Saturday, February 6, 2016

Morning Coffee (1/6/16)

ICYMI: My Oscar Project post on Trumbo.

I've been thinking about this because of an event I attended last night; maybe I'll write up a little post? Do you want that? "There will be no Sanders revolution without moderates, and moderates are unlikely to join a revolution organized by someone who stigmatizes moderation."

An important point on the Bernie Bro debate: "The women who complained about their treatment were talking about their own lives, and how the insults and harassment had affected them. And so the debunkers, intentionally or not, sent the message that the really important thing here was not women’s experiences but rather how they might affect a man."

Also: "This is the definition of 'Bernie Bro' that tends to be the most serious, and that often gets drowned out by sillier ones: Some Sanders supporters are using the same tactics of obstructionism and harassment that women and people of color have to put up with on the internet all the time. And as progressives, they are supposed to be better than that."

And: "The underrepresentation of women in government is an intractable problem with no clear culprit, but a Bernie supporter’s tweet can be screenshotted and copied and passed around; it’s so real, you can almost touch it."

NHPR found New Hampshire voters who just don't care about the primary and . . . I know there are a LOT of them but it always sort of surprises me anyway.

Trump's treatment of reporters is yet another reason why he's so scary.

Shocker: Aggressive Planned Parenthood cuts hurt poor women the most, study finds

Well: These “Legal Rape” Advocates Cancelled Their Plans Because They Didn’t Feel Safe At Night

This case is so fascinating: What Anna Stubblefield Believed She Was Doing

Please Be So Good As To Remember W. Somerset Maugham Once Had A Sex Dream About Shelley

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