Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And then you must watch Justified.

For some reason - perhaps the TV gods have it out for me - two of my most-anticipated January premieres, White Collar and Justififed, are happening during THE SAME HOUR tonight. Why is so much awesomeness being so concentrated? ANYWAY. I've seen both premieres, and they're both really good. Justified is sort of a quiet show, and it's slow and complex and doesn't always get a lot of attention, but it has first-class writing and acting and great, careful production, and it's really worth your time. It's very serialized, though, and while they have a new Big Bad for this third season, the previous two seasons are out on DVD and aren't very long so I would definitely recommend you catch up in order if you possibly can. Don't ignore it if you just don't like cowboys stuff or Westerns - it's more of a Southern Gothic, anyway, and the quality of the writing and the complex characters make it appealing outside of a genre base. If I had to compare it to something, it's sort of Winter's Bone meets Burn Notice.

And, so: Since they're on the same hour tonight, it's at least useful of the shows to be on cable channels that do a lot of repeats. If you can't record them, I'd watch White Collar live at 10 and Justified when it repeats a few minutes after 11, because White Collar doesn't repeat until later. If you are going to DVR, you have plenty of options for timeslots. Just make sure you watch these shows.

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