Saturday, January 30, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/30/16)

Reminder! I'm going to see four Oscar nominees today and writing up a little diary of it as a Patreon exclusive. Sign up by tonight to get it!

ICYMI, yesterday's Oscar Project post was about the delightfully feminist Creed.

Gilmore Girls is OFFICIALLY BACK and that link has some details.

I am totally fine with Coca-Cola product placement in Grease! Live, when I think about it. It fits so well. And to the other point in that article, it's certainly worth noting that "Did she put up a fight?" is still considered an acceptable lyric, but what a lot of the stories about this seem to be missing is that the lyrics that are being changed ("The chicks'll cream" to "scream," etc.) are frequently changed in stage productions, including (according to Seth Rudetsky) on Broadway. So it's not Fox suddenly doing this without precedent. And REGARDLESS, the actor does not seem the correct person to ask about this. It's not up to HIM.

Hillary Clinton and the audacity of political realism (Bill Clinton said on Snapchat [!] yesterday that Hillary makes him rearrange their furniture every three months, and when she is done being president HGTV should really give them a show. Imagine: Two former presidents show up at your house and tell you what's wrong with the layout of your living room! GOLD.)

Speaking of: How “House Hunters” became the most unstoppable juggernaut on TV

Bernie Sanders' Campaign Is Concerned About the 'Berniebro,' As They Maybe Should Be

When A Country Without Abortion Tells Women To Not Get Pregnant

I was happy to read this non-terrible review of The Finest Hours, given what I was saying yesterday about wanting to watch Chris Pine be soaking wet for two hours act.

Interesting: 32 Top Network Execs Dish on the Shows They Really Want

From Pickup Artist to Pariah

Perseus Rescuing Andromeda, In Order Of Rescuing

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