Friday, September 2, 2011

The Hottest Broadway Cast Ever & Other Entertainment Links

Bradley Whitford and Matt Bomer are going to be in a play together. I got really excited until I realized that it was one night only and the cheapest tickets were $500. Now I just feel like the universe is playing a joke on me.

Brian Stetler's look at what's it's like to cover a hurricane for the Weather Channel is fascinating, and Linda Holmes contemplates why it's so compelling.

George Lucas ruins everything.

If you missed the VMAs, well, the Fug Girls' live blog is more fun than the actual show anyway.

The BBC and NBC are both broadcasting every Olympic event live in some format, which means I'm going to lose my mind trying to watch it all.

The Longhorn Network presumably plays all UT games, but when it launched no one could watch it.

If the movie InSight is playing near you, you should go see it, because Aaron Ginsburg is my favorite. Here's a review.

How does Dawson's Creek hold up? Now I want to watch Dawson's Creek.

What's going on at AMC?

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