Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (5/17/23)

NOW it's Wednesday.

Phew: Democrats keep Pa. House majority following Rep. Mike Zabel’s resignation (Philadelphia Inquirer)

I'm not convinced this will last, but I guess it's something: MO AG Bailey withdraws rule banning gender-affirming care for trans adults, children (Kansas City Star)

On the other hand: North Carolina’s GOP-led General Assembly overrides Democratic governor’s 12-week abortion ban veto (CNN)

Ukraine intercepts missiles as Russia steps up strikes on Kyiv (WaPo)

Masha Gessen Resigns in Protest From PEN America Board (The Atlantic)

This was yesterday and I don't see any news stories with results yet but I hear that Plamondon won, phew. Special election puts focus on Nashua House district that's been under-represented in Concord all year long (NHPR)

UK is a hostile environment for LGBTQ+ journalists, study suggests (The Guardian)

The Met Will “More Thoroughly” Investigate Artwork Origins With Hire of Provenance Researchers (ProPublica)

Chief Standing Bear, Native American civil rights icon, is honored on a postal stamp (NPR)

Managing a medieval household (Medieval manuscripts blog)

And some longer reads:

The North Carolina governor’s race will be fought over abortion and LGBTQ+ rights (The 19th*)

How A.I. and DNA Are Unlocking the Mysteries of Global Supply Chains (NYT)

Inside the 3D-printed box in Texas where humans will prepare for Mars (The Guardian)

Memories of Water (Places)

SABR's 'Baseball Memories' keeps people with memory disorders connected to the game (MLB)

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