Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Names for Unwanted Girls & Other Gender Issues Links

Can you imagine being named "Unwanted"? These girls got to rename themselves, thank goodness.

Gender Equality in Quidditch (No, really.)

Good news: Judge says North Carolina can't force women to view ultrasound before abortion.

Women's rights in Saudi Arabia are taking a slight step forward - through literary clubs.

The Atlantic has a slideshow of Pakistani women living in a shelter to escape the risk of "honor killings."

What would Mary Sue do?


  1. Katie, I love you, which is why I will disagree with you agreeably about the abortion one. :) We can't buy *software* without checking a box that says we understand the terms and conditions, but it's good news that girls and women don't have to face what they're paying to have done away with? Just doesn't sit right AT ALL. If it's going to be legal, it ought at least to require *informed* consent.

  2. Hmm. Okay, I think this is where I come down on this one: If I thought people were actually not informed or not thinking about their decisions, I would agree with you. But I don't think anyone has an abortion without realizing what they're doing, so this law seems designed to shame rather than inform. (My feelings on this whole issue are very conflicted, as we've discussed over the years.) I WOULD be okay with an equivalent of checking a terms and conditions box - documentation to sign, maybe? - but having software terms and conditions read aloud to me before I could download something is also something to which I'd object. :)

  3. I believe that it is designed to traumatize, rather than inform.