Friday, January 29, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/29/16)

Tomorrow! I'm going to go to an independent theater in Boston and do a mini-marathon of some of the more obscure Oscar nominees - four features. I'll post normal movie posts about the titles next week, but I'm also going to write up a little diary of the day as a Patreon exclusive. (Are the audiences driving me nuts? Can I stay awake/focused for four movies? How much caffeine will I need?) You can get it with any pledge (starting at $1/month) if you sign up by Saturday night. Right this way! (If you're already a patron I LOVE YOU and of course you will be getting this post as well.)

ICYMI: TWO Oscar Project posts yesterday, on Star Wars and Ex Machina.

Okay, Friday! Happy links!

Since Friday is for happy links the only one I will give you about the primary is Gail Collins, as she is hilarious in addition to being very smart. (And, I think gets at the basic Sanders/Clinton divide: "Vote for Bernie: Send a message. Vote for Hillary: She knows how to make things work.")

Barbie has new body types! Here's Time's very interesting cover story. (Touching on something they get into there: even when Barbies all looked more similar, as a child, the thing that most confused me about them was that almost all the dolls were supposed to be the same character. So why did they exist in the same world [i.e. my bedroom]??? I found this highly disturbing.)

Fox is showing Grease! Live on Sunday and Vanity Fair has a fascinating story about the making of the 1978 movie that will probably make you want to go rewatch it immediately. (They liken Newton-John's casting to if someone cast Taylor Swift in the role today and now I WANT THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING.)

Today in Things You Should Be Watching: The 100’s Clarke Is Sci-fi’s Best Teen Heroine

And if you ARE watching, you should check out new podcast The Ark 100 FM from my friends Holly and Bailey. (Rumor has it I may fill in for an episode next month when Bailey's on vacation. I'll keep you posted.)

Ben Whishaw Is Even Better Than You Think is both the truest headline ever written and a very interesting interview with the creator of London Spy.

I cannot handle this even a little bit: Chris Pine sings school closings to the tune of 'Let It Snow' (I know it's an unpopular opinion but you can keep Hemsworth and Evans and Pratt; Pine is my favorite of The Chrises and I am greatly looking forward to that Coast Guard movie that seems to consist of him speaking in a terrible Boston accent while people throw buckets of water at him for two hours.)

My friend Chris - ACTUALLY my favorite Chris, obvs - tweeted this link and I may never forgive him: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' As An Anime Opening Works Way Too Well

Honest Wedding Website Admits There Jack Shit For Guests To Do While In Town

"ZEUS: look, I have produced a daughter from mine own head
this is Athena
HERA: like fuck you did"

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