Monday, February 1, 2016

Morning Coffee (2/1/16)

It's February! It's Caucus Day! This year is going very quickly so far!

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week; I livetweeted Grease Live and one of my tweets made it into this Mashable story.

Very well-written and important: If You’re Liberal and You Think Hillary Clinton Is Corrupt and Untrustworthy, You’re Rewarding 25 Years of GOP Smears

This is quite the headline, but I honestly think Sanders's lack of a real foreign policy team is concerning: Sanders military adviser briefed him once

The comparisons to GamerGate are very apt: The Bernie Bros Are A Problem And The Sanders Campaign Is Trying To Stop Them

How can there have been no one to say "Hey, this isn't legal"??? It boggles the mind. ‘Carmen Sandiego’ Singer-Songwriter Issues Cease and Desist Demand to Rand Paul Campaign

GOOD NEWS: Top of the Lake season two is filming soon!

If you, like me, were wondering why everyone was talking about a John Scott who was not the Fringe character yesterday, read this. I barely knew who he was before this week and I teared up a little anyway.

The Last Days of Target is a fascinating read about what happened with Target in Canada, and of course a lot of it came down to their PIM. Of course it did.

This is a difficult but important look at the Baby Doe case in Boston and the history of child abuse.

I will admit that part of me is tempted, but the science cited mostly made me realize I should make an effort to sleep more.

The Birth of Venus: Pulling Yourself Out Of The Sea By Your Own Bootstraps

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