Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Matt Bomer on Glee + Anderson Brothers Transformers Audition

Last night I watched Glee for the first time in over a year, because Matt Bomer was guest starring as Cooper Anderson, (very bad, very slightly famous) actor brother of Blaine. The show was still awful, as expected, and Bomer sang, danced, and acted rings around everyone else, again as expected. He seemed to be having a good time, and did a few decent songs that I immediately purchased, and they made the requisite jokes about how he's the most beautiful man on the planet, so, you know, it could have been worse. (There was a shower scene that inexplicably did not include Bomer. Oh well.) It certainly didn't convince me to start watching Glee again, unless and until they manage to rope in another guest star for whom I'll watch literally anything. But my hope is that it brought Bomer's talents to a wider audience, and especially highlighted his musical abilities, because seriously, someone needs to give the man a movie musical or Broadway show or record deal or something already.

Need a little more of the Anderson brothers? Here's Darren Criss and Matt Bomer doing Cooper Anderson's amazingly awful Transformers audition tape.

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