Monday, September 26, 2011

The Good Wife, "A New Day:" Recap at ThinkProgress

I hinted at this the other day, but now I can tell you officially: This season I'm going to be recapping The Good Wife for Alyssa Rosenberg's culture blog at ThinkProgress. You can read my take on the premiere right here.
The Good Wife does a nice job of showcasing the way that seemingly-monolithic institutions like government agencies and large law firms are actually just collections of people who have their own agendas, connections, and shifting loyalties — and that this isn’t necessarily good or bad, just the way things have to work. . . . Indeed, everyone’s using everyone on this show, and they’re refreshingly open about it. (At one point, Eli says he doesn’t like being used, and Alicia is only half joking when she replies, “Really? Since when?”)

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