Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What I Watched: Sherlock, Magic City, & More

Live+7: Sherlock, "The Reichenbach Fall (EP203)" - This episode was well-done, and it had a few moments and scenes that I loved, but it left me realizing that I'm just not as into this show as I want to be, or as everyone else in the universe seems to be. I think it's a little too self-conscious and gimmicky for my taste - especially my taste in mysteries. I think Moffat's dedication to showing how smart he is takes away from the traditional mystery aspects, and this episode, particularly, just came across as overwrought. I'll watch the next season, of course, but I like it rather than love it.

Catching Up: Lost Girl, "Food for Thought (EP106)" - This was a fun one, and I liked the way Kenzi's involvement in the fae-of-the-week story solidified her friendship with Dyson. They have a great dynamic.

The Killing, "El Diablo (EP103)" - Still loving it. I'm sort of still waiting to turn on it the way everyone else has, but right now I feel like I could happily watch Holder sulk around smoking fake weed and Linden looking disapproving but resigned forever. How much can I watch before I become obsessed with knitting oversized sweaters?

Magic City, "Feeding Frenzy (EP102)" - I was wondering why I haven't heard anyone talking about this show, then realized that the fact that I loved the pilot but hadn't watched any more meant I was really part of the problem. So I'm catching up! I loved this almost as much as the pilot, and especially liked the bat mitzah plotline and the continued Cuba stuff.

On the list... Lost Girl

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  1. What really amuses me about Sherlock is that I couldn't get my parents to watch past the first episode because my mom was annoyed that she figured out the cab thing before Sherlock did.

    I'm really enjoying Lost Girl because its like watching my favorite book series come to life on the tv.

    What is this Magic City of which you speak?