Friday, May 25, 2012

10 Reasons to Catch Up on Magic City

I love Magic City, and I can think of literally no one I know who watches it, and why is that? You should jump in! Really! The first season is almost over, but it's already been renewed, and Starz is replaying all seven previous episodes starting tonight in preparation for next week's season finale. So it's the perfect time to join in the retro, soapy fun. I already wrote about why I liked the pilot, and here are a quick ten reasons why you should give the show a chance:

1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan doing "morally ambiguous and kind of scary"
2. Gorgeous 1950s costumes
3. Mob drama
4. Great period music
5. Complicated family dynamics
6. A glitzy hotel setting
7. Culture clashes involving various minorities negotiating how to achieve mainstream success without losing what they value
8. References to and cameos from historical figures like Sinatra and the Kennedys
9. Historical events like the Cuban Revolution affecting people's lives
10. Delicious rugelach as an actual plot point

If I've convinced you (Rugelach! As a plot point!), you can see when each episode is playing right here.

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