Friday, June 10, 2011

15 Awesome Things in The Demon's Surrender

Later today, I'll be launching a contest in which you can do various things to be entered to win a copy of The Demon's Surrender or another Sarah Rees Brennan book, so I thought I'd make sure you all got properly excited about reading these books. Here, adapted from a review at my old blog, is a list of awesome things you will find in The Demon's Surrender.

1. A gritty, compelling contemporary British setting - with an extra hidden layer of magic
2. Hot brothers fighting evil, while being somewhat shady themselves. (I have a weakness for this.)
3. A young male feminist
4. Two strong, independent teenage girls, who totally pass the Bechdel test
5. The girls are both awesome but very different (physically and otherwise), but both attractive, and to some of the same boys.
6. Characters who are gay, just as a matter of course. Totally not a big issue, in the best possible way.
7. Plot twists that genuinely surprised me, and yet made complete sense in retrospect. (Honestly, that's pretty rare.)
8. Exciting fights, of both the magic sort and the knife sort. And sometimes the magic knife sort.
9. A demon's hilarious/sweet/scary version of romance
10. Wonderful sibling relationships, some continued from the first two books, plus a new one that's both sweet and fierce.
11. Ridiculously hot make-out scenes. (One features a book, because SRB knows what the nerdy girls like.)
12. One of my new favorite fictional couples ever
13. Many, many lines that will make you literally laugh out loud, plus at least a few that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.
14. Oh, did I mention the hot guy taking care of a baby?
15. And the DEMONS and MAGICIANS and DANGER and FIRE?

Do you want to read it now? You'd better. Really. It's so good. Check back around one to find out how you can win a copy!


  1. It DOES make me excited to read the book! Looking forward to the contest!!

  2. I'm excited to see the demon's romance.

  3. 16th thing - for me. Is that they've moved to Ealing - which is wear I live and made me quite happy...