Friday, January 22, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/22/16)

Happy Friday!

ICYMI, yesterday's Oscar Project post was on Carol, which I found disappointing.

Happy birthday, Wilbur Scoville! Reading about him made me want hot peppers, of course.

The kid in Brooklyn is a delight.

Whoa! 230-year-old secret lovers' code solved by Antiques Roadshow viewer

The Boston Timescape Project is nifty.

io9 doing important work: Kids of The Magic School Bus, Ranked

11 Things Women With Curly Hair Are Tired Of Hearing Especially this one:
"4. 'I have curly hair too, but I always get up in the morning to straighten it.'
Wow, cool, very awesome. But also, how sad for you."

Interesting: Gently Posed Photos of Everyday Life in Late-19th-Century Rural Japan

I came across these Stars Hollow art posters this week and they are gorgeous.

The odds of me buying something from Taylor Swift's fashion line are . . . certainly greater than zero.

Prayers That Would Double As Excellent Pickup Lines If I Possessed Even An Ounce Of Real Courage

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