Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Morning Coffee (2/2/16)

ICYMI: Oscar Project posts on Son of Saul and Anomalisa

So. The Iowa Caucuses happened. We survived. Trump did not win. It's amazing what seems like a victory these days. Here are the results; I'll probably have some analysis in the links tomorrow but keep in mind that the rest of the links below were collected before we knew these results.

In other very important predictive news, the groundhog saw his shadow and Vox is on it. (No, there is seriously some interesting history of the tradition there, though STILL no one has answered my main question, which is how we are presuming to know what a groundhog actually saw. What if he was looking in slightly the wrong direction??)

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, Bush and Kasich are fighting about robocalling rules.

Speaking of, now that the excitement is all moving here, here are some interesting statistics about the real New Hampshire electorate.

This Year’s Republican Primary Is a Gamble Seven Years in the Making

Ted Cruz’s Iowa Mailers Are More Fraudulent Than Everyone Thinks (And a bit more on that issue from Vox.)

In case this is the endorsement that matters to you: J.J. Abrams is supporting Clinton and, I just noticed, looks like he could be on MSNBC. He has the distinctive glasses/curly hair thing that a lot of them have.

A former staffer has accused Trump’s campaign of sexism. Here’s her legal complaint.

I'm sorry so many of the links were political today; please accept Gillian Anderson playing Fuck Marry Kill about famous aliens as an apology. It is truly delightful.

Kind-Hearted Reality Shows I Would Like To See

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