Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pilot Thoughts: GCB

I'm kind of torn about GCB so far. I think this is one of those very rare cases in which I don't like the premise of a show, but do sort of like the execution. The opposite issue is much, much more common: There are so many shows that sound great on paper but just don't work. But here, well, the fact that this is about a bunch of adults whose lives revolve around high school doesn't interest me at all, and in fact turns me off. But if I manage to forget that high school is the supposed source of the conflict that leads to the show's hijinks, those hijinks themselves are enjoyable enough to watch. I mean, I wouldn't call it great TV, or even encourage the uninterested to watch it, but there's a definite place in my life for soapy fun with underlying interesting family dynamics (that remind me of Gilmore Girls). And there's always a place in my life for Kristin Chenoweth. (I'm so glad that they found a way to work her singing into the show, and in fact I like the church service framing device/anchor rather a lot in general here.) I can't imagine getting really into this show - though, hey, it's welcome to prove me wrong - but for mindless relaxing fluff on Sunday nights, I'll stick around awhile.

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