Friday, May 18, 2012

What I Watched: Community & Missing Finales & More

Live-ish: Missing, "Rain on the Evil and on the Good (EP110)" - For about the first half of the season, I was watching this for "so bad it's good" reasons, but by the last few episodes, it actually came somewhere approximately close to good, and now I'm sad that it's gone - and with that cliffhanger! But was it a cliffhanger? I have a theory, but am curious what others think. If anyone else was watching. And I really hope Sean Bean, Cliff Curtis, and Adriano Giannini all get new shows soon.

Community, "Digital Estate Planning (EP320)," "The First Chang Dynasty (EP321)," "Introduction to Finality (EP322)" - I realize this is ridiculous to say, because I marathon shows all the time, but three episodes in one night seemed like a bit much, if only because it meant that each gimmick had less of an impact and it's all getting a little muddled in my mind already. That said, these were great, of course, especially the finale, and while I'm thrilled that the show will be coming back, that would have actually served very well as a series finale. And yes, I'm a complete sucker for Jeff's inspirational speeches.

Awake, "Two Birds (EP112)" - Ugh, this show is so great, and it keeps getting better, but it's not coming back, and that's so sad. At least Kyle Killen says he's satisfied with the way things will be left with next week's finale.

Live+7: White Heat, "Eve of Destruction (EP102)" - This continues to do a good job of showing both the way that big social and political changes affect peoples lives and the way that specific personal things affect the sides people take on these issues. I'm completely hooked.

Catching up: Grimm, "Game Ogre (EP108)" - My favorite moment: "There's coffee in the kitchen. Nick, you know where it is." Aww. Secret hidden bromance! I think the most interesting part of this show for me is the way the important people in Nick's life interact with each other (or don't) and the way he has to juggle them all in order to be himself. I'm expecting it all to blow up toward the end of the season, and I can't wait.

On the list... Scandal, The Mentalist

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