Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quick Take: The Finder

When FOX's new procedural The Finder announced that they'd hired writer Aaron Ginsburg, I rashly proclaimed that I'd watch it for as long as they employed him. My loyalty to Aaron apparently runs deep, both because of the quality of his writing and his extremely generous attitude toward fans. But after I said that, I worried a little - what if, in spite of the high-quality writing I knew Aaron would bring to the table, I just didn't like the new show?

I shouldn't have worried. The Finder premiered last week and I loved it. It's nominally a Bones spinoff, but the show it really reminded me of was Burn Notice: It has a Florida setting, a protagonist who's damaged but very good at his job, a lady who likes to shoot things, and a ragtag team coming together to form a sort of found family. The mystery in the series opener was twisty and somewhat unconventional, but not confusing. The characters and overall town made for a world in which I definitely want to spend more time.

If you missed the pilot, catch it on demand now, and tune in for the second episode tonight on FOX at 9/8c.

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