Thursday, February 9, 2012

Movie Thoughts: One for the Money

I went into One for the Money fully expecting it to be terrible. Or, more to the point, hilarrible. (That's hilarious and terrible all at once.) But . . . I actually liked it! It was really cute! I don't share the rampant Katherine Heigl hate that seems to pervade the Internet, and while she wasn't exactly my book!Stephanie, I thought she did a perfectly decent job with the character. And Jason O'Mara was perfect as Morelli. Daniel Sunjata's Ranger was a bit too cute and soft, too human, but he certainly wasn't bad or anything. It was a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience, and totally the type of movie I will buy when it's $8 at Target and keep around to watch when I need to be cheered up.

(For the record, though, I still wish this was a TV series instead.)

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