Thursday, November 29, 2018

Weekly Rec: The Grinch

Now, let me start by saying that new animated movie The Grinch does not need to exist. The book is great! The 1966 animated TV special is great! (We don't accept the Jim Carrey movie as a real thing.) There was no hole this was filling. We don't need to remake things over and over if there's no particular new point of view. (There's some backstory here, but it doesn't at all change the impression of the story you have from the earlier versions.) This movie certainly isn't necessary, and it's fairly redundant.

But all that said . . . I saw it and it was pretty good! It's a very cute Christmas movie with a few different nice messages and if you're looking for something to see with your family you could certainly do much worse! The voice cast is solid, though I remain confused about Benedict Cumberbatch's choices, and the animation is also . . . solid, though I thought the Whoville stuff was REALLY GOOD. It looked like a Department 56 village come to life and I would have happily watched a whole movie about life there that did not have the Grinch in it at all, honestly. I would also read a sociological article about this culture. (Also, the Whos are no longer all white and that is great.) The writing was better than I expected for faux-Seuss. The whole thing was better than I expected! Hey, for 2018, that's pretty good.

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