Thursday, September 1, 2011

Haven Recap: The Tides That Bind

Read my recap of last Friday's Haven, "The Tides That Bind, over at TheTelevixen.
Audrey and Nathan confront Cole and Gwen, the Glendower family leaders, at the compound, but they won’t give up Daniel and won’t let the police on their property without a warrant. Meanwhile, Nathan has to talk the Rev and Mary from getting a posse together to raid the compound themselves. It turns out that the Rev is involved because almost thirty years ago, his wife went missing and Nathan’s father suspected that Cole Glendower was involved. She was then killed in a car accident, but the Rev didn’t believe it was an accident and had been looking for an excuse to go after the Glendowers ever since.


  1. You left out the part where Duke's faithless wife is in cahoots with the Rev.

  2. What? No I didn't! It's there! (I just panicked and checked. :) )