Wednesday, January 13, 2016

8 Thoughts Upon Reading the Anne of Green Gables News

The CBC is making a new Anne of Green Gables show! From one of the Breaking Bad writers, because sure! (Actually it's the Flesh & Bone one so... we'll see.) Thoughts:

1. Obviously I have a lot of feelings about Anne but
2. I am not a purist and am happy to give various adaptations a shot.
3. I really thought someone had a contemporary Anne show in development but now I can't find anything about that so maybe I dreamt it?
4. I started thinking about Canadians to cast, and this is set when Anne is a kid but if someone adapts the later books you could do worse than Tahmoh Penikett as Gil.
5. Which - why hasn't anyone made a sweeping Anne's House of Dreams miniseries yet? The structure of the novel lends itself perfectly to that. Tahmoh might be slightly too old (maybe not!) but I feel like my friend Meg and I had someone else we'd fantasy cast for that. Colin Donnell, maybe? (Anne at that age should obviously be Classic Alice's Kate Hackett and about that I will brook no argument.)
6. And where is the Rilla of Ingleside World War I miniseries we deserve? Just cancel Reign already and bring back Megan Follows; it's the perfect time for her to play that part of Anne's life.
7. When is that new Anne TV movie coming out, anyway? I already tear up at the mere THOUGHT of Martin Sheen as Matthew, so I'm sure I'll handle that well.
8. I really need to watch Breaking Bad already.

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  1. If they made a RoI movie properly we would probably end up having an intervention staged on twitter for us tbh