Thursday, February 25, 2016

Morning Coffee (2/25/16)

ICYMI: I liked The Big Short.

Never let it be said that the President is not good at this game: Republican governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval being considered for Supreme Court

ALSO: HE GUEST POSTED ON SCOTUSBLOG. (Yesterday a friend and I mapped out a whole post-presidential guest blogging career. Let him drop in on sports blogs! Handle some Dear Prudence questions! Recap a political TV drama! PUT HIM ON THE SLATE GABFEST.)

This this this: Why I'm more worried about Marco Rubio than Donald Trump

"But the Republican Party did try to stop Trump. It just failed. And until the nature of that failure is appreciated, the strength of Trump's candidacy is going to be underestimated."

As someone who was too young/oblivious to follow the 1994 crime bill at the time, this piece was very helpful in understanding the discussions of it now.

Of all the ridiculous things happening in this campaign, Glenn Beck lying about carrying around George Washington's copy of Don Quixote is possibly the most hilarious. (Me: "Aside from everything else, do you think the Cruz campaign wants to be just INVITING people to think about the word 'quixotic'?" Friend: "Do you think they even know what that means?" Point.)

Trump is consulting with Giuliani because of course he is.

Oh for the love of - Georgetown Law Professors Say Students Are “Traumatized” by Criticisms of Scalia, Demand “Remedies”

Vice President Biden is presenting at the Oscars! (I'm not sure . . . why . . . but I am generally in favor of him doing WHATEVER HE WANTS.)

"What all of these scenes have in common, though, is a recognition that simply having characters shift away from the missionary position does not constitute insight."

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