Monday, February 27, 2012

Morning Coffee (2/27/12)

Hello! Don't you think the work day should start late the morning after the Oscars? I'm sleepy. Ah well. This is going to be all Oscar-related rambling, as I didn't have time to come up with any links yesterday. Sorry.

First of all, E! just informed me (well, on their after-party show, which I TiVoed last night) that Sacha Baron Cohen could face battery charges for his stunt, and YES PLEASE, because he just needs to stop. But that won't actually happen, because Ryan is too nice. Sigh.

I saw The Artist Saturday night, just in time to be thoroughly underwhelmed by all its wins. I mean, it was fine, but . . . really? Ha, Matthew Lillard was just on E! talking about how sad he is that The Artist won everything. I didn't actually think The Descendants should be a big winner either, but at least he was honest in a really charming way.

"George didn't get to take home the Oscar last night, but he got to take home Stacy." Um. Yes.

They also just showed an interview with Angelina Jolie in which they asked her all sorts of stuff about Brad and she was really charming and normal-seeming and it was all pretty delightful.

E!: "Why was Vanity Fair your first stop?" Judd Apatow: "Well, we weren't really invited anywhere else."

I finally saw The Tree of Life yesterday afternoon, and actually loved it, so I'm disappointed that it was shut out. And I'm furious, though not surprised, that Tinker Tailor didn't win anything.

About the winners in general: Not surprising. When Meryl Streep winning an Oscar is the biggest surprise of the night, you know things have been pretty boring. And my preferred film won in six of the 24 categories, so that's . . . not awful, I guess?

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his boyfriend just did an interview so adorable that it kind of made me want to watch his show. Well done!

Okay, about the fashion: it was pretty unmemorable. I'm sure I'll have more opinions after I look at a million slideshows today - and, actually, I'm seeing some really interesting pictures from the Vanity Fair party - but there wasn't much that was wildly great OR awful. That's kind of disappointing. Maybe I'll put together a best-dressed list. If you want?

Halfway through the Oscars, my mom joined Twitter. So THAT made things a little surreal, too.

Nina Dobrev is ridiculously gorgeous, and her dress was fascinating - it has a lot of elements I usually don't like, but I somehow really like it all together. MAGIC.

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