Friday, March 9, 2012

Morning Coffee (3/9/12)

HAPPY FRIDAY. This week actually went pretty quickly, except then yesterday was awful for basically everyone I know. So I think we're all ready for a weekend.

First, a word on "freedom of speech," since I've seen this come up in several places recently: It's about the government not restricting speech. The Constitution ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT CARE about your supposed right to say nasty things with immunity on someone else's privately-owned Web site. "Freedom of speech" ALSO doesn't mean that you can say whatever you want but no one else is allowed to say that what you said was dumb or mean or wrong. Thank you. Carry on.

The Muppets + The Hunger Games = AWESOME

You must read David Plotz on Mo Willems.

I love when shows make it easy to figure out what music they've used. Cougar Town fans, here you go.

I don't usually post about fanvids, but it's Friday and I've got nothing, so I'm going to suggest you watch this nicely-done Downton Abbey video set to Taylor Swift's "Safe and Sound."

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