Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Good Wife, "Bitcoin for Dummies" - Recap at ThinkProgress

Sunday night's episode of The Good Wife was a good one, but then, they all are. Also: CARY'S FACE. (Okay, I mean that as a general thing, but also that there a few moments this episode when HIS FACE is particularly telling. And adorable. ANYWAY.) Read all about it in my recap at Alyssa's ThinkProgress blog.
“Bitcoin for Dummies” was one of those episodes of The Good Wife that revolves around everyone manipulating everyone else. Unfortunately, since Will is facing the very real prospect of jail time and Eli isn’t in the episode at all, the machinations are grim, without the undertone of playfulness this show often gives even cases involving serious issues. To make up for that, though, we get double Kalinda, as she plays a central role in both the case of the week and in Will’s legal woes.

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