Thursday, February 4, 2016

Morning Coffee (2/4/16)

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Intensify Efforts in New Hampshire After Iowa Standoff

One of the reasons I support her: "Nothing is certain in life, but the odds in favor of a reasonably productive Clinton administration are decently high — it just wouldn't necessarily consist of an agenda progressive activists will be especially thrilled with."

And: More Signs Of Fuzzy Math In The Bernie Sanders Health Plan

!!!!!!!! Instagram adds multiple account switching for a lucky few iOS users

This story of what happened to Melissa Harris-Perry in Iowa is horrifying.

Taylor Swift is launching a mobile game and there are zero details on what it actually is but I'm sure I will try it!

Yesterday my friend Carrie discovered that the Trader Joe's site has a what's new page and THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

The Useless Agony of Going Offline

This is a sad and thought-provoking story about the treatment of parents with intellectual disabilities.

The Onion, barely: ‘I Think We Still Have A Shot,’ Carly Fiorina Assures Closest Inkjet Printer

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  1. I just wish the Onion had used an actual Deskjet 1000 in the photo...