Thursday, March 8, 2012

Morning Coffee (3/8/12)

Happy Thursday! The weather is ridiculously nice today. I'm going out in a 3/4 sleeve sweater! And no jacket!

This Pinterest board is the best thing I've ever seen. (Rodgers & Hammerstein fans, you'll want to click.)

For a balanced look at the "Kony 2012" thing, read this.

I always want to like Fiona Apple's music, but then she does this sort of thing and I just can't get past the self-important nonsense.

10 Non-Costumed, Non-Powered Female Heroines

Here's a nice article about how The West Wing inspired a generation to go into politics.

The cast of Get a Job looks amazing - Alison Brie! Bryan Cranston! Anna Kendrick! Miles Teller! - and while the first three times I read the story I thought it was about someone casting a pilot, it's actually a movie, which makes much more sense.

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