.

The Onion was in fine form yesterday:
Washington Redskins Change Their Name To The D.C. Redskins
Psychiatrists Deeply Concerned For 5% Of Americans Who Approve Of Congress

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Morning Coffee (10/9/13)

Elsewhere: I recapped this week's episode of Castle at TheTelevixen.com.

Important background reading for the Janet Yellen nomination: A Study in Scarcity: Women at Central Banks

Did you want to see that CBS pilot starring Stephen Fry and Rupert Grint that didn't go to series? Here you go.

Norwegian public TV is airing a sheep-to-sweater event. Five hours straight. Of spinning and knitting. On national TV. Why don't I live in Norway?

Here is an adorable picture of the President writing a school excuse note for a five-year-old.

I love this sort of thing: Morning Coffee Orders from Around the World

Ooh: Bletchley Park wartime hut restored by donation

Watch Gene Kelly Channel "Combat Fatigue Irritability" in a WWII Navy Training Film

Whoa, it's a Cheez-It wedding cake.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Morning Coffee (10/7/13)

Monday already?

Elsewhere: TV news roundup and my thoughts on new show Witches of East End.

GOP Congressman Makes Park Ranger Apologize for Shutdown

This CBC radio documentary A Word About the Deceased was really interesting and well-done.

How Writing Is Like Candy Crush

Here's your terrible bride of the day.

Richard III's lost chapel: found?

Remember that link I posted a little while ago about women working in the Harvard College Observatory in the 1800s? Dava Sobel is writing a book on it.

Medieval manuscripts: Knight v Snail

A Guide to British Library Book Stamps

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Morning Coffee (10/3/13)

Elsewhere: I wrote about Ironside, which I liked, at TheTelevixen.com.

I don't really care if tourists can't see monuments. I care that the shutdown means millions of babies are at risk of going hungry.

Another reason to avoid Hobby Lobby: They don't stock merchandise for Jewish holidays, and apparently don't respond well when asked about it.

Rethinking the Weekend

Ooh, Ronan Farrow might be getting an MSNBC show.

Spencer Ackerman's Twitter eulogy for his mother was really amazing to watch unfold.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Next Trick Is to Make Harry Potter Disappear

A very good read: Are We Supposed to Root for Fitz and Olivia on Scandal?

Amazing: Your Endorsement On LinkedIn Means Nothing To Me

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Morning Coffee (10/1/13)

October already! Somehow!

Elsewhere: At TheTelevixen.com, I wrote about new comedy We Are Men and recapped last night's Castle.

In case you went to sleep early, yes, the government is shut down.

IKEA starts selling solar panels for homes

Here are some rather upsetting spoilers for the third Bridget Jones book.

Accidentally left out of the original translation: Pope Francis seeks a greater role for women.

The Muppets Take the Smithsonian (Well, if/when it isn't shut down.)

Yes: Hugs Are Falsely Intimate Power Plays. Stop Imposing Them on Everyone You Meet.

Some interesting history: Widow's Walk

These imaginary inn packages for readers are delightful.