Thursday, May 24, 2012

"So much to do, so many boxes, letters, business"

Drop everything: The entirety of Queen Victoria's Journals is now online. All 141 volumes! But if you're outside the UK (or certain libraries), it's only fully available until July, so get reading. The site looks like it has some other good resources as well, especially this nifty timeline. They've got great links, too. I've always found Victoria fascinating, so I'm really looking forward to digging into this. It starts with a trip to Wales at age 12, meticulously detailed:
We left K.P. [Kensington Palace] at 6 minutes past 7 and went through the Lower-field gate to the right. We went on, & turned to the left by the new road to Regent's Park. The road & scenery is beautiful. 20 minutes to 9. We have just changed horses...
To get you started, check out the entries from her coronation, the Siege of Khartoum, and her Golden Jubilee. Not all of the entries have been transcribed yet, but they're working on it.

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