Monday, January 18, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/18/16)

Welcome and thank you to newest Patreon patron Holly! The first Patron update went out this weekend; get in on it here.

ICYMI: My Oscar Project post about Cinderella.

Me elsewhere: So much TV news!

Bernie Sanders, Guns, and the Idea of Vermont

Speaking of Sanders, this thing about him claiming to have never worn a tuxedo sounds silly but actually does bother me. Because if it's true, then he's saying he's either never attended a black tie event or has refused to follow the dress code, and neither of those options give me any confidence in his ability to be an effective president. And if it's NOT true, then it's a dumb pointless lie that a. will probably be found out easily (formal events are often photographed!), b. sounds like that kind of anti-intellectual folksy pandering that drives me nuts and, I think, causes genuine harm, and c. is probably actually intended as part of his "rich people are inherently evil!" thing, which I also think is wrong and harmful.

This is an important point in Oscar dicussions: "The shocking — or maybe not so shocking — whiteness of this year’s field of nominees exposes not only the myopia of the nominating body but also the deep structural biases of the industry that feeds it."

I adore Fringe, but I also agree with Blair Brown here: "...the truth is that was originally a story about a female protagonist [Olivia, played by Anna Torv]… and the show turned into a story about father and son [played by John Noble and Joshua Jackson]. Very often in this business, that’s what tends to happen."

Scholastic Halts Distribution of ‘A Birthday Cake for George Washington’ (Here's the statement. Good for them for taking action and being honest and specific about the issue.)

Standing Up To Sexual Harassment And Assault In L.A.’s Comedy Scene

I love 3D printing but THIS IS TOO FAR.

!!!! Cadbury Is Launching a Very Chocolaty Crème Egg Café Pop-Up in London

I like this: Play Life Less Like Chess and More Like Tetris

Whoa, remember the Thames whale?

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