Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Watched: The L.A. Complex, The Killing, & More

Live-ish: The L.A. Complex, "Home (EP105)" - This episode was almost painful to watch. THESE POOR KIDS ALL NEED HUGS. It was still incredibly good, though, and again, Jewel Staite blew me away. There's only one more episode on the CW, and I really really hope there will be some way for US viewers to see the rest.

Catching Up: Lost Girl, "ArachnoFaebia (EP107)" - Ah, the classic "everyone's secret issues with each other are heightened by spider-induced paranoia" premise! This was done well, because all the issues seemed completely organic, even if the extent to which they were bothering our heroes was exaggerated. Though I must say: I kind of just want to knock Bo and Dyson's heads together at this point.

Magic City, "Castles Made of Sand (EP103)" - This new plotline about Ike's dead wife's sister is intriguing, and I love the way this show is coming to revolve around the intersection of family, duty, and ambition. My main complaint is that I'm still having a little trouble telling all the characters apart. The scene at the end, in which Jeffrey Dean Morgan contemplatively eats rugelach, is one of my new favorite things ever.

The Killing, "A Soundless Echo (EP104)," "Super 8 (EP105)," "What You Have Left (EP106)" - It was cool and rainy yesterday, so I was in the perfect mood for this. I think my favorite thing about this show so far is the way the characters look and dress like real people. I'm enjoying the intersection of politics and the murder investigation, but am getting slightly sick of the "Linden's getting on a plane at any moment! Really!" thing.

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