Friday, September 30, 2011

Haven Recap: "Business As Usual"

Tonight is the Haven finale and I'm REALLY excited. If you'd like a refresher on what's happened so far, my recap of last week's episode (and the whole season) is up at TheTelevixen.
This episode had perhaps more conflict than we’ve ever seen before between Nathan and Audrey, but don’t worry – it really just grew out of their love and worry for each other. They’re reacting very differently to the Rev’s death and the growing tension in Haven. Nathan is terrified that Audrey will wind up in jail, so he’s determined to follow the letter of the law and simultaneously trying to hide as much of the Troubled-related activity as possible. Audrey, meanwhile, is growing increasingly desperate to get answers and help people, no matter the cost – partially because she thinks her ability to help the Troubled is her, not Lucy or Audrey.

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