Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Morning Coffee (2/9/16)

Happy NH Primary Day! ICYMI, yesterday I posted my reasons for voting for Hillary Clinton. After I wrote that, I attended Clinton's final pre-primary rally last night, and she was great and I'm only more sure of my decision.

New Hampshire primary 2016: time, schedule, and what to expect

Hillary Clinton Is Still a Revolutionary Candidate, Even If Her Surrogates Keep Screwing Up Her Message

I think this is important, and that they're winning NH because they appeal to the same emotional place: 5 Ways Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Are More Alike Than You Think

Neat: Tablet-Based Ballot System for Blind Voters to Debut During N.H. Primary

I saw a Marco Rubio town hall in New Hampshire that should terrify Democrats

Here's an interesting editorial from my city's newspaper about the letters they receive from people in other states trying to persuade NH voters.

Bernie's Way

Escaping the Restaurant Industry's Motherhood Trap

Such interesting questions for those of us who live large parts of our lives in public online: Escape From the Internet!

The Bittersweet Announcement of a New Beatrix Potter Book

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