Monday, April 2, 2012

Reminder: Bones Returns TONIGHT!

Just a reminder for any Bones fans who somehow hadn't heard or had forgotten: The show is moving to Mondays, starting tonight. It will be on at 8/7c, and no, this move doesn't mean the show is in danger or anything - it's already been renewed for season eight. Best guess is that FOX wanted to give a new show, Touch, the Idol lead-in and figured Bones had an established fan base that would move. And if you ARE a fan at all, you REALLY don't want to miss tonight's episode - let's just say that I'm wearing my birthday-themed socks today in preparation for it.

Today may feel a little weird for procedural fans: Bones and Castle are now regularly scheduled on the same night (though not the same hour, thank goodness) and it feels SO ODD. (The shows have only ever aired new episodes on the same night once before, a one-off when Bones had some extra episodes to burn in April 2009.) At least they won't have their season finales the same night: Castle's is May 7 and Bones's is May 14.

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