Thursday, February 18, 2016

Morning Coffee (2/18/16)

ICYMI: Yesterday's Oscar Project posts were on The Revenant and The Hunting Ground.

How Hillary Clinton Won Harlem

This is exciting: ABC has named the first (I'm pretty sure) African-American female network head, Channing Dungey.

I'm on Apple's side.

And an explainer in case you've missed this: Why Apple and the FBI are fighting over access to the San Bernardino shooter’s phone

Speaking of San Bernardino, the New Yorker has the best piece I've read on the shooters.

SB Nation Publishes, Deletes "Complete Failure" Of A Story About Convicted Rapist Cop Daniel Holtzclaw

This kind of process thing is always interesting: How the San Antonio Express-News Got the Scoop on Antonin Scalia’s Death (Confession: I had a thought process while reading this that started with "I'd watch something like..." and ended with me realizing I'd basically just reinvented Spotlight and/or The Newsroom. At least I'm consistent.)

WHOA: Met to Stage Its First Opera by a Woman Since 1903

New evidence: Easter Island civilization was not destroyed by war (JARED DIAMOND WAS WRONG. And yet this made me want to read Collapse, which I own and started on a vacation once but never finished.)

"Murdering people for inefficiency on the planet you control doesn’t really seem intersectional. -7"

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