Saturday, May 19, 2012

What I Watched: The Mentalist Finale

Live+7: The Mentalist, "The Crimson Hat (EP424)" - Wow. WOW. I've written about my issues with this season in general, but this was one heck of a finale, and made me really excited to see where the show goes next season (in its new timeslot!). I thought this was possibly their best-executed episode ever, and they had me with their various fake-outs at least twice. It also managed to reignite the Jane/Lisbon will-they-won't-they in a way that felt perfectly believable, and I'm wondering whether we're going to have a slow-burn arc about the possibly-forgotten confession of love next year, in a way that sort of turns the Castle arc on its head. This was another finale that made me start caring about the show again after I'd mostly lost interesting, so. Well done.

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