Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well played, Marvel.

Last night I saw the best set of red carpet interviews I've ever seen: at's livestream of the The Avengers premiere. Before last night, I didn't really even care about the movie. Because of Joss, and because it has some actors I've liked in other things, I figured I'd Netflix it eventually, but I wasn't all that interested. But one of my good friends is really into it, so I figured I'd put on the livestream to keep him company while I did stuff around the house last night. (Okay, the seemingly-unfounded rumor that Nathan Fillion would show up didn't hurt.) And you know what? It completely converted me. The hosts asked interesting, relevant questions. They got witty, well-thought-out replies. And now I really want to see the movie. I watch a lot of red carpet interviews of various sorts, and they have never before made me eager to consume a product I didn't care about before. That is how you have your hosts behave, and that is how you promote a movie. Good job, all.

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