Sunday, May 6, 2012

New feature: What I Watched

Starting tomorrow, we'll have a new daily feature around here: each morning, I'll have a post with some quick thoughts on all the TV I watched the day before. (Some of you may remember this from when I did it on my old blog a few years ago.) I'm going to try this again for a few reasons - because I always want to write about more shows than I have time for, because people sometimes ask for my thoughts on shows I don't routinely write about, and because I'm all for people who write about TV being more transparent about what they actually watch, so I might as well practice what I preach and hold myself accountable.

I'll divide things into these categories:

Live-ish: Shows that I watched the night they aired, even if not exactly live.

Live+7: Anything that aired within the last week.

Catching up: Older episodes I finally got around to watching.

On the list: Shows that aired but I didn't manage to watch yet.

Hope you enjoy!

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