Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/26/16)

ICYMI: Yesterday's Oscar Project post was about Spotlight, which (so far) I want to win it all.

Me elsewhere: The Magicians premiered on Syfy last night and I wrote a bit about it.

Disgusting: Ted Cruz’s campaign is handing out bottled water in Flint — but only to anti-abortion groups

This is fascinating: 14 years a fugitive: the hunt for Ratko Mladić, the Butcher of Bosnia

Why Donald Trump Plays Phantom of the Opera at His Rallies

The most disturbing thing about Donald Rumsfeld's mobile gaming app is how very much I want to play it.

I am greatly enjoying the new X-Files but I ALSO enjoy the Fug Girls' rather grumpy (but loving) recap.

Related: I love when the CIA has a sense of humor.

You may all already know about this but I recently came across We Hunted the Mammoth and it's pretty great/infuriating!

Ooh: Fleeting Wonders: A Petrified Forest Unearthed By A Beach Storm

Shameless fans, here's a video for "The F Word"!

I'm not sure why Slate/Atlas Obscura are talking about Julian of Norwich, but she was quite interesting.

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