Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Free Agents: "Pilot"

You guys, this was pretty dreadful. I'm exhausted just thinking about explaining all the things wrong with the sexual politics in this show, so we'll leave it at NO MEANS NO. Sheesh. Neither of the leads were as sympathetic as I think they were supposed to be, and with one exception, I uniformly hated all the other characters. That exception was the boss played by Anthony Stewart Head: I hated him slightly less but I'm 99% sure that that's solely due to residual Buffy fuzzy feelings.

And yet - and yet! There was SOMETHING there, a tiny spark, that made me sort of care about these two people and the way they might grow into taking care of and caring for each other. It made me almost wish it was a drama about these two people coming together unexpectedly and figuring out how to put their lives back together.

Oh, and I liked precisely one joke all episode. (The Nixon one.)

So . . . I don't know. I'm feeling generous, so I guess I'll give this one more episode to see if it's heading in a direction I like, and if the "isn't harassment funny?" bit is toned down. But I'm not hopeful.

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  1. Having seen the UK version of this, I can't imagine how it would translate, 'cause it's very 'adult' (except Anthony Head of course he's fab!).