Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I Watched: Cougar Town, L.A. Complex, & Missing

Live-ish: Cougar Town, "Down South (EP311):" ABC seems very devoted to playing with my emotions this week. I really like the Laurie/Travis idea, and if the show doesn't manage to actually go there this season, I really hope they get another season and the chance to go there eventually. I also thought the bit with catch phrases was a fun way to show Grayson's angst about how maturing and settling down with Jules would affect other aspects of his life, including his career, and I loved his honest bar-closing speech at the end. This show is great every single week, and ugh, just renew it already, ABC!

The L.A. Complex, "It's All About Who You Know (EP103):" This remains fun and soapy and addictive, but I've been impressed with the way it's actually dealing with real, serious issues as well, and has genuine moments between the characters - not always in the combinations you'd expect. The whole cast is solid but Jewel Staite, of course, remains the standout; her "I would've TORE UP Sharktopus" was one of the best lines and delivery I've heard in a while. Why is no one watching this show? Why?

Catching up: Missing, "The Three Bears (EP105):" This is really pretty terrible, but it's a fun kind of terrible, and I like spies, and Ashley Judd's husband is my favorite hot race car driver, and . . . oh, I don't know. I'm behind, obviously, but since there are only ten episodes I'm fairly committed to seeing it through. This one was actually pretty good, as these things go, and the bank robbery was actually pulled off in a way that didn't have me yelling for Michael Westen to just come fix things, so, you know, good job, show!

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